Why AstraZeneca Insisted on Exemption From Liability

“This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in ... four years the vaccine is showing side effects”

Ruud Dobber, a Senior Executive at AstraZeneca explained to Reuters last year why the company insists it must be exempted from liability:

“This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astra’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

“In the contracts we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest,” he said, adding that Astra and regulators were making safety and tolerability a top priority.

AstraZeneca can not know and can not guarantee that four years after taking the injection you won’t start to manifest side effects, and for that reason can not afford the risk of being financially and criminally liable.

The injection maker has no clue of the injection causes side effects in the long term and at what rate, yet hundreds of millions of the not-at-risk are getting themselves injected just for the fun of rolling the dice.

Funny how these people who obviously love taking risks, especially completely unnecessary ones, were afraid to get groceries because there was a very bad flu season  (and were afraid if you tried to live your life even as they holed up).

Even funnier how those who insisted on unleashing North Korea-style totalitarianism on us, in order to “keep us safe,” are now usurping our civil rights to force us to take an injection the maker of which itself does not know if it won’t cause side-effects four years from now.

  1. James says

    While I agree with the sentiments expressed in this article, I don’t agree that we’re being “forced” to take an injection. We still reserve the right to ignore the criminal scumbags and psychopaths that would have us bagged and tagged.

    1. ken says

      In my book being unable to travel, work, attend school, etc unless you have the injection is in fact a type of force called coercion.

      In the US the rights, privileges and immunities guaranteed by the constitution are for all, not just the obedient.

    2. Mark says

      I would recommend waiting for as long as you can, and turning down vaccination until you actually are forced. Because we are going to have an ally in the months to come, as the economy begins to assess what individual fields need to recover. And that ally is business.

      Many countries rely heavily on tourism and travel. In this country, the Prime Minister gleefully claims 70% support for vaccination. He allows there is a ‘hard wall’ of about 20% who will not take a shot no matter the terms under which it is offered. And about 10% who are still unsure, but might still be swayed into the vaccination camp.

      He’s probably full of it – lying is, after all, the sport of politics – but let’s allow that he is right. Let’s say he is right, and that 20% is going to be forbidden to travel, attend public spectacles like concerts and exhibitions, and perhaps even eat inside in restaurants. Let’s just say that is the new reality.

      How many airlines can afford to take a 20% cut off the top of the traveling public, after more than a year of flying mostly-empty planes? How many restaurants can afford a 20% reduction in potential clients, and perhaps even higher than that when those of their own country who are unvaccinated are combined with former foreign tourists who now can’t travel? How many hotels can make their way back to profitability under such conditions? As I have suggested before now, the travel and tourism sector needs an immediate hard bounceback followed by about 5 years of steady growth in order to survive, never mind flourish. It cannot afford a firm denial of at least 20% of its potential customer base.

      Probably before any of these new vaccination-passport threats can go into effect, a compromise will be added whereby a positive test for antibodies will be accepted as readily as a vaccination certificate. Right now the authorities and the public-health puppetmasters are trying to panic more of the demographic into getting their ‘jab’. Eventually I believe even that will be waived as businesses scream that they cannot make a profit while valid customers are restricted.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        You’ve made a constructive assessment of the possible, maybe even likely, scenario going forward. Unfortunately, pretty much more of the same old herds of sheep milling around doing what they’re told and jumping to the commands of vested interests, never ever actually facing up to the awful truth that we’ve all been scammed, while the political class double down wherever they can and go into fits of denial when they can’t.

        I’d much rather see a popular revolt against the entrenched political and medical establishments and a bona-fide reckoning for all those who have aided and abetted the Corona Chan scare-fest with its systematic medicinal suppression, economic demolition and universal “vaccination” campaign.

        Crimes against humanity have been knowingly committed by people in positions of trust and responsibility at just about every level throughout society. This continues even now. Until the general population recognizes and comes to terms with this, and holds the perpetrators to account, we’re condemned to keep walking right on down that path to George Orwell’s 1984.

    3. knowname says

      What about the corporations that are making employees take it?

  2. ken says

    Truth!!! Nice Post.

    The lab rats always talking up their ‘health’ have no problem taking a untested, experimental injection risking their lives and possibly others while the manufacture is unwilling to take any risk at all.

    Yet they demand the rest of us be as irresponsible and (I have to say it) stupid as they were.

    I hope to hell nothing happens in a big way but if it does I have little sympathy for them.

    Now we need to go after the Medical Nazis and Politicians that deprived us of our rights, privileges and immunities guaranteed by the federal constitution. Invoking a illegal Health Emergency under color of law is also covered by federal statute Title 18 section 242.

    And if they haven’t given EVERYONE that has taken the injection a list of all known side effects to include death and their signature attesting they understand they are lab rats, then they need tried under the Nuremberg Protocols used to hang folks that did basically the same back in WWII.

    This goes beyond a normal con. People have died taking the concoction. In fact more have died in the last 4 months then all died from all vaccines in the last decade.

    Justice must be swift and severe and this includes the prestitutes that have pushed the injection saying how safe it is when even the manufacture supposedly doesn’t know.

  3. Jim says

    Would you buy a new car from someone that demands exemption from liability? Apparently millions of people would.

  4. Michael Droy says

    You want full exemption from liability on a $10 jab? In the US? With US litigation?
    This is a beyond stupid piece, and the stupidity has been repeated and corrected so many times in so many places across the internet, I can only assume you think your readers are brain dead.

  5. knowname says

    These vaccine companies (and big pharma in general) are nothing but drug pushers. Now they are using the gov’t to push their toxic drugs on the citizens. The sheep will happily take them and there is no changing their minds. If their god (TV) tells them to take it they will be there all lined up for the death jab. These bastards have done way more damage than the street drug pushers could ever hope to do because they have gov’t idiots on their side. When they do get sued all they ever have to do is pay a fine. I bet Al Capone wishes he got a deal like that. No one ever goes to jail. The heads need to be taken care of with a piece of copper because the gov’t will never do it.

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