Why Are British C-17s Flying to Libya at Night?

More recently it has been noted that the Royal Air Force has been making C-17 flights from Brize Norton to Libya. With C-17s landing at air bases near Tripoli within GNA-controlled territory.

The earliest of these flights that can be found took place on January 20th. & the most recent at the time of the article was on May 29th. A commonality amongst all of these flights is that they are all in & out of Libya within a few hours & have all taken place during the night.

While it isn’t possible to tell the exact nature of the flight as the Ministry of Defence was contacted about the nature of flights. The MoD has responded & said, “However, releasing information regarding this flight, including its purpose, would likely prejudice the capability, effectiveness or security of any relevant forces, and would reveal information that would likely harm relations between the UK and another state.”

However, recent British involvement in Libya has been noticeable in the past few days. Some of which could be a clue to why the recent C-17 flights since the start of the year have been taking place.

Some of the recent involvement includes on June 10th Defence Secretary Ben Wallace meeting with high ranking military officials in Tripoli including, Major General Osama al-Juwaili, Major General Ahmed Bushhama & Major General Ibrahim Bait al-Mal.

UK Defence Minister Meets Libyan Military Officers - LibyaReview

On June 14th it was revealed through photos that the UK Defence Attache to Libya & the UK ambassador to Libya met with high ranking military officials in Tripoli.

Libyan Chief of Staff Al-Haddad meets British Defence Minister Wallace |

Since the meetings took place no additional C-17 flights have been observed landing in Libya & at this current moment no further word from the Ministry of Defence on the matter.

It seems unlikely that there will be any official word from the Government any time soon regarding the direct nature of the C-17 flights.

Source: UK Defence Journal

  1. ken says

    Well, considering the UK assisted in bombing the most affluent country in North Africa to the stone age you can bet it wasn’t for humanitarian reasons.

    Look at all the useless masks! (lol) Isn’t it amazing how stupidity can reach all four corners of the world in a flash while real science is relegated to conspiracy theory.

    1. Mark says

      And let’s not forget Gaddafi’s 143 tons of gold, which vanished in the confusion following his overthrow and murder. Or his plan to unite the African nations with a gold-backed currency.


  2. Raptar Driver says

    Well these are military cargo planes.
    So what do you think they’re carrying?
    Yes you guessed it, military cargo.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      You get the answer below…Jo Below

  3. Joe_Below says

    They’re picking up illegals to flood England.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      This wouldn’t be done on military cargo planes.
      There are many other ways to get them into the country this would be too obvious.

  4. Steven Ginn says

    They are doing some Yank arse licking by flying in arms and munitions for the rebels so that the Yanks aren’t seen doing their usual bastardry!

  5. jimbogoofball says

    Why don’t the men there have manpads for these planes? How is it they can fly with impunity?

    1. Noragami says

      Laser directional infrared countrmeasures. And corruption.

  6. yuri says

    because UK is an amerikan colony

  7. Juan says

    stealing gold?

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