WHO Wants Families Wearing Muzzles for Christmas Gatherings

Why not hazmat suits?

Yeah go ahead an make yourself into a moron on the off chance one somebody has a virus with a 99.8% survival rate but doesn’t know it, but will pass it on (albeit 149 asymptomatics out of 150 fail to pass it on even to family members with whom they live)

The World Health Organization has pleaded with families to wear face masks and socially distance at Christmas get-togethers to cut the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The UN agency said the measures would ‘contribute significantly’ to saving lives and preventing loved ones from getting sick, but admitted they ‘may feel awkward’.

In updated guidance published today, the WHO warned that Europe was teetering on the brink of a third wave of Covid-19, which could peak in the first weeks of the new year.

The body said that mixing over Christmas could exacerbate the virus’ spread and make the January peak more deadly.

The new guidance says: ‘Indoor gatherings, even smaller ones, can be especially risky because they bring together groups of people, young and old, from different households, who may not all be adhering to the same infection prevention measures.

‘Gatherings should be held outside if possible, and participants should wear masks and maintain physical distancing. If held indoors, limiting group size and ensuring good ventilation to reduce exposure risk are key.

‘It may feel awkward to wear masks and practise distancing when around friends and family, but doing so contributes significantly to ensuring that everyone remains safe and healthy. Vulnerable people and older friends or relatives may find it very difficult to ask loved ones to stay away physically.’

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Le Ruse says

    Quote:WHO Wants Families Wearing Muzzles for Christmas Gatherings ?
    But what about for Families Gathering for Hanukkah ?? Have to wear muzzles as well ??

    1. AlexanderAmproz says

      L’O.M.S. a muté en Organisation Mondiale des Souris
      puisque les Big-Pharma n’ont pas eu le temps de tester les vaccins sur des souris,
      ils seront testés sur le vulgus pecus pour en découvrir les effets indésirables,
      comme la mort ou l’invalidité a vie ….
      Vaccins destine a une maladie qui n’existe pas….
      Le vaccins existant pour la grippe saisonnière est d’une efficacité douteuse,
      mais se vend grace aux medias escrocs vendus….

      Le virus Covid-19 n’a pas encore été isolé pour un vaccins
      non moins bidon que les testes PCR et leurs diagnostiques …
      Vouloir arrêter un virus c’est comme vouloir arrêter le vent en Bretagne…

      Les masques n’ont aucune utilité, hors mis de risquer d’en rendre malade les porteurs !

      Woody Allen avait imaginé un Dictateur Sud-Américain exigeant de changer de slip
      toutes les heures qui devait être porté a l’extérieur sur le pantalon afin de verifier
      l’obéissance du peuple….

      NB: Luc Montagnier au Défi de la vérité SUIVI par : Pr Christian Perronne :”Moderna, Pfizer, ce ne sont pas des vaccins, c’est de la thérapie génique”



      1. Le Ruse says

        L’écologiste de l’Université du Texas, Eric Pianka, a déclaré lors d’une réunion de la Texas Academy of Science que 90% de ses semblables doivent mourir pour sauver la planète. Mais … Personne ne lui a posé la question, dans ce 90% à éliminer, les juifs sont-ils inclus? C’est le plan qu’ils ont pour les goyim,. 90% génocidés …
        Erich Pianka ?? Un des élus par Satan bien sûr?

  2. Mark says

    There are no ‘successive waves’ of coronavirus. You cannot wipe out an infectious airborne virus by suppressing it. Every time a new restriction is introduced and people hunker down to wait it out, it just burbles along a case or two at a time until people come back out again. Then there is a flare-up, and it’s billed as the ‘next wave’.

    1. Styx says

      There is quite a bit more to the flare-ups “billed as the ‘next wave” though if you look at the existing historical data and statistics.

      In any case, only bordering on superhuman international team of top-level professionals brain-storming the problem COLLECTIVELY and RELENTLESSLY until it is entirely under control is likely to stir Humanity out of the current crises.

      NO time to lose on petty squabbling and idiotic arguments on who’s stick’s the biggest and/or the best.

  3. Undecider says

    The WHO, a quasi-public organization bankrolled by Bill Gates. GTFO!!

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      The WHO is part of the United Nations.

      1. Le Ruse says

        U.N.O. delenda est….

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says


  4. Mr. Evans says

    It’s Amazing Just How Dumb, Stupid And Gullible Humans Can Be And Are . . . .

    ⁣Like I Have Been Posting For Months Now, . . .

    If You Voluntarily Take Any Of These Deadly Toxic, And Filled With Microscopic Tracking And Controlling Chips And Deadly Hydrojell Faux Non Vaccines You Will Get The Fate You Deserve . . . But If You Are Forcibly Against Your Will And Wished Injected With Them Your Fate Will Also Be Sealed . . .

    If You Survive The Series, And There Will Be A Series Of These Liquid Death Faux Vaccines The Following Will Be Happening To You,. . .

    If You Don’t Die As Part Of The Evil UN Agenda 21 / 2030 Realm-Wide Depopulation $camdemic . . .

    Everyone Will Be Borgified And Made 1 With The Borg AI Collective Hive-Mind Via The AI They Will Be Creating Via The Micro Chips In The Many In Number Bullshit COVID19 Vaccines They Have In $tore For All Of Us Mortals,Which Will Then Via The Bullshit Hydrojell Will Alter Our Genetic DNA / RNA And Create A Borg Drone For Those Humans Who Survive All Of Their Deadly Toxic Bullshit $hite COVID19, Or COVID-OP$1984 Non Vaccines . . .

    I Will Not Nor Never Be Assimilated Into The Borg Collective Hive-Mind, And I Will Die First Then Go Unwillingly Down That Horrific Path . . . ;-( . . . .


    Do You Understand Me ??? ;-0

  5. voza0db says
  6. ke4ram says

    If anyone still believes this BS from the WHO and CDC then they deserve a lousy Christmas.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      I deserve having a lousy Christmas because the rest of my family is dead.

  7. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    The asymptomatic can’t pass on asymptoms.

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