WHO Urges Fully Vaccinated Sheep to Continue Wearing Face Diapers Because Reasons

The elites are loving the dehumanization of the plebs

The World Health Organization on Friday urged fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks, social distance and practice other Covid-19 pandemic safety measures as the highly contagious delta variant spreads rapidly across the globe.

“People cannot feel safe just because they had the two doses. They still need to protect themselves,” Dr. Mariangela Simao, WHO assistant director-general for access to medicines and health products, said during a news briefing from the agency’s Geneva headquarters.

“Vaccine alone won’t stop community transmission,” Simao added. “People need to continue to use masks consistently, be in ventilated spaces, hand hygiene … the physical distance, avoid crowding. This still continues to be extremely important, even if you’re vaccinated when you have a community transmission ongoing.”

The health organization’s comments come as some countries, including the United States, have largely done away with masks and pandemic-related restrictions as the Covid vaccines have helped drive down the number of new infections and deaths.

The number of new infections in the U.S. has held steady over the last week at an average of 11,659 new cases per day, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Still, new infections have been plummeting over the last several months.

WHO officials said they are asking fully vaccinated people to continue to “play it safe” because a large portion of the world remains unvaccinated and highly contagious variants, like delta, are spreading in many countries, spurring outbreaks.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that about half of adults infected in an outbreak of the delta variant in Israel were fully vaccinated with the PfizerBioNTech vaccine, prompting the government there to reimpose an indoor mask requirement and other measures.

“Yes, you can reduce some measures and different countries have different recommendations in that regard. But there’s still the need for caution,” Dr. Bruce Aylward, a senior advisor to the WHO’s director-general, said at the briefing. “As we are seeing, there are new variants emerging.”

The WHO said last week that delta is becoming the dominant variant of the disease worldwide.

WHO officials have said the variant, first found in India but now in at least 92 countries, is the fastest and fittest coronavirus strain yet, and it will “pick off” the most vulnerable people, especially in places with low Covid vaccination rates.

They said there were reports that the delta variant also causes more severe symptoms, but that more research is needed to confirm those conclusions. Still, there are signs the delta strain could provoke different symptoms than other variants.

It has the potential “to be more lethal because it’s more efficient in the way it transmits between humans and it will eventually find those vulnerable individuals who will become severely ill, have to be hospitalized and potentially die,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said Monday.

In the U.S., President Joe Biden said Covid deaths nationwide will continue to rise due to the spread of the “dangerous” delta variant, calling it a “serious concern.”

He warned that Americans who are still unvaccinated are especially at risk.

“Six hundred thousand-plus Americans have died, and with this delta variant you know there’s going to be others as well. You know it’s going to happen. We’ve got to get young people vaccinated,” Biden said Thursday at a community center in Raleigh, North Carolina

Source: CNBC

  1. Felix says

    Can we make them tighter so they can’t talk?

  2. ken says

    Which is worse,,, the White House doddering old fool or those that listen to it lining up themselves and their ‘beloved’ chillldren for the kill shots and then whining afterwards about the deaths or horrible side effects.

    Worse,,, they want those that can still think for themselves to do the same!!!

    I watched a video of a crying mother that allowed her daughter to be in a test group. The daughter is now wheelchair bound and cannot feed herself and has lost some mental abilities.

    This mother likely did no research,,, if she had she would have discovered that when animal tests were done on previous versions of this poison they all eventually died. And she would have discovered pharma bypassed animal testing for these shots. You, my friends, ARE the animals.

    It’s one thing to volunteer after it’s been determined safe for animals and quite another to volunteer after the animal tests resulted in death and quite another to discover that this time they never even bothered with animal tests. ((because they knew they would fail))

    I feel sad for the teenager that wasn’t old enough to understand there are sick folks out there willing to kill people for a buck but not the mother. Any parent allowing their child to be a lab rat without serious investigation has failed as a parent. IMO,,, NO CHILD should ever be tested until the drug has been out for years to determine any long term problems.

    And what you want to bet the assholes never fully informed the mother of the details… but that still doesn’t relieve her of her parental duties.

    We approach Independence Day. Today millions are on the gov dole,,, millions are not paying their mortgages or rents and gov is feeding, clothing, indoctrinating and inoculating their children. Now gov is sending out monthly checks for child care. Soon gov will be tucking them in at night! They already feed them breakfast and lunch.

    This is independence? This is freedom? Fascism / communism is what the founders died for?

    What’s next,,, gov handing out free burgers, hotdogs and freedom fries for dependence day celebrations! Why not?

    Not only have the citizens failed the founders but government has abrogated any authority it had for unlawful lockdowns, forced injections of an experimental and dangerous poison, killing millions of livelihoods, destroying economies, advocating racial violence, terrorism around the world and domestically, endangering children, imprisoning protesters under false charges, and a slew of other unlawful decrees and mandates too many to list but are usually reserved for totalitarian regimes.

    Government has shredded the very document that created it. Character assassinated the founding fathers, accusing over half the nation of White supremacy, viciously attacking citizens for voting for the wrong person, allowing cities and businesses to be destroyed and burned by fascists BLM and Antifa with legislators physically and mentality on their knees in allegiance to these groups.

    Read the Declaration of Independence. The government today has far outdone King George of yesteryear.

    So go ahead. wear the mask which is the armband of yesterday. Grovel daily to get your monthly checks of free printed money.

    Yes,,, celebrate the holiday tomorrow then on Monday be sure to call those that created this once great country every vile name in the book.

  3. Michael l Javick says

    all poopy and kaa kaa

  4. Michael l Javick says

    The clown lording over the British people says VAXXING the Dogs & Cats is next—then AmeriKa…watch !

  5. Michael l Javick says

    President Trump right now on RSBN in Sarasota Florida

  6. Mark says

    The one thing that the ‘pandemic’ “gave us” that the authorities will let go of last is masks. I’m not sure why the initial approach to them in North America was so tentative – since trhe only people who wore them in North America prior to 2019 were Asians, and everybody else thought they were silly and ‘overdoing it’. I opersonally think it was because the authorities themselves had no idea how eager the population was to sacrifice, and to embrace whatever stupid-ass thing they thought up. Whatever the case, once they realized westerners would willingly wear the mask, they loved them. They couldn’t have thought up a better visual cure of obedience if they had put their pointy heads together and tried.

    So now they are willing, if you hold their feet to the fire, to admit that lockdowns were a mistake, that closing businesses was a mistake, and perhaps even counterproductive. But you will never move them, at least not in the mainstream media, off the position that masks worked, and new history will reflect that face coverings and vaccines saved the world from certain destruction; specifically, American vaccines. You could never quite trust that Astra-Zeneca voodoo, and forget about the Russians and Chinese, mere dabblers in advanced science. But Pfizer and Moderna – now, there was science. And don’t forget masks. The guidance on their use might have been a little spotty at first, at least until science proved they work, but once everyone got on board we wondered why we hadn’t always worn them.

    Some parts of Canada have relaxed those rules – I am happy to say Transport Canada downgraded them to ‘recommended’ on public transport in British Columbia. so I no longer have to wear one 8 or more hours a day or put one on just to go in a grocery store, although I am not celebrating because we should never have had to wear them in the first place as they provide no real protection against an airborne virus. But the authorities and the public-health charlatans will gobble for as long as you will listen that masks worked, because you never know when they will want to impose them again. And they now know that any time they think the public needs a little mask discipline, all they have to do is invent a new virus variant. Who knows – perhaps the next one will only affect people who object to higher taxes, or those who complain about high gas prices.

  7. XSFRGR says

    I was walking into my VA Hospital on Monday, and left my mask in my truck. I mentioned to a veteran leaving that I had to go back, and get my mask. He pulled his off, and said, “Take mine, the things are useless anyway.” I took his, put in on, and proceeded to the front desk where the man asked me, “Do you have any Covid symptoms?” I answered, “No !” and that was that. I was never asked if I was vaccinated (I’m not). Everyone is catching on to the Covid hoax, but the Masters of the Universe aren’t going to stop lying anytime soon.

  8. Steve Kastl says

    A foolish ignorant idiot or a sociopath. This individual has no or a poor medical education.
    The mRNA vaccine is experimental and probably worse than thalidomide. Hope I am wrong but we will see over the next 5 years. If the mRNA vaccines kill 25% of recipients in five years, it will be good because it could kill 90% or more, which would be worse. The instant depopulation will leave bodies rotting in the streets of the USA.
    No one knows what will happen since it was a rush job so duel citizen billionaires could profit on government caused misery, just like our USA duel citizen billionaires wars. Again, hope to be wrong but frightened over the lack of critical thinking by everyone in power. The USA deserves better leaders, not alcoholics/sociopaths/parasites in power. Too bad Putin is not President here in the USA. We need some common sense at the top.

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