WHO Says It’s Time for a “Healthy Debate” on Compulsory Covid Shots

Anti-Empire proposes healthy debate on lining up WHO personel against the wall

Part of the same UN that kills people by the hundreds of thousands in starvation blockades

The World Health Organisation has suggested it is time for countries to have a conversation about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, saying: “It’s a healthy debate to have.”

Robb Butler, executive director for WHO Europe, told Kay Burley on Sky News: “Mandatory vaccination can, but doesn’t always increase uptake.”

However, he suggested countries – and individuals – should now be thinking about the issue.

He added: “There are lessons of history here where mandates have come at the expense of trust, social inclusion. So it is very delicate, but we believe it is time to have that conversation, from an individual and population-based perspective.”

Mr Butler said only 54% of the population of the 53 WHO Europe region [which includes Central Asia and the Caucasus] member states are vaccinated, “so there is so much work to be done, still. We are not there yet”.

He added: “It looks like we are going to have a worrisome season ahead.”

Mr Butler pointed to a study last week in the BMJ which suggested 53% of transmission was prevented by mask use.

He said only 48% of the population on the continent was using masks.

“If we see this go up, we will see a reduction in cases and deaths,” he said.

“If we saw 95% universal mask use we can project we could save about 160,000 lives (in Europe).”

He said he is “alarmed” by the surge in COVID-19 infections across Europe as the continent battles a fresh wave of the virus.

Half a million more deaths could be recorded by early 2022 if measures are not taken to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus, he warned.

“We’ve just surpassed, very sadly, the 1.5 million deaths mark last week,” he said.

“If we continue on the current course we are projecting a further 500,000 deaths by spring next year.

“That’s really worrisome.”

Mr Butler said: “What we need is every member of society vaccinated.”

Source: Sky News

  1. Raptar Driver says

    There can be no debate, your body is yours, you do what you want with it not what the government tells you

    1. nnn says

      Zionist mafia runs the show

    2. Cap960 says

      You are right “My body. My choice”. Yet it doesn’t give you the right to spread the virus around to please your selfishness. You feel it is your right to spread the virus and hurt people. Well we should also have the freedom to hurt you back. A bit of consideration for others goes a long way!

      1. raymond lambert says

        It is not possible to refrain myself from pointing out facts, from drug manufacturers and governments, you must surely be aware off. The Vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. They may reduce the chance of hospitalisation. The mask, to prevent infection from minute virus particles would have a building site worker reprimanded for wearing an ineffectual dust mask. Those vaccinated are passing on this covid bug just the same as the unvaccinated.

        1. david i carter says

          Some people are just dense Ray,meatsacks basically and thats exactly what they count on.They simply can not think for themselves.

        2. Howard T. Lewis III says

          One error. The ‘vaccinated’ COVID victims shed MANY times more ‘COVID’ antigen than the ‘unvaccinated’. It is a state of biowarfare, with the London Pirbright Institute taking on the world. They also have a laboratory near Wuhan in Nanchang. The Wuhan celebration in late 2019 of a new international banking system by 110 nations ticked off the British/Rothschild/Zionist Empire, who have responded by killing over a million people SO FAR with the ‘COVID’ scam. There really ARE biowarfare agents. The Death Jabs are the plandemic. SEE: 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep Plandemic. Available on Duckduckgo.com search engine. Get it.

      2. Moonin says

        Vaccinated are reservoirs for the virus are its Mutations. They have become transhuman creatures with pseudouridine replacing all the uridine in their RNA. And they are permeated by graphene oxide which is supplied inthe saline for the mRNA shots.

        It’s 666. Macron is actually a word and it means a mark. He has 32 characters in his name plus one hyphen and 3 spaces bringing the number of his name to 36. If one adds all the number from 1 through to 36 the total is 666.
        On the 23rd of September 2017 the Great Sign appeared in the Sky.
        You can find information on unsealed.org
        In the Greek the 666 last character of the Greek numeral ‘stigma’. Stigma is used to de ote the numeral 6 but it also means a stab or puncture wound from a needle.

      3. James says

        Actually, all Americans have the right to spread the virus around. There are no laws, civil or criminal, which prohibit anyone from going out in public with an active case of cold or flu. Moreover, the highest law of the land — the U.S. Constitution — doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to not get sick. Finally, even if someone does infect others, how can you prove who the guilty culprit is? How will you ever know who it was who got you sick? (Answer: you can’t!)

        1. Howard T. Lewis III says

          5G towers cranked up to HIGH cause identical lung damage to corona SARS virius. 5G installers that I have spoken with attest to seeing birds drop dead out of the sky after firing up new 5G towers to the maximum, which can top 50,000 watts. That, as music, could blow your eardrums out easily at 100 feet.

        2. Ahead says

          Review the case of Typhoid Mary. She was institutionalised in a hospital on North Brother Island, where she stayed for more than a quarter century.

      4. Eddy says

        Problem with your view Cap960 unfortunately the vaccinated are the major spreaders of this virus now far out pacing the unvaccinated. So maybe we need to declare open season on folks like you ? How’s that for consideration ?

      5. woody says

        afraid of the flu? turn off your tv

        1. Howard T. Lewis III says


      6. david i carter says

        vaccineimpact.com chemicalviolence.com global research

      7. john newman says

        what a complete dickhead. if you believe in the fake jab for the fake virus why worry about what other people do or dont do

      8. Howard T. Lewis III says

        Do your homework. The hospitals and morgues are NOT filled with the ‘unvaccinated’. these ‘vaccines’ radically BOOST the amounts of antigen shed off on others by over 20 times, and provide ZERO immunity and ZERO safety for others regarding transference of disease.The hospitals and morgues are filled with folks dying of all sorts of lethal maladies brought on by these zionist Death Jabs produced by Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and others. These are coerced into acceptance by the equally zionist WHO corporation, NIH corporation, CDC corporation, and their Khazarian mafia directors. You FAIL.

      9. BOB says

        let me ask u a serious question…..
        if gov can take away some rights due to an emergency…whats
        to stop them creating an emergency to take away our rights?????


      10. Jim says

        The unvaxed people I know have had to be tested many more times than any fully vaccinated person I know, yet not a single one of them has come up with a positive. They are generally people who follow suggested nutritional supplement guidelines, and all exercise regularly, in vitamin D-loaded sunlight, with no obesity present at all. These are NOT the people spreading the virus to the supposedly “protected” people who have held out their arms! You are all passing it to each other, over and over again! Smarten up!

  2. ken says

    The WHO symbol explains it all….they’re all snakes…. and represent snake oil salesmen selling harmless concoctions except in this case the snake oil causes death and destruction.

    1. ken says

      Personally I think it’s time we get rid of the United Nations at least kick them out of the US and let the rest of the world deal with them.

      The best government is no government. Disagree? Look at the destruction these government psychopaths are causing. Death and destruction are their forte.
      In the US,,, who actually believes their ‘representative’ represents them?

      If they’re not out to kill us with their drugs,,, they’re destroying the economy,,, destroying the money,,, robbing us blind,,, destroying the culture,,, destroying the family,,, destroying religions beliefs,,, creating protected groups and pitting them against each other and the majority,,, fomenting wars,,,

      When you have assholes like Gates and Schwab able to buy off your governments then explain how those governments are necessary. Look at Australia, New Zealand, Kanada, Austria,,, and the rest,,, are they better off with government?

      Australia sends it fascist military to the Solomans to assist local government tyrants in putting down protests,,, people trying to let government know they do not want what is being pushed upon them. How is government representing the people there?

      Cities in the US preventing the police from doing their job,,, robbery, rape and murder all up,,, how are these governments representing the people that actually produce?

      No,,, Government politicians from the United Nations down to your local dog catcher are showing you how much they despise you. And you’re paying for it all!

  3. edwardi says

    OMG Mr Butler that is like saying you need every member of society Dead. Is that your end game. ? Great video going around of the eminent Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explicitly describing how the WHO is a completely ‘captured’ regulatory agency, controlled by the Bill Gates agenda. Gee, will we be able to bring in the many studies showing the absolute lack of efficacy for the laughable mask wearing ? So just more of the same Dr. Fauci baloney is going to result in our deliverance ? All this crap while there are many effective repurposed drugs, on the market and proven. But oh no, not profitable enough to the puppet masters pulling the strings connected to Mr Butler.

    1. Fred Mc says

      “Great video going around of the eminent Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explicitly describing how the WHO is a completely ‘captured’ regulatory agency, controlled by the Bill Gates agenda.”

      This fact is also disclosed in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s terrific book, “The Real Dr. Fauci”.

    2. Howard T. Lewis III says

      They do not make it a secret that they want us all to die so they can have it all. Babylonian Talmud stuff and the Khazariuan mafia. There goes one now:

  4. nnn says

    One big GULAG

  5. William White says

    Ya think they will take their blind folds off and run out and hide their bribe money first?

  6. Mark says

    Mmm…yes. Masks prevented 53% of transmission. By what methodology was that result arrived upon, BMJ? I’m just curious because, you know, it’s sort of the polar opposite of CDC studies which found that masks had no discernible effect on the spread of pandemic influenza, which is transmitted the same way as COVID-19. I quote:

    Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.


  7. DannyWhite says

    They will leave the people no option but to execute their leaders

  8. Billi Jo says

    Why not, a type of vaccine that does not prevent catching the disease, does not prevent transmission of the disease, and at worst, for a signif8cant some, has debilitating side effects, and for a disease with a 99.8% survival rate, why?

  9. Rebel Forever says

    Nope, not getting the jab…end of discussion.

    1. david i carter says

      Their immune from our lawsuits,i’m immune from their mandates.

  10. debra reding says

    Mr Butler, Do you ever tell the truth?

  11. Neil Sutherland says

    Mr script reader begins his open ‘dialogue’, with an axiom. like the person who comes up to you and says ‘we need to talk’. like the ‘media’ (globalist corporatist propaganda) one-sided fact-free fear porn and tech giant banning of opposing voices, want a ‘debate’. like the two lions and the lamb having a friendly discussion about what to have for dinner

  12. Howard T. Lewis III says

    ie, They want a healthy chat about putting a gun to our heads so they can watch us convulse and fall dead, so they can have more. They want it ALL. It’s in their blood.

  13. BOB says

    let me ask u a serious question…..
    if gov can take away some rights due to an emergency…whats
    to stop them creating an emergency to take away our rights?????


  14. Jax says

    Can’t wait to hear the screaming from these demons when they hit the fire! The sound of freedom from the money changers.

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