Who Needs Dugin When You Have Medvedev?

Zhirinovsky has just died but Dmitry Medvedev is now to the right of him anyway

Editor’s note: The lockdown-loving ex-Russian President and the alleged “leader of the Atlanticist 5th column” in the minds of all-knowing bloggers is sounding like a Rusian ultra-nationalist these days explaining that Russia’s goal of “denazification” means the wholesale reeducation of the Ukrainian nation, and that the war is ultimately about what Ukrainians are taught behind the student bench — namely the Russian view of history rather than the (post-Maidan) Ukrainian one.

It is at his moment not yet clear if Medvedev’s 27-year-old son will be heading for the army recruitment office any time soon to aid the “denazification” effort his father considers so vital.

Source: Dmitry Medvedev’s Telegram channel

Machine translated from Russian

About Fakes and Real History

“Ghost of Kyiv”, an image of an aircraft, which is taken from a computer game. A drone shot down by a can of cucumbers. Surrendered to the Russian warship “dead heroes”. Mariupol maternity hospital, now – Bucha. What unites them? These are fakes, ripened in the cynical imagination of Ukrainian propaganda. Numerous PR agencies, “troll factories” run by Western governments and their “manual” NGOs and NGOs, cook them for huge amounts of money.

Day by day, the news about “horror stories” and “overcomes” is becoming more and more delusional. However, the Kyiv fake car stops at nothing! In order to dehumanize Russia and its maximum denigration, the enraged beast from the National Battalions and the Terrodefense is ready to casually kill their own civilians. This is because deep Ukrainianism, fueled by anti-Russian poison and an all-consuming lie about its identity, is one big fake. This phenomenon has never happened in history. And now it doesn’t exist.

Leipzig University professor Oskar Peschel issued the legendary phrase, later attributed to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck: “The Austro-Prussian War of 1866 was won by a Prussian schoolteacher.” German militarism was cultivated at the desks. His spirit at the end of his journey was reborn into the monster of National Socialism and was eventually destroyed only by the Red Army in 1945. High German science and culture – Roentgen, Planck, Freud, Mann, Hesse – could not oppose anything to those who thirsted first for blood and colonies, and after the First World War – revenge and “living space” in the East. And if the great German minds failed to curb the war machine, what can we say about today’s Kyiv – there are definitely no “Einsteins” there. True, there is Klitschko.

The current Ukrainian radical also grew up behind the student bench. In beautiful embroidered shirts and with thoughts of hatred for everything Russian. Instead of being proud of the joint achievements of their ancestors, since 1991, a pseudo-history of Ukrainian statehood has been written “on the knee”: the generational connection of Kievan Rus with the lands of Novgorod, Pskov and Vladimir-Suzdal Rus was “hacked”. For the sake of the mythical “history of Ukraine” of the XIV-XVII centuries, the idea of ​​a single Russian people was destroyed. The gallery of the 20th century is generally composed only of zoological Nazis, murderers and collaborators, elevated by the modern Ukrainian “agitprop” to the rank of heroes – Konovalets, Shukhevych, Bandera, Klyachkovsky, Melnyk.

The passionate part of Ukrainians has been praying for the Third Reich for the last 30 years. Literally. Disgust is caused by photographs in which Nazi symbols are found in almost every military unit of Ukraine [That’s not true.] taken by our army – standards, literature, posters. Even cups with swastikas! This is not a game of fascist aesthetics, as Westerners are trying to prove to us. This is an ideology. One should not be surprised that mentally transformed into the Third Reich, having written down the names of Jews and Nazi henchmen in history books, Ukraine will suffer its own fate. There she is dear, such Ukraine! As well as individual freaks who consider themselves entitled to represent such Ukraine. A lesson for them will be not only the current special operation, but also episodes of the glorious past. For example, when Pavel Sudoplatov destroyed the nationalist Yevgen Konovalets, politely handing over to this sweet lover in Rotterdam a candy box with a bomb inside – “This is a present for you from Kiev.” There will be many more such “gifts” for Nazi criminals!

Russian President Vladimir Putin firmly set the goal of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. These complex tasks do not happen all at once. And they will be decided not only on the battlefields. To change the bloody and full of false myths consciousness of a part of today’s Ukrainians is the most important goal. The goal is for the sake of the peace of future generations of Ukrainians themselves and the opportunity to finally build an open Eurasia – from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

  1. guest says

    Strategic repositioning in operation evanescence


    So many Nazis:

    In the past four weeks Grand-Protector Vladimir, saviour of Pan-Slavia and Mother Russia, killed a lot more Russians in Donetsk & Luhansk than anyone before him. Who is fighting in Mariupol ? Not the Chechen rent-a-killers, they are sitting in White Russia, taking pictures of themselves. The local Russians are pressed into service and sent to die. The Chechens come later, after the Azov Brigade leaves. They come to lord it over what is left of the Slav population.

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      Are any of the Azov Brigade guys actually going to be able to “leave”?

      My impression that it’s a die-in-place mission now–especially if the Russian claims of shooting down the Mi-8’s trying to rescue the remnants are accurate.

  2. Borden says

    Marko, please don’t use too many names. People want to know your opinion about things.

  3. SteveK9 says

    All stated clearly by Putin in his long speeches that included the description of Ukraine being turned into an ‘anti-Russia’ on the Russian nations historical territories.

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