WHO Changing the Definition of Herd Immunity Sure Looks Stupid Now

If we can only have herd immunity through vaccines and vaccines don't actually produce immunity, then...

On 13th November 2020 WHO quietly changed the definition of herd immunity on its website.

WHO-defined herd immunity went from being something that happens “either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection” to something that happens “if a threshold of vaccination is reached.”

Now consider what that means. The evidence is overwhelming that COVID vaccines do not grant immunity to infection. So much so that CDC has quietly changed the definition of vaccination from something done “to produce immunity” to something done “to produce protection” just so the COVID injections could still be counted as vaccines.

But if infection-acquired immunity has no role to play in building up herd immunity, and if vaccines do not actually produce immunity, then logically herd immunity can never be reached.

By getting cute with the definition WHO actually accidentally (and absurdly) defined herd immunity out of the realm of possibility.

The absurdity of this was such that the WHO on December 31st 2020 had to quietly reintroduce natural immunity back into its definition.

As you can see, even this correction was accompanied by massive caveats amounting to WHO’s support for waging war to prevent naturally acquired immunity from actually occurring. And by a repeat of support for immunity-through-vaccination which we now know is impossible. (And which could already be credibly suspected at the time, seeing that vaccine trials did not even attempt to measure effectiveness against infection.)

These people are the real anti-science brigade, and nothing illustrates the fact as clearly and easily as their crusade against infection-acquired immunity. 

Their claim that vaccination, which merely mimics infection somehow, produces stronger resilience to reinfection than infection-acquired immunity defies common sense and exposes them as ideologically-driven Lysenkoists.

Their lockdown Stalinism to prevent infection-acquired immunity has cost hundreds of thousands of lives in the developed world as collateral damage and millions more in the Third World, and would have actually prevented us from ever reaching herd immunity if it could actually control the spread, which it luckily can not.

And in return for insulting your intelligence, ravaging your freedoms, livelihoods and dignity, as well as piling up a body count that wouldn’t leave Hitler or Stalin unimpressed, all they have to offer is herd immunity through vaccination which is not even a theoretical possibility. It’s just another intelligence-insulting lie.

  1. Mark says

    Since then they have also changed the definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’ to reflect that these grant you ‘protection’ rather than immunity.

    The British Medical Journal knew before any vaccines were available that herd immunity would not be achievable with a coronavirus, and said so.

    “If confirmed, this hypothesis would have relevant implications for the treatment of COVID-19 and the development of an effective vaccine. The licensing of a vaccine against human coronaviruses has failed thus far, partly because immunised individuals could potentially be at higher risk of ADE sustained by facilitated uptake of viral antigen-antibody complexes by target cells. The approval of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 may encounter similar obstacles. Likewise, herd immunity would not be a possibility with COVID-19.”


  2. GMC says

    Changing definitions seem to be the ” Thing” nowadays. A soviet era nuclear specialist Dimitri Khalezov , who has very interesting theories and conclusions , wrote about how 9/11 was called ” Ground Zero” meaning that there was a nuclear explosion there. But now , the definition needs to be changed too. What part of Ground Zero , didn’t the people of America pick up on ? Most folks never figured it out. His re- research on Chernobyl was very very interesting.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      Take your Hasbara horse poop about nukes and space rays and take a hike.

  3. Ron says

    ((They)) have been changing definitions of the fly since the beginning of time to suit the agenda. For example, they changed the definition of Polio just after people got the Polio Vax to prove the vaccine works. Another example to drum up infections is when they changed the diagnosis for AIDS in Africa to anyone having “weight loss, itchy skin and diarrhea” as an AIDS patient. No blood test necessary. It’s a scam people…..

  4. Raptar Driver says

    That depends on what the definition of is, is.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Does anybody remember anything anymore?
      I was quoting Billy bob Clinton.

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