White House Videos Are Receiving So Many Dislikes That YouTube Is Testing New Designs That Don’t Show Dislike Counts

We showed you a few weeks ago how wildly unpopular Joe Biden’s first prime-time address to the nation was.

One screenshot from the article showed you the total likes and dislikes Biden’s address earned on YouTube.

Here’s that for ya:

Yup, that’s 442 likes…

AAAAAAAAAAAND 5,900 dislikes.

That hurts!

But it didn’t stop there…

Here’s a screenshot from another White House video a few days later:

And another one:

And one more:

Oup, here’s one from yesterday:

Okay you get the idea.

And this guy obviously beat Trump fair and square in the election, cuz he’s gotta be the most popular guy on the planet right about now, no doubt.

But seriously, when you’re this unpopular, what do you do?

Easy answer, guys: you cover it up.

Hit up your boys over at Google like brah, do me a solid here, I look like a bozo.

Well, certainly YouTube cannot make it so Joe Biden isn’t a bozo.

But here’s something they can do:



Only the White House should be able to see that.

Great job YouTube, you’re really gonna get us this time!

Why don’t ya just go ahead and ban right-wingers altogether and get this thing over with.

Side note: this will only hurt your everyday YouTuber.

It’s almost like YouTube isn’t a helpful video-sharing website anymore, and has just become a part of our ever-improving government!


Source: Not the Bee

  1. yuri says

    there are more than 400 idiots that approve of the senile hair sniffer
    surprising that ruling class media does not merely lie and claim that every fascist idiot “likes” senility and stupidity

  2. Cap960 says

    Take the dislike out…respond with simple emoji “👎” in the comment section.

    1. joey_n says

      And what if the comments section is disabled?

  3. ken says

    The Potted Plant at the White House is an embarrassment to the country and to himself. He needs to retire, sit back, relax and reminisce all the great things he accomplished that wrecked the nation.

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