White House Instructs All Agencies It’s No Longer the “Biden Administration” but Rather the “Biden-Harris Administration”

Washed out of primaries before a single vote was cast — incredibly unlikable and fake, yet mind-bogglingly lacking in self-awareness — a less deserving, and less democratic Prez could scarcely be imagined

I know many of were joking from the moment Biden picked Kamala Harris as VP that he was merely the Trojan Horse for her reign, but by golly if that joke isn’t becoming prophetic:’

White House elevates VP with ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ directive

It’s officially not the Biden administration, but the Biden-Harris administration.

I’d wager most of us can’t name three vice presidents from before we were born.

When have you ever heard of such a policy?

I’d wager most of us can’t name three vice presidents from before we were born.

That’s because vice presidents aren’t the ones calling the shots. Sure, they play a significant role both functionally and constitutionally, but they seldom appear on the front page of history.

Examples: Have you heard of Hannibal Hamlin? Why not? He served with Lincoln during the Civil War after all, the bloodiest conflict on American soil!

Instead, we remember Lincoln’s second VP Andrew Johnson, because he had to assume the presidency when Lincoln was shot.

What about William King, Elbridge Gerry, Adlai Stevenson I, Alben W. Barkley, or Dan Quayle? Some of you may remember the latter from George H.W., but most Millennials like myself wouldn’t.

This isn’t demeaning the important role VPs play: it’s a simple acknowledgement that the executive power is vested in the name at the top of the ticket.

There is only one Commander-In-Chief.

With that in mind, here was an email from a White House official reminding all federal agencies to refer to the administration with both Biden and Harris’s last names:

Here’s a list of all the different times and ways the hyphenated name is being used.

The conservative LGBT outlet Outspoken, which first reported the news, also noted how Biden-Harris was used on the official White House Twitter account – something never done before by any administration in public communications:

Then, of course, there’s Biden referring to his own VP as “President Harris” (which has happened more than once):

The Washington Times also mentioned that Harris “has reportedly taken calls from foreign heads of state and government.”

What do you think? Is this just part of the woke identity politics game the Left is playing to highlight Biden’s authority with the name of a woman of color attached?

Or are we about to see the ascendancy of a new queen?

Source: Not the Bee

  1. GMC says

    We knew the game , way before the ” Steal”. Old Joe will be the victim of 1st stage dysentery — I mean dementia, and he will be replaced by the Debate loser – Harris. Joe’s past war mongering, the lies, theft, treason and murders will be sanitized, and he will look like a great patriot that spent his entire life – serving himself – I mean the USA. The big teleprompter in the sky will read Good Bye Joe and Good Luck – and Joe will ask – where’s Joe going ?

  2. ken says

    It’s the Biden Harris regime. Stealing an election is as bad or worse than an armed coup. She is also not what the founders called a natural born citizen. Actually worse,,, at least one of Obama’s parents was US born.

    She cries constantly of the woes of women and POC, cries of White privilege, cries of racism but here is a first generation woman of immigrants as senator and vice president trying to worm into the presidency she does not deserve and in my humble opinion not qualified making a mockery of the constitution, and country that made that possible.

    Like the never Trumpers saying not my President,Biden will not be half of the country’s president. Unlike Trump, where a highly organized, politicized and advertised investigative team was assembled but unable to prove the Russian intervention in the election.

    They will not allow the same to investigate the election complaints so one must conclude the charges have merit.

    Lest you think me a Trumper,,, I haven’t voted in years because the country has been stolen by the indoctrination of our children in the education system. They are only taught hate, greed and perversion. Using the words of the election thief, the country has no soul.

    I did not personally like Trump,,, Trump was in no way fighting for freedom and liberty but he did in fact win the election. Even then the democrats tried to cheat but they weren’t organized enough to be successful.

    With the Biden Harris regime we are witnessing the final throes of a once great nation taken down by international corporations, bankers and traitors within. You cannot make a nation great again when it’s People are only interested in what’s in it for them.

  3. yuri says

    gates/bezos autocracy optics

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Senile Joe Biden cannot anymore board the AF One, and disembark it either, as video on Gab network showed him, rolling down flat dead on the tarmac nearby the plane-steps…

  5. Mr Reynard says

    In the famous words of John Mc Enroe ? “You can’t be serious”?

  6. Between Three Centuries says

    Its the Biden Harris Hillary Obama administration with Hillary and Michelle (Mike) in charge after President Harris’s plane is shot down by White Supremacists Iranian Russians from North Korea

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