When Your Best Mass Murdering Years Are Behind You and It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Sad day for mass murder as one of its last true greats departs

In 1996 when Madeline Albright was asked if 500,000 dead Iraqi children was “worth it” the 500,000 figure wasn’t even true yet. Despite that — rather than argue the figure — Albright replied it was definitely “worth it”.

Richard Garfield calculated that through 1998 there had been between 106,000 and 350,000 excess deaths under 5, rising to between 343,900 and 525,40 through 2002.

The combination of Gulf War bombing (damage to water treatment plants) and post-war sanctions more than doubled infant mortality. In over a decade that accumulated to some 430,000 child deaths.

However, the US base in Guantanamo and its MacDonald’s are sad that this lizard is no longer drawing breath:

One thing perhaps to remember is that the reason the sanctions on Iraq could be so deadly is that they were UN Sanctions that Russia and China did not veto and thus the whole world had to abide by them. The unchecked global hegemony of one polity in the 1990s produced a very mass-murdery decade. It’s mostly extremely good that those times are over. (Albeit the emerging competing hegemons situation (“multipolarity”) is not without tradeoffs and pitfalls of its own.) 

As Marie Jana Korbelova ascends to the Olympus of Mass Murder taking her well-earned place alongside Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Truman, LBJ — we ask shall we ever see the likes of her again? Not if infants under 5 who like breathing are lucky.

  1. Kointel Killah says

    We came. We saw. They died. Hahaha.

    1. Pablo says

      Albright, Nuland, Hillary. Do you ever wonder WHY so many Women are so bloodthirsty? It’s like a Macho thing with this type of woman. it looks like they want to shoe The Men that they can be tough too.

  2. Chacko Kurian says

    Madeleine you will now truly understand what it means to sell your soul to the devil. Nothing will save you, no amount of legal doublespeak or Dershowitzes. The devil will have his due.

  3. Ron says

    He sad part is that these psychopaths keep living long – John McCain also died in his 80s

    Don’t rest in piece, you bitch and may your soul burn in hell ! Next to McCain.

    Now all our hopes are on Blair and Bush to die a very painful death.

    1. Ron says

      *peace 😉

      And of course let’s not forget the Clintons and a very painful death.

      1. Helga Weber says

        and Bidens, and Obama

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Good riddance to a piece of sadistic unrepentant demonic filth. It’s God’s perogative to pass judgement, but I know what I’d be voting for if I were on jury duty.

      As for the others, there’s a very long list of dog droppings that need to be removed from Planet Earth for its well-being and safety. The Clintons immediately come to mind, but there’s way more than just them.

      A convenient working list is provided to us by the WEF itself, with its web sites listing all their executives as well as a few thousand Young Global Leaders now entrenched in positions of influence all over the world.

      Even in pygmy nation Australia there’s at least a thousand stooges in the political class, medical beauracracy and corporate media that should be eliminated forthwith. It’s a hard job, and it might get messy, but I’d wager Satan will be more than happy to welcome them all to his eternal dominion.

    3. Pablo says

      Note how old Henry Kissinger is. These guys make Deal with the Devil. The good news is they ALL end up in Hell.

  4. Maiasta says

    What most people don’t know about this biatch is that she spent her youth in Belgrade, and later fled there to escape the Nazi invasion. Serbs literally save here family and warmly welcomed them in Belgrade.

    Madeleine Albright in Serbia, 1939
    DISGUSTING SERBS: Who was Madeleine Albright?
    No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.

    1. anon says

      ‘Albright’ discovered she was a jew in her sixties just like herman munster look alike john kerry (cohen)…..

      To these people dead goyim are a blessing….

  5. ken says

    She was but a small piece of the Satanic cabal that now runs the West/US.

  6. Pablo says

    And so another Khazarian is in Hell. I’m guessing the Devil has Albright’s cell already repared.

  7. XSFRGR says

    There’s not just a special place in hell, but a special hell waiting for this vile creature.

  8. Rebel Forever says

    Well, the old bat went straight to hell, no doubt, right there with dishonest Abe Lincoln.

  9. kkk says

    There is a warm place in hell for her

  10. TJ RUBICON says

    Which means Bill Clinton is a mass murderer.

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