When Police Start Raiding Our Churches, You Know the Revolution Is On

"I am more and more sure that this country is suffering a revolution in which much that we used to know and believe is being quietly, insistently destroyed."

The sight of police closing down a church service is one of the worst moments of this national panic.

I am more and more sure that this country is suffering a revolution in which much that we used to know and believe is being quietly, insistently destroyed.

But Scotland Yard’s raid on the Church of Christ the King in Balham, South London, was especially distressing, not least because most of the congregation there are Polish, from a country where the Christian religion was only recently freed from state harassment.

When I travelled and lived in Communist countries, churches were one of the few fortresses of resistance against the overwhelming power of those secret police states.

It was from the Gethsemane Church in East Berlin that some of the first and bravest demonstrations began against that iron tyranny, and I will never forget the night police surrounded the shabby redbrick building to intimidate an open protest against the regime.

But most potent of all was the revolt by the Polish Roman Catholic church against the squalid, thuggish government imposed on that country by Moscow. It seemed as if it was uncontrollable. Poles were consumed with delight that a son of Poland, John Paul II, had become Pope, and so they behaved like free men and women even though their land was still officially a Communist prison.

Their path from Soviet darkness back into the light of liberty looks easy now that Polish Communism is a memory and the vast Soviet armed forces are nothing but rust. But it was not so then.

The church was endlessly oppressed. One outspoken priest was actually murdered in a gangster-like killing by the secret police, dumped in a lake with a stone tied to his legs, after a terrible beating. The Communists hated Christ, and God in general, because they wanted the people to worship them instead. They rightly saw the church as a rival.

Here it is, of course, different. The Johnson Government’s restriction of religion during the past year has taken the form of contemptuous indifference. They themselves are uninterested in such things, and have no idea how insulting their actions have been to those who acknowledge another power, higher than them.

The largely useless leaders of the churches have done almost nothing to fight for their freedom, leaving the task to the little platoons who in fact keep the whole thing going.

I have felt this pretty keenly myself, but have said little about it till now (apart from the inexcusable prevention of Remembrance services last year) because I sought to keep the fight against the subversion of our society as broad as possible.

But the sight of police officers ordering a church full of people to go home, in the middle of Good Friday devotions on the most solemn day of the Christian year, was just too much for me. There stood these paramilitary social workers in their stab vests and face masks. One of them appeared to have her handcuffs at the ready in her belt, standing with arms folded inside the altar rail. In bureaucratic newspeak, her male colleague intoned the Covid regulations, and out they all filed.

I was not there and am not qualified to say if the regulations were broken, but the Church says not. In my experience, church leaders are painfully vigilant about such things, and churches themselves are very large and airy – pictures of the Balham church show a whopping great barn with a high roof.

So why, of all the places in London, on all the days of the year, was this one targeted on Good Friday?

I don’t think much thought went into it. I think deep down in the brain of the state is an idea that religious people, especially Christians, shouldn’t think they have any special position in Britain any more.

Worship the new Health and Safety State first, and when you’ve done that we might allow to you worship God, not in the way you want to, but in the way we let you.

If they’d come in with clubs swinging and Communist emblems on their cap-badges, I suspect the Poles of Balham would have thrown them out. But, like so many of us, they still treasure the illusion that this is a free country.

And so they submit to things they’d never take from an invader or a more obvious oppressor. It turns out that free countries are incredibly easy to turn into despotisms, because nobody can believe what is happening.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Jerry Hood says

    Polish catholics are like the Saduccees or Pharisees, more politicising than believing in Christ…

  2. Jerry Hood says

    I lived communism in CSSR, and never experienced communist cops in church raid! Polaks started to dismantl communism trlugh Solidarność and gravitate to the degenerated,zionist West! Now they get what they deserve= the real communism!!!!! Why they do not rebel and go on strike now??? Polaks= no good…

    1. Winston Smith says

      Jerry Hood = excrement

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Yea.. Truth does hurt & to a moron may smell like excrement ?
        & real excrement to a moron look like 24Ct gold nugget ..

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. Afraid that you’re right.. They trigerred WWII & I’m afraid that they’ll trigger WWIII ?

  3. ken says

    These are the same as those that crucified Christ and would do so again if he was to return,,, or at least try.

    The people at that service should have told those Satanists to get out and stay out. They should have forced the thugs to use force to remove them. The Lord has no problem with you defending Him and yourself, especially in his house. In fact, if you are a true believer, you would have done just that and you would be rewarded on your Judgement Day even if unsuccessful. At least you would have tried!

    You must be just as serious about your belief as they are about their non belief. They came to make you miserable,,, you need to make them more miserable. Jesus waass not a coward,,, neither should you be.

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      You tell ’em, ken. The people at that service should’ve told those Satanists in no uncertain terms to get out and stay out. A similar incident happened in Toronto, Canada, on Good Friday Eve. The Church was filled with Polish Catholics commemorating Jesus’ Crucifixion. When police entered the Church and told the congregants to go home, the Pastor – a Polish immigrant – shouted at the police to get out and stay out. Now, that’s a real hero for ya.

  4. Joe_Below says

    More accurately, when the churchgoers are armed and the police raid, you may be closer to the truth.

  5. JOHN MECCA says

    All will work out well, people who are used to a level of autonomy never permit going back, think positive https://fukushima-radiation-news.com/

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      Then all societal progress would be marked with an upward trajectory in freedom and autonomy. It isn’t. In my experience, any freedom you surrender, is gone for good.

  6. Victor says

    The church should have quietly called the media, instructed its congregation to remain in place and pray and completely ignore the police. Force the police to drag men, women and children out one-by-one in full view of the public and the media.

    These Gestapo methods must be resisted or they will only get worse.

    1. David says

      Resisting is not enough…..must take the fight directly to the enemy…….they have drawn first blood with 5G, fake pandemics and pure lies…….news/media…..politicians…..police…..military….in that order…….

  7. David says

    Time is running short:

    Another day it happened again. They tried to force me to wear a mask at the Villa Market in Phuket Thailand. Another foreigner got into the argument and we were both going to fight each other when many people broke up the fight…..Had I not been wearing sandals and had my sneakers on I wouldn’t have let him get away, I would have seriously hurt him. He told me he was a “professional fighter”…..I’ve been trading since I was 5 years old and now I’m 53…..I ready…..no more games ladies and gentlemen, no more games. No face masks….no vaccines…..you try and force and this man is going to snap your neck and break your back on purpose…..no more games…..playtime is over……

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      I’ with you. I have refused all demands by our government. No masks, no social distancing, no recording customers and no vaccine. There is NO real pandemic. Except a pandemic of the mind.

      The problem is the idiots complying. If we have to fight, it will be against the half of the community who is obeying and thus enabling the tyranny.

  8. yuri says

    hyperbole amusing…the people in angloshere crave servitude
    you cannot convince a robot to want freedom


    Cops can die

  10. Mark says

    It would have been a lot easier for me to support him if he had not gone down the repressive-Soviet rabbit hole. The US-led west is constantly agitating against the Orthodox religion, which worships the same Christ, and the Soviets did not ‘worship the Communist leaders’ at all. The Soviet Union was quite a bit more authoritarian than the west with its flowers and beads, but where has that led us? We now have less freedom than anyone, and at the same time are compelled to kowtow to a welter of alternative genders and observe endless celebrations for people who constitute less than 10% of the population.

    Lech Walesa, the Polish hero who led the Poles out of ‘Soviet darkness’ is among the most homophobic people alive, while it also would be well to remember that Poland exited the Soviet Union free and clear with all its debts wiped out, that burden assumed by Russia, while western investors quickly snapped up most of its banks and a good part of its industry. Poland’s chief usefulness to the west now is as a yappy anti-Russian mouthpiece.

    All of that, in my opinion, distracts from the issue, which is the police servants of a police state imposing government control over every little shred of personal life. Even government in the west was piously claimed to ‘answer to a higher power’, but no more – it has discovered the magic lever which allows it to manage and regulate everything you say, do and think; public health. Now the government is more powerful than God.

    1. Bernie says

      You believe in God, and criticise a man who stands for God’s laws, by calling him a homophobe, a word specifically devised to intimidate anyone who has a different point of view, particularly a Catholic view.

      Why can’t you disagree with someone without hating them?

      Oh, that’s the purpose of this whole scenario, to create division.

      You may not understand, but you don’t have to like someone, but you must love them.

      You may have troublw with that concept

  11. Peter pigott says

    May I say that the much hated Hitler was the last man standing against Communism(Judaism!). And we ought to know who used Britain and the U.S. to destroy Hitler’s Germany. The International Bankers, such as the Rothschild Family. were Talmudic Jews. Talmudic Judaism is Satanic. After Hitler was eliminated the once Christian West, quickly became Communist. “Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” (Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935). Communism, Freemasonry, Zionism and Cultural Marxism, all derive from the racist, homicidal, anti-Christian, anti-Human and supremacist Talmud, theb Holy Book of Judaism. A Canadian Jew, Henry Makow, who in 1982 was awarded a PHd in English from the University of Toronto, descrbes Talmudic Judaism s Satanic. henrymakow.com also unz.com

    1. Bernie says

      Not really Peter.

      Hitler was a Rothschild, and these big monied guys ARE communism

  12. Jenna_H says

    Who want sex? https://bit.ly/3d20a5v

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