When Did the US Last Build a Warship Class That Is Any Good? All the Latest Ones Stink

From the Littoral Combat Ship to the Zumwalt-class destroyer, to the Ford-class carriers they're all disasters

Consider that snarky but classic response to a request for ideas: “Ahh  … I got nothin’ ”

Well, as I ponder the state of the US Navy’s combat fleet, I get the same feeling.

LCS – We have a fleet of commissioned warships that have no mission and no means to execute a mission since they have no useful and effective mission modules.  Seriously, an entire fleet of warships that can’t execute a combat mission???

Zumwalt – We have two commissioned Zumwalt’s – soon to be three – that have no mission, no main functional weapon, are searching for a role, and lack installed combat systems.  Seriously, we commissioned warships without a main weapon and without any combat system???

Ford – We have a commissioned aircraft carrier that can’t load munitions onto its aircraft because it has no functioning elevators and can’t operate F-35s because it lacks the proper communications and support equipment and facilities.  Seriously, we commissioned a non-functional carrier???

If you asked the Navy to honestly and objectively describe their combat fleet and its capabilities, their response would have to be, “Ahh  …  I got nothin’ ”

Source: Navy Matters

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    “When Did the US Last Build a Warship Class That Is Any Good?”

    i’ll vote for the PT boat.

  2. thomas malthaus says

    Tried and true is no longer sufficient.

  3. Jesus says

    MIC wants exotic and unproven technologies to bolster their bottom line.
    Even the existing generation of ships equipped with Aegis systems are suspect of their ability to defend carrier task forces with existing armaments.

    US is is on a downhill slide in brain power and creativity in regards to technology and advanced sciences, their technology is geared to serve their population to get lazier and more inept, relying on apps and services available at their fingertips.

    1. DarkEyes says

      To keep these “sophisticated rafts” floating one must not forget the first reliable force is a well trained, well motivated crew with a solid dosis of seamanship.

      Seamanship is the main thing to keep these insane expensive rafts floating and sailing. And it would also be nice to keep sailing damage free on the high seas.

      As long as there is mainly talk about high tech on board and other high tech equipment and very high tech weaponry and Management forget to place good crew on a naval vessel (or any vessel for that matter) you can forget the most sophisticated and expensive naval vessel in the world to operate up to date, it won’t work and won’t operate properly.

      There are dark forces working against the US Navy to make them operate inadequately, shipsdesign and building costs are simply “ridiculous high”.
      It is all laughable and sad, very sad for the american taxpayers.

      All IMO.

      1. BitinDawg says

        also affirmative action. U can bet that the chinese and the russkies do not promote based on skin color.

    2. BitinDawg says

      The world is on to US. They have created inexpensive defensive weapons to shut US down. & thats okay by me. I say bring our boys and our expensive vulnerable toys home. Let Israel fight their own wars of aggression.

  4. John C Carleton says

    Not if you are a pedophilic Usury banker, selling hugely overpriced war toys which do not work as advertised, to the USA corporation, in return for massive amounts of the struggling American workers stolen meter pay via forced taxation of the fruits of his labor and sweat of their brow.

    The American hating Usury bankers made a killing.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

    1. ArcAngel says


    2. storbjorn1 says

      Apt quote…

    3. skinnerreturns says


  6. edwin says

    I think we have it all wrong. Those aren’t warships, those are hospital ships. I you notice the flat decks, those are to put all the bodies that we find and take home. Damn, sure do look good cuttin thru the water though. I become more impressed as time goes on. Welcome to the “real” new world.

  7. ArcAngel says

    Have to love some US hubris with my morning coffee.

    I have watched Pentagon Weapons Procurement since the 1970’s and this is not new, but under Rummies’ “Transformation”, the insanity (purchasing systems that do not operate) has sky rocketed.
    This insanity started with the Armyin the 1960’s, spread to the Air Force in the 1980’s and infected the Navy by the turn of the century.

    The latest adventures involving the Navy and its useless ships is hilarious. The Ford Class Aircraft Carrier has been nothing but gut splitting laughter every time I open “Military Times” and/or “Jane’s”…

    Adding to this dark comedy, the US now man’s these systems with cowardly, low-IQ, feminized “snow-flake” males, sociopathic so-called females, and wtf ‘transgenders’. Violent moronic idiots and criminals are also welcome.

    For some more schadenfreude, the ‘mighty’ British Navy seems to be heading down the same path.

    Nowadays, the only “weapons” the West has are sanctions, suppling/supporting child raping/ baby-killing terrorists, piracy and bribes/extortion.

    I guess, the last warship that was “any good” (whatever that means) was maybe… the USS New Jersey… (1980)…. USS Enterprise (WWII)….

  8. BitinDawg says

    America is a cauldron of treason and ineptitude. Remember the USS Liberty; 34 dead. The Jews tried to sink her, but the liberty fought back. Bunch of antisemites I guess.

    1. DarkEyes says

      1967. Will always remember the treason US made to the “American Military Forces/Department of the Navy and its entire serving personel.

  9. Séamus Ó Néill says

    In my opinion, America’s battle fleet, like their newest aircraft, the F-35, is a symptom of extensive overreach, which all began when it initiated its insane policy of world domination. It created an unsustainable army of 1,000,000 mercenary soldiers, stationed in a myriad of bases worldwide, to invade and conquer for profit and pillage….nothing to do with democracy and freedom. Its whole infrastructure at home is crumbling into, an opioid induced, hell on earth, but the ivory towered politicians, sheltered in their Mittyesque fantasy land, are far removed from this reality. Oblivious to all this, America is spiralling towards an inglorious bankruptcy and probable drift to third world status !

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