What’s Wrong With This Photo of Iranian MPs Visiting Belarusian Automaker?

When the men are more covered up than the women it’s probably time to stop, reconsider, and grow a pair.

A secular burka indeed.

  1. ken says

    I think it’s pretty obvious,,, men with balls no longer exist in high numbers and there’s no shaming them.

    I would classify them as women with testicles or Flower Boys.

    It’s so bad that many cannot father a child or even maintain an erection. Likely a result of the food supply flooded with estrogen and the feminized indoctrination systems,,, aka schools,,, drugging the shit out of them when they dare act like males.

    Boys see the girls treated much more humanly and given much more attention (gov protected class) while they are told they are born racist bigots. (gov targets) This abuse causes them to act more effeminate looking for attention.

    And then the women cry they can’t find any ‘real’ men…. lol

  2. Juan says

    Also, probably that woman is better educated than her european counterparts. And she doesn’t mind dressing modestly.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Like I told my fellow employees; “if you’re too afraid to live then do the opposite.”

  4. speciem libertatis says

    Western officials and politicians have to pretend and lie to sell their BS

  5. Juan says

    The masked ones are the iranians.

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