What’s the Truth About Spike Protein Injections and Heart Attacks?

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If you’re 25 you’re not taking the shot because of Covid, you’re taking it because of Virus Talibanism

A further three football players collapsed during play this week, bringing new interest to the question of what might be the connection between this unusually high number of on-field medical emergencies and the Covid vaccines. Football pundit Trevor Sinclair got into hot water for raising the question on-air, while scientists argued that the disturbing trend is more likely to be a consequence of Covid itself than the vaccines.

Presumably something lies behind the recent rise, which according to some analysts has involved 21 sudden deaths (most heart-related) of FIFA players so far in 2021, compared to around 4.2 in an average year (with a standard deviation of 2.0). Assuming this isn’t a reporting phenomenon, this is an extraordinary spike and highly statistically significant.

The two major unusual factors this year are the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and the Covid vaccination programme. However, only two such deaths were reported in 2020, when Covid was also around, which would seem to lend weight to a vaccine explanation.

The vaccines are known to affect the heart and cardiovascular system in some cases, which is why blood clots and heart inflammation (e.g. myocarditis) are among the side-effects listed and why a number of countries have ceased using some of the vaccines in younger age groups. This means the idea that there could be a link between an unusual spate of heart-related emergencies and the vaccines shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

On the other hand, some studies have shown that the risk of developing myocarditis is substantially higher following SARS-CoV-2 infection than vaccination.

A number of scientists have pointed out that insofar as cardiovascular problems arise from the effect of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (and there seems to be some agreement that the spike protein is a large part of the causal story here) a bout of SARS-CoV-2 exposes the body to at least as much spike protein as a course of vaccination. [Even so, wouldn’t vaccination mean you’re exposing yourself to spike protein twice? — From infection and from injection both.]

Against that, those who suspect that the vaccines are playing a key role say that in fact most SARS-CoV-2 infections are not systemic but remain localised to the respiratory system, so have little impact on the cardiovascular system, whereas vaccination always allows the spike protein to have a systemic impact by gaining easy access to the bloodstream.

This matter would seem to merit much closer and more urgent attention than it appears to be receiving from regulators. It should be straightforward for those with access to the relevant data (most of which unfortunately is not publicly available) to analyse cardiovascular deaths according to vaccination status and prior infection status to see if there are patterns that may be a signal of concern.

An abstract appeared in the leading journal Circulation earlier this month which concluded: “The mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.” There was no study to accompany the abstract, however, and it has been heavily criticised by some specialists. Nonetheless, leading NHS Consultant Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra stuck his neck out this week on GB News to reveal that a cardiology researcher colleague found similar results, but was not prepared to publish for fear of the repercussions for his or her career: “They aren’t going to publish their findings, they are concerned about losing research money.”

What are the wider trends in deaths?

Since July, ONS data shows there have been 20,823 excess deaths in England and Wales, with 11,531 involving Covid, leaving 9,292 excess deaths from other causes (if we make the conservative assumption that all Covid deaths are excess deaths).

Analysis of cause of death data for England shows that between July 4th and November 5th 2021 there have been 3,095 excess deaths involving heart failure, of which 854 could be put down to COVID-19, leaving 2,241 from other causes; 4,460 excess deaths involving ischaemic heart diseases, of which 1,413 could be Covid, leaving 3,047 from other causes; 1,307 excess deaths involving cerebrovascular diseases, of which 489 could be Covid, leaving 818 from other causes; and 8,109 excess deaths involving ‘other circulatory diseases’, of which 3,357 could be Covid, leaving 4,752 from other causes. These categories can overlap – a death certificate can mention more than one of them – so the figures can’t simply be added to get a grand total, and the underlying cause could be recorded as something different. Nonetheless, we are talking about thousands of additional cardiovascular deaths since the summer.

Despite this, ONS data shows that deaths where the underlying cause was cardiovascular have been below average in this period. At the same time, deaths where Covid is recorded as the underlying cause account for only a fraction of cardiovascular deaths in the period.[Incredible, cardio deaths are up, but cardio deaths with an identifiable cause are down!]

So what was the underlying cause of all these excess deaths involving cardiovascular conditions that weren’t Covid either? A query to the ONS came back suggesting that it was down to the significant excess in deaths where the underlying cause was recorded as “symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions”. In other words, we don’t really know.

So according to official data, there have been thousands of excess deaths involving cardiovascular conditions in the past four months, but the underlying cause of many of those deaths is unknown. This would seem to warrant further investigation, and since the vaccines may be implicated, without delay.

Source: The Daily Sceptic

  1. GMC says

    May as well get used to the fact that – if even 100 die out on the field, there are 30,000 CDC officials, hundreds of Fauci doctors, a media that is bought and paid, along with every Gov. agency, and then you have the WHO and Gate’s money to fight.

    So, any ” Investigation” will go nowhere, which leaves only one other Avenue – an Eye for an Eye, or one murder for another.

    1. Maiasta says

      Self-defence isn’t murder. But i take your point. And Uruguayan lawyer Gustavo Salle agrees with you. Powerful speech here on the right to armed resistance:


  2. edwardi says

    Is this what could be called Rhetorical Speculation ? The vax forces your body to self manufacture the spike which coats the endothelial layer of the cardio circulatory system, blood no longer runs on smooth vessel walls but instead gets restricted by the now coarse nature of the spike protein unnatural coating. Talk about an unnatural medical intervention. And again these speculations always studiously ignore that multiple early treatments are extremely effective to cure the virus and stop the spread and that multiple nations brave enough to go ‘off the reservation’ have fully proven that statement. This vaccine it total B.S., Naked Capitalism with gangster $$money coercion of ‘officialdom,’ to comply or be denied grant $$ or be harassed. Also completely lacking in such ‘analysis’ or maybe better termed speculation as the above article, is any consideration of the long term effects which portend to be extremely dire, especially dire with continual boostering the spike protein poison into the system. Killing people for profit has never bothered Big Pharma, it is their Business Model.

  3. ken says

    “This would seem to warrant further investigation, and since the vaccines may be implicated, without delay.”

    Playing their game pretending we don’t know what the problem is, is simply going to kill and injure more people whether it be super important sportz players or just your run of the mill lemming.

    I would have thought the children would be the last straw but the moron bots are happily offering up for sacrifice their offspring to the new god of science,,, Fauci and his murderous henchmen and women in the beast systems who have thrown away their humanity for a few fedbux.

    1. Maiasta says


  4. Voz 0db says

    I’m with Billy G. on this one… This MIRACLE mRNA SPEW is not GOOD ENOUGH!

    At this rate They’ll never reach the MAIN GOAL,

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