What Just Happened Here?? Trump Declares War on Russia Over Twitter

Trump tells the Russians US missiles are coming and taunts them to try and shoot them down

With US warships sailing to take strike positions against Syria in the eastern Med while Trump admin supposedly deliberates on what its course of action will be the US president has taken to Twitter to tell the enemy that a military strike is coming for sure.

I guess that’s one of those cases where “if a President does it, it’s not illegal” because I thought revealing your warplans to the enemy was called treason and not appreciated by the military.

Apparently for Trump the globe is an American pro wrestling ring where you talk smack and announce your moves in advance without much consequence.

I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around this one, so let’s see what the hopefully more composed Syria civil war watchers on Reddit had to say:

  • Unbelievable. You really couldn’t write this as political fiction because it would’ve been too unrealistic.
  • My God; we are actually heading for a potential war that may start on Twitter.
  • If I where a Trump parody account, I couldn’t tweet anything more ridiculous in a more absurd manner.
  • How do you handle an “accidental bombing” when you have raised the stakes with infantile rhetoric? That’s what I’m wondering.
  • Wow, just wow. This guy sets up new, very bad standards of making politics… I can understand that he wanted to pose as a big guy when responding to Kim, but saying such a things to Russians in current situation is a new level of madness…
  • God damn this guy is a sight to behold. This shit is surreal. What’s next, live tweeting the whole operation while it happens?
  • Russia is definitely shooting them down now.
  • Damn it , this is not what a president should say … this is childish
  • get the FUCK out of syria.
  • This can’t be real. It looks like he took personal offense Russia’s threat to shoot down American missiles.
  • Apparently, this is the first declaration of war via social media. A historic moment that the world would not have needed.
  • What the actual fuck I am cracking up because of how ridiculous this shit is this is insane..
  • He literally is just begging for war and destruction… plain and simple.
  • He’s going to get alot of innocent people killed just so he can get his rocks off
  • We have a child in the WH.
  • Jesus Christ what is this.
  • Trump supporters must be feeling pretty stupid now. You thought Hillary was the only warmongerer and Trump was the isolationist? Guess again “America first” my ass…
  • What we seeing now is probably Third World War declared by Twitter. It’s truly the best timeline we live in. Lest hope it won’t happen, though.

I’m sure there will be commentators who will look for and find a method in the madness, who will say this serves to warn the Russians the attack is coming and therefore not overreact when it happens, while it still allows Trump to look though, but I don’t buy it. Occam’s razor says Trump is simply an unstable and dangerous man, and a weakling who can’t hold the same opinion for longer than six seconds, somebody who really shouldn’t wield power.

  1. Tim Rutkevich says

    Too bad for US NAVY sailors. Did they manage to send their final tweets to the loved ones?

  2. Lech Lechoslaw Trzesowski Tres says

    Trump is getting crazy, more and more..

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