What an Incredibly Useful Little Virus This Has Been for the Power Elite

Instead of taking the blame for the global economic crash they get to play martial law

I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy. But if it was, what would be any different?

Christmas came early for our rulers and power elite this year. Let’s count up all the goodies covid hysteria pandemic nets them:

  • They get to distribute hundreds of billions, even trillions in dollars, euro and pound among their friends in the name of making up for an economic slowdown amid outbreak and countermeasures.
  • They get to posture as decisive men of the moment who take drastic action when circumstances demand it. And when spring sunshine takes care of the viruses, as it does every year, they can posture as our saviors.
  • They get to push us off the streets and into our homes. Forget Kim Jong-il, Stalin or African post-coup martial law, this is the real deal. It’s a level of repression even North Korea couldn’t get away with. It serves to bring relief from and possibly break the populist revolt (gilet jaunes anyone?), but more than that don’t forget about the straightforward pleasure these people get from exercising power and feeling important.
  • They get to dodge the blame for the coming economic collapse. A collapse which was due to happen soon anyway, as something or other was bound to burst the global debt bubble their central banks and monetary policies had blown up, but which will now be blamed on corona. What a dodge!

This hysteria pandemic has been such godsend to them. So much so that if I were in their place I would be looking to extend it for as long as possible.

I would make sure everyone who died while having coronavirus would be counted as its victim. And I would drown the land with corona test kits (who cares just how reliable they are having been approved so quickly) to make sure the number of infected keeps rising for as long as possible as an ever-greater proportion of your usual seasonal patients with flu-like symptoms are identified as having the dreaded covid-19.

If Trump is smart he’ll put the US under an European-style martial law to extend the crisis. The bigger the virus hysteria and the greater the fallout from anti-virus measures the more believable his claim in November that it was a great economy until the unfortunate act of nature/god.

  1. Vera Gottlieb says

    And the power elite not being immune…

  2. Brion Adair says

    Aside from covering for the plummeting Stock Market is the likelihood that the neocon scum who have hijacked foreign policy weren’t expecting blowback from this virus after carefully planting it in China and Iran. This faux “concern” makes them look like they care about the collateral damage.

    1. bob says

      …and that plummeting stock market is gonna stuff Russia,as its fully integrated into the global market,but only as a criminal petro state

      1. SS-The Independent says

        At ‘ work ‘, bob. at ‘ work ‘…?! Which other troll/shill you replace and what shift…2nd…3rd…?

        1. bob says

          You’ll see,Russia will by on its knees within the next couple of years

          Its best mates in dictatorship,Iran, have already had to go crawlin off on their belly to the IMF because they’re broke

      2. itchyvet says

        Keep dreaming mate.

        1. bob says

          Its you thats dreaming

    2. SS-The Independent says

      Don’t worry, Brion…they ( will ) adapt, as they go…and only the herd will be sacrificed…like usual…” A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves “…

  3. bob says

    This is basically fake news

    Of course the blessed Russians haven’t got corona virus have they?

    Oh, and thats why they used Moscow’s cctv system to spy on their own citizens who’d broken their quarantine laws and fined them,but the sort of thing only happens in the totalitarian nation known as France

    Russia has banned all sports events,plus gatherings of more than 50 people, closed the schools,oh i forgot thats called a holiday in Putinstan, but thats also something which only happens somewhere elsewhere

    those freedom minded Russians have closed the borders,banned all foreign journalists, flights and frankly loads more

    But Putin still wants his fait accompli, also known as a plebiscite on his future ability to become,eh, dictator for life, a position which he calls the presidency!!!!I

    But of course, i forgot it’s only the French who’d go ahead with public votes at a time of global pandemic

    Boy is it gonna come as a massive shock when the kremlin propaganda channels actually have to admit Russia has a problem!

    1. SS-The Independent says

      ” Cainele moare de drum lung si prostul de grija altuia ‘ “…

      1. bob says


        1. SS-The Independent says

          Exactly πŸ™‚

  4. SS-The Independent says

    What’s missing from this good article is that the psychopaths running the World forced us on a suicidal path, with GMO, pesticides in excess, antibiotics/vaccines, fluorides, pollution, etc. Our air, water, food and ground is/are poisoned…we are dying slowly…and some of us noticed what they are doing to us and the Planet. ” The World is Run by Insane People, for Insane Objectives ” – John Lennon ( the sheeple believe that his assassination was a random/accidental one ).

    1. didactic1 says

      You can forget any action about carbon emissions. Got to revive economy. Oil will lead way.

      1. Judy Cross says

        The Climate Scam will continue after the Corona Caper hysteria dies down!

        1. didactic1 says

          It is not a scam. But the economic crisis will make everyone reluctant to overturn an energy model that fuels what most think is prosperity and the good life.

            1. didactic1 says

              The globalists’ certainly came up with an out of blue strategy. That’s why they will have those ten fab homes and yachts for a while longer. They control electric power too, the ultimate weapon to keep rabble in their place.

        2. SS-The Independent says

          But you/we will ‘ escape ‘ if pay more taxes πŸ™‚

  5. JustPassingThrough says

    i’m not sure what you mean by european martial law.
    here are my initial observations of “european martial law.”

    >it has put people at full stop and reset.

    >there is a tremendous amount of re-think going on in the way people live their lives. you hear it on the various discussion groups. ideas on how to re-work this robotized, hi-speed existence

    >the kids are all outside playing instead of being herded into school before the sun is up. many school classes are now virtual classes and initial results (very initial) are πŸ‘πŸΏ

    >no vapor trails from passenger jets hauling bodies to places they need not go.

    >vehicle traffic is down. public transportation vehicles are disinfected regularly.

    >city neighborhoods are quieter.

    >people volunteering en masse to do grocery shopping and other tasks for quarantined elders (65+).

    >banks have been directed by the fed. govt. to provide monies for companies and independent small biz folks. (the banks were bailed out once and now the banks take their turn at bailing out, so it has been decreed.)

    >food stores have stock on the shelves. of course, there have been runs on some things by some people but no panic. food stores stay open, 2 meters between shoppers – slow down.

    >the medical arm of the military has been called up to help hospitals with the increased traffic.

    >farmers who were dependent on foreign labor have broadcast their problem. reports are that they are being inundated by calls from people who can not do their normal work because of shut-down. (that means the asparagus crop will be picked, for example.)

    >people are doing balcony concerts to entertain each other and keep social kontact.

    >today at 12 noon everyone is asked to spend one-minute applauding the extraordinary efforts of the health personnel.

    this is how a society bonds and stays together.
    and that is what it is all about, imo.

    can D.T. make this happen in the U.S.??

    1. SS-The Independent says

      Very nice and hope it’s true ( in almost 25 years after living Europe, I visited only 5 times, for short period )…but would you explain to me/us what is…’ vapor trails from passenger jets ‘…You mean CHEMTRAILS, right…because what’s left behind some jets is not ‘ vapor ‘, it’s sprayed ( unless they changed how an internal/external combustion engine works in the last cca. 20 years )…didn’t see any of the ‘ vapor ‘ you mention 25 or more years back in time πŸ™‚

        1. SS-The Independent says

          Man, I did a lot of research and ‘ your ‘ sites are full of…something ! Not that I studied meteorology one semester in college, but I saw small planes spraying crops and even had a chance to fly in one helicopter spraying pesticides…don’t come with this pseudo-science crap, ‘ good ‘ for the brainwashed sheeple…please. I grew up in a small village in Eastern-Europe ( hills and mountains )…I was watching the planes at high altitude…dreaming to fly out of the communist country in one day; never saw a long persistent white line behind them…NEVER ! Are you telling me that the laws of physics changed in the last 20 years or so…?! My father was an agricultural engineer…every year he had to fly with the pilot, in order to show him what fields to spray and when…I asked him when he visited us what he thinks. His answer was that he noticed those aeroplanes/airplanes, which are spraying something and always came from West, going East, never the other way…One more observation: the contrails and some laws of physics apparently works only in the Zio-NATO Countries, not in the rest of the World ?! Please, don’t insult my intelligence…

          1. JustPassingThrough says

            you seem to be an insult to your own intelligence.
            pesticide is srayed at almost ground level.
            how do you equate that to planes that fly at 30k ft altitude?
            like i said you are an insult to your own intelligence.
            send me some links to your science or shut up.

            1. SS-The Independent says

              My point was/is that with a high camera ( sometimes with your eyes ) people can see that they are spraying something and it’s NOT condensation/vapors ! Gases don’t persist in atmosphere for hours…must be something solid…very small particles ( and those who studied the problem found a composition of Al, Ba, Sr and other metals/chemicals ). There are plenty of sites online: just google ‘ chemtrails ‘, if you want to see the other side of the coin. You didn’t explain why in the past nobody saw their/your ‘ contrails ‘ and why the people are getting sicker and the trees are dying…Is not only my observation on our forest ( 28 acres bought in ’07 ), but many people observed that too…Again, just google what people are saying about their trees/forest dying. And birds dropping in numbers from the sky, bees and bumblebees…butterflies…Sure, part of the culprits are Roundup/Monsanto/Bayer, DuPont and other chemical/pesticide companies and RF ( radiofrequency ) radiation…but those don’t explain the sickness and deaths of humans and flora and fauna. You either an arrogant young fella, either an old stubborn crabby person, or just a troll/shill. Enough for today…and done with you. Have a good day.

            2. JustPassingThrough says

              just plain BS.
              send me your science
              and not your fantasies.
              BTW you’re father was part of the problem.
              spraying DDT, i would imagine.

            3. SS-The Independent says

              Wrong…AGAIN: DDT is a powder and can’t be sprayed from airplane…was administrated manually, on small surfaces, and with an equipment with a tractor, on large fields. If you are an informed sheeple, you know that Roundup, for example, is more toxic than DDT, but still in commerce – do you know WHY ?! Do a research on malaria and African population growth…I know, for you and your kind, it’s hard: cognitive dissonance…

            4. itchyvet says

              Actually, DDT CAN be dispersed from an aeroplane quiet easily. All it takes is a blower blowing the dust thru exit holes. No big deal and no engineering expertise required.

            5. JustPassingThrough says

              how long are you going to stay stupid?


            6. hoogityboo says

              you seem to be a duped worshipper of the pseudogods of anything labeled as “science”.

              All the easier to hypnotize you with.

  6. isaac says

    Pretty good for all the white nationalists out there as well who are getting fed up with the khazar antics…’bout time to SHUT…IT…DOWN!

    1. didactic1 says

      Genetic genius gasps?

    2. James Willy says

      Bout time to shut kazars down. People should be out there hunting them down and shooting them. Never happen though so we have to keep living under them.

    3. SS-The Independent says

      Kind of optimistic, don’t ya think ?…Most of the Europe is ( still ) under occupation ( and parts of Asia – Japan, South Korea…)…Land of ZOG ( Zionist Occupation Government )…As an example of brainwashing: we had a group of friends visiting us ( last summer ) from Eastern-Europe and they were very worried about guns/violence and what Donald is doing to US and the World ?! Like everywhere where guns were confiscated the violence disappeared and under other Presidents ( Americans or not – Obama, for example ), US and the World were only peace and harmony πŸ™‚

      1. bob says

        Most of Europe is under occupation,presumably you mean NATO!

        well theres a very good reason for that


        Its easy,Europe can’t be trusted thats why America has to keep itself there although Putin seems to have a fantastic plan to get those aforementioned,especially Nazi’s and fascists back in the game

        1. SS-The Independent says

          What about ‘murika mind her own business, and liberate herself from the Zionist Occupation ?! And who the fock are you to say/decide that Europe ( a continent of more than half billion people ) ‘ can’t be trusted ‘. huh ?! This is Chutzpah from a Hasbara troll…

          1. bob says

            Because of what the fascist did in the past!

            They can’t be trusted,especially the Germans,who are doing their best to rob most of Europe,which is creating all the right conditions for neo Nazi’s,fascist and assorted anti capitalist lefty scum to come forward with their stupid ” solutions ” to economic problems the Germans are creating

            Silly ideas like partnerships with Russia being one of the most stupid znd disingenuous of all as Europeans know what happened last time Germany,Nazi Germany, made agreement with Russia, they started WW2

            So you see my friend thats why Europe and especially the Germans can’t be trusted, they basically go mad if left to their own ideas

          2. itchyvet says

            Well they do believe we should all be serving them.

  7. Mary E says

    Absolutely right on! We can bet that Trump and his gang of thieves will take credit for ending the virus for this season(he said there would be a miracle and it would, poof!, be gone) – and blaming the ongoing depression as the fault of the virus…BUT it was already forecast that the faked rising stock market of the US would fall into the abyss….which it needed to do. And the one important thing we have to remember is that the stock market is NOT the economy! It is a group of casinos out to take $$$ from investors!

    1. SS-The Independent says

      Yeah, Mary…and when you say ‘ to take $$$ from investors ‘, you mean the average sheeple which were/are stupid enough to play the ‘ roulette ‘ at the casinos you mentioned ( BTW, do you watch ‘ Keiser Report ‘ , because he and Stacey are calling the casinos economy ? )…

  8. didactic1 says

    Funny, ISIS has vanished. Maybe the actors are now wearing surgical masks?

  9. Nestor B. Aguilar says

    Corona Virus is used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate, Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset.

    Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

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