“We’re All in This Together!” — Millions of Americans Expect to Lose Their Homes as Virus Maoism Rages

Virus war is class war — against you

  • Almost 18 million adults are behind on mortgage, rent payments
  • CDC suspension on evictions is slated to expire at end of 2020

Millions of Americans expect to face eviction by the end of this year, adding to the suffering inflicted by the coronavirus [lockdown cult] pandemic raging across the U.S.

About 5.8 million adults say they are somewhat to very likely to face eviction or foreclosure in the next two months, according to a survey completed Nov. 9 by the U.S. Census Bureau. That accounts for a third of the 17.8 million adults in households that are behind on rent or mortgage payments.

The CARES Act, signed into law last March, allows homeowners to pause mortgage payments for up to a year if they experience hardship as a result of the pandemic. Borrowers who signed up at the start of the program could face foreclosure by March.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s nationwide temporary suspension on evictions — aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus — is slated to end Dec. 31. The timing is far from ideal given millions of people are also set to lose their unemployment benefits at year-end without an extension from Congress.

Roughly half of households not current on their rent or mortgage payments in Arkansas, Florida and Nevada think there’s a “strong chance” of eviction by early January. This equates to more than 750,000 homes where an eviction is the biggest worry, according to the survey.

By metro area, the threat of eviction is most pressing in New York City, Houston and Atlanta.

Coronavirus, which has killed more than 256,000 Americans so far, is on track to claim another 30,000 lives by mid-December, according to forecasts from the CDC. The model shows weekly cases and deaths both rising every week for the next month, the maximum range of the agency’s projection.

President-elect Joe Biden in March expressed his support for [more lockdowns and outlawing of jobs, businesses, and patronage of businesses] rent freezes and eviction moratoriums due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: Bloomberg 

  1. Tom Bombadillo says

    “Coronavirus, which has killed more than 256,000 Americans so far ….”

    “President-elect Joe Biden ….”

    There’s nothing like more and more and more and more and more fake news.

  2. mothman777 says

    Why are my comments always refused here? Is this a Marxist ‘anti-empire’ kind of site? Or maybe you are this kind of ‘anti-empire’ site (more than likely); “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”.

  3. mothman777 says

    The real program is a Marxist Tribal transition into ‘landowners’ (Gentiles) no longer owning land, and the land coming into the possession of the ‘Marxists’ running the show. Trotsky and Lenin held hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stolen gold and diamonds etc.in foreign banks according to the research of Juri Lina, that is what communism is all about, after all, it was created by the ‘western’ bankers, and run in the closest possible cooperation with them according to the original Bolshevik leaders of Russia.

  4. James says

    How many people died from covid?? You probably push the “terrorist” narrative from 911?

  5. Undecider says

    How does the CDC suspend evictions? That won’t hold up in court. You’re evicted and will the CDC somehow bring a lawyer for your defense? No.

  6. ke4ram says

    I have zero sympathy for these people. They are the ones walking around with their face rags on even when it is not “required” by a state dicktator. They are the ones giving those not wearing the rag dirty looks and mouthing off to them. This could have been stopped last summer but nooooooooooo they wanted to continue it in the hopes of getting some free crap or another $1200 check.

    I only feel bad for their children. The jerkoffs going along with the regimented child abuse in schools. They are a sicko bunch that need to see a nut doctor.

    So don’t expect any sympathy from me…

    1. voza0db says

      Yep… I have negative sympathy for modern moron slaves.

      1. Sharon Gibbster-Monster says


    2. Tom Bombadillo says

      And you are clearly one of them as well.

    3. Ross Noble says

      Psychopath who lacks empathy for normies. Not everybody is capable of critical thinking.

      1. Le Ruse says

        Psychiatric issues, schizophrenia, psychopathy , are required attributes for a job in politics or public services, e.g. police,security ect..ect..

        1. Ross Noble says

          Yep. We can brain scan for it now.

          1. Le Ruse says

            Don’t worry, if they can give Joe Dementia 200 millions votes, by software change, so they can fix the scanner as well ..

            1. Ross Noble says

              LoL. So true

  7. itchyvet says

    This is the plan. Kick everybody out onto the streets, take away their jobs, no health care, how long do you think it will be before people start BEGGING to be vaccinated and have micro dots inserted to regain all the above ??

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