We Need to Introduce the Term “Freedom Shitholes”

Trump was half-right, some places *are* shitholes

A few years ago Trump got himself in hot water by styling a number of very underdeveloped countries as “shitholes”. However, being poor is not a crime. It just means that you’re largely rural and that your cities, such as they are, have poor to non-existent infrastructure.

But I think that we should seriously consider introducing the term “freedom shithole”. Places where freedom is in the shithole. I would induct Japan, North Korea, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, California, New York as the founding members of the freedom shithole club dominated by serial compliers and fanatical conformists.

If I missed any obvious examples of a freedom shithole, don’t go too harsh on me. This is just the first draft. A number of others would have a very good claim for the freedom shithole status as well. Italy, Peru, Taiwan, the Netherlands quickly come to mind.

Perhaps we should have tiers of freedom shithole-iness? It seems unfair to give so many others a free pass just because they haven’t dialed up Covid sadism quite to 9000. (-Russia, I’m looking at you.)

Unlike being poor, being a serial kneeler actually is a crime. At least it is against honor, God, and everything that is good in the world. So the shithole status is much more fitting here than for poor bastards who merely don’t have subways and indoor plumbing.

The death of freedom probably comes from a different place in Eastern Asia and in Western Europe. In Asia, it is more the case that people are near-universally experts in passing the buck and not sticking their neck out for anything. They don’t take ownership of anything that is public, and so the civic sphere de facto does not exist there.

In Europe meanwhile, there is a good number of proud individualists who won’t take shit and will gladly stick out their neck out just on general principle, but they are countered by the equal number of the fanatically mind-diseased little Stalins who in alliance with power are then able to drown out the public sphere and to “prevail”.

In the Philippines, it is unthinkable that a civilian will ever confront another for not donning the ubiquitous diaper. Karens is not a thing (too risky). Yet nobody stands out anyway. And it is also equally unthinkable that Filipinos who think Covid is a scam (and privately there are plenty) will ever get together and march. In Germany, there are plenty who will march and who go without the face diaper, but then there are also plenty of those who will snitch on them, or play the commissar within their institution.

The freedom shitholes in Asia are more Stalinist, reliant on spinelessness and diktat from above, in Europe they are more Maoist, built on derangement and fanaticism of the grassroots. But the final result is the same — freedom migrates to the shithole.

It has become clear since 2020 that living surrounded by such people — the spineless sheep and the fanatic-in-waiting alike — is a very dangerous state of affairs.

You never know when the cultists-in-waiting will go insane again, and you already know that the sheep-people won’t push back against anything.

You need to stay clear of high concentrations of both; the North European busybody tendencies that have given us Yankee interventionism and Eugenics, and the Asian keep-your-head-down “wisdom” that has made Communism such a stable fit for North Korea.

To be assured of the future it is very important to live in a place that is not a freedom shithole. And since you’re making a bet deep into the future you have to guide yourself, not just by official policies of the current government of the place, but also the psychology of the people you would be surrounded by.

You’re looking for a place like Bulgaria or Alabama that doesn’t have the crusading control-freak weirdos, but still has plenty of people who don’t have sheep in their DNA. The unvaccination rate could be a very good proxy for the prevalence of these miss-me-with-your-bullshit people.

Hey Isn’t This All Very Racist?

No, it’s not. It’s only racist if you believe that freedom and dignity are objectively better than having a “harmonious” Asian-Stalinist society, or a Western-style Maoist shitshow. But since by and large these people believe that freedom shitholes are better than freedom they have no grounds to complain.

I didn’t say freedom places or freedom people are any “better”. Maybe unfreedom is better. I’m just saying different places have different psychological mixes of people and not all psychological types put the same premium on autonomy. If you do, best to surround yourself with your psychological kind.


BTW, the author of these lines used to watch TV and believe that people everywhere in the world were pretty much the same. Then the author traveled a little bit and his mind kept being exploded.


  1. Maiasta says

    “The freedom shitholes in Asia are more Stalinist, reliant on spinelessness and diktat from above, in Europe they are more Maoist, built on derangement and fanaticism of the grassroots.”

    This reminds me of a chapter in the Milles Plateaux of Deleuze and Guatarri. They set out four fundamental dangers in life. The first is fear, Fear of losing your ground, your position, status, your national or religious “truth”, etc. The second danger was clarity, which manifested in people who show a certain level of individual judgement, but draw conclusions way too early and become utterly fanatical. The authors went on to include power as the third danger, which is a danger only foor those who possess it, obviously, And the last one was disgust – a nihilistic drive to destroy everything, a longing to kill and to die.
    It’s clear that a majority of people, though, fall prey to the first two dangers: they are eiher sheep or vigilantes.

    different places have different psychological mixes of people and not all psychological types put the same premium on autonomy.

    East Asian societies are obviously collectivist, something which emerges from their rice-growing culture. This demands a high degree of group collaboration, something that has been written on extensively.

    The unvaccination rate could be a very good proxy for the prevalence of these miss-me-with-your-bullshit people

    Madagascar would be one of the very best in this regard. It has one of the lowest vax rates in the world, plus a head-of-state that is highly sceptical of the Covid vaccines. Much of Africa is the same, though. In reality, there’s probably an inverse relationship between the level of “development” of a country and its degree of real freedom (not just “freedom” on paper). Again, many sociologists and anthropologists have written about this. Genuinenly free societies are all small in scale, where the majority of interactions are face-to-face, between people that know each other. The larger a society becomes, the more naturally it stratifies into castes.

    If I missed any obvious examples of a freedom shithole, don’t go too harsh on me.

    You missed out Argentina. The government Covid fascism is absolutely ruthless there. You can include it in your next draft.

    1. Field Empty says

      Argentina is a good one for sure.

      This reminds me of a chapter in the Milles Plateaux of Deleuze and Guatarri.

      Sounds like an interesting work.

      1. Maiasta says

        The first heavy philosophy work i ever read. The key political chapter is called “Micropolitics and Segmentarity” and uses an almost Hermetc approach to explain the fundamental difference between totalitarianism and fascism. The former is quintessentially conservative and static, whereas the latter is dynamic, (but also nihilistic and self-destructive, which is why phenomena like the Thirrd Reich, or Daesh, burn out quickly).

        1. Giorgi Kladbishche says

          The problem with non-freedom shitholes is that they’re shitholes.

        2. anonymous says

          It is really the difference between totalitarianism and authoritarianism… maoism was totalitarian, the third reich was authoritarian… the difference being that the totalitarians make all aspects of life ‘political’ (hence ‘pol pot’s’ moniker, pol-itical pot-ential) with it’s associated purges of political heretics and constantly changing (by design) mandates…

          authoritarianism on the other hand seeks a more homogenised and ordered state, generally traditionalist and mythical in nature.. it will persecute, but generally outsiders that threaten the stability of the myth…

          Fascism merely being the fusion of state and corporate interests…

  2. Neo says

    Regarding Freedom Shit-holes, I’m in one and I’m disappointed with our teams’ performance. Hardly anyone’s standing up! Some of us are wondering why? Here’s a couple of excuses offered on behalf of all the weenies in America:

    Americans have been heavily sedated with Flouride for sixty years! That’s Rat Poison! It made prison populations in Nazi Germany and in the Soviet Gulag turn ‘passive’.

    The cabal has also flooded our environment with xeno-estrogens. The result is too many American men have low testosterone. This makes men fearful and act like snowflakes and wusses.

    ‘If you want to conquer a land, you must neutralize or kill off the fighting males.’

  3. Dale says

    Japan a charter member ? It’s PM recently warned the public not to ostracize the unvaccinated.

    1. Field Empty says

      That’s true and they also never had mandatory lockdowns. But they didn’t need to have them because in their case voluntary compliance was almost just as good. All it took was scrutiny and social pressure for the holdouts to follow suit.

      Japan is a kind of peak collectivism society where everyone is such a herd creature that you no longer even need Draconian state measures, everyone dances to the tune regardless, just so as not to stand out.

      They reached an 80% vax rate without mandates which is higher than Germany or France. And that PM had to issue a warning not to ostracize the unvaxxed tells you that that is precisely what is going on, whether the gov’t has mandated it or not.

      In fact, there isn’t just ostracism but also pressure by employers — employers are famously a huge part of life for the Japanese who put in massive amounts of overtime and are taught to blend in with their team and not make waves.

      We also have to judge their Covidianism against the backdrop of Covid (probably due to preexisting immunity) not being a thing in Japan whatsoever. Not even as a worse-than-average flu.

      They also pioneered ostracism lists (for suspected yakuza) and enjoy a 99% conviction rate, and have been a de facto one-party state despite having elections. They are the world champions in going-alongism and independents don’t have it good there albeit the costs will be social and financial rather than political.

      1. Maiasta says

        Great observations. I think James Corbett (who lives there) echoes most of what you’re saying.

      2. drb says

        Still, would you not love to be in a place without lockdowns, where legislation is working its way through parliament, that makes discrimination against anti-vaxxers illegal? When you look at the relation between resources and population density, Japan has achieved a lot. A strong collective philosophy is not an option given the constraints. I do not even have to mention that doctors prescribe ivermectin here.

        1. Field Empty says

          You’re probably right. They’re far from the worst on Covid, they just rubbed me the wrong way with the “anti-social forces” stuff the day prior. I guess the charter membership of the freedom shitholes could be debated and also depends somewhat on which freedoms are more valuable to you.

          That said I really do detest face diapers, even more than lockdowns and injection certificates.

          1. Ultrafart the Brave says

            To add to Japan’s defence, their government actually stopped the use of certain “vaccines” owing to health and safety issues, and correspondingly officially endorsed the use of Ivermectin for early treatment of Corona Chan.

            For all their failings and arian tendencies, Japan Inc seems to give much more than a rat’s arse for its citizens (unlike the principle Anglo lockstep countries).

      3. Divelto says

        I am Italian and I live in Japan. Believe m: I am grateful to have moved here before this whole collective insanity began. It is true that if you are looking for opinionated, freedom-loving and boldly outspoken individuals you’d better be looking somewhere else, let’s not forget though that here in Japan there has never been any coercion whatsoever since the beginning of the global braindead shitfest. This means that if you have the guts to resist social pressure and are not moved to pity by the doublemasked virus retards having panic attacks once they see a human face, you can pretty much do whatever you please in this country. Companies energically suggest (read: enforce) the wearing of masks but the gene jab is not requested to work. Don’t get me wrong: it could be much better and I know the article’s focus is on states whose population still values individual freedom. It is just that the last two years made me a little bit disillusioned about states and political institution in general, so much so that rather than looking for some (temporarily) human rights sanctuary somewhere else I am quite satisfied with a country which at least allows me to get out of the house without a cattle tag on me. I do fear an explosion of mindvirus fueled xenophobia and I don’t think that lynch mobs of the unmasked are not a possibility. Anyway, freedom is worth dying for, so screw the global regime and its minions. There is no easy way out of this whole insanity.

        1. Field Empty says

           This means that if you have the guts to resist social pressure and are not moved to pity by the doublemasked virus retards having panic attacks once they see a human face, you can pretty much do whatever you please in this country.

          That’s a very good point. Thanks for that.

        2. anonymous says

          well it’s only to be expected, the orientals have been wearing surgical masks for thirty years come rain or fake pandemic… it dovetails with the national psyche and conformist society, where they can all face-lessly merge into their hive like collective..

          1. anonymous says

            NB: although a yankee satrap, for the WEF and it’s affiliates Japan etc are favoured nations and less imposed upon by the billionaireopaths..

            exhibiting the bland compliant characteristics Anglo Zionists wish to impose on ‘everyone’…

            with interest…(compound of course)..

      4. Dale says

        Yes, I’ve heard the Japanese referred to as “children” and that they are so compliant that they essentially locked themselves down. And I do find the engrained mask fetishism off-putting. On the other hand, Americans were, I thought, astonishingly servile and still are. Moreover, I surmise that the supposed left-right divide on Covid is only skin deep. Ex: a young man I know recently “got Covid.” Among his symptoms was coughing up blood. His dad, a staunch conservative, refused to drive his son to a doctor for fear of catching Covid and dying. His immediate concern was how to get his son tested, without having to go to his son, so as to ascertain whether the son should be quarantined. This fear is all around me, to varying degrees, in my mostly conservative circles.

        1. Field Empty says

          Americans had the very first anti-lockdown protests in the world. No matter how shy and puny they were, I will always remember that about them.

          1. Dale says

            I’ve long maintained that selective US states have been the ‘least bad’ places to live in this dark Time of Covid.

          2. James says

            What got us out of lockdowns in May 2020, IMO, wasn’t so much the visual of thousands of Americans protesting outside state capitol buildings and governor’s mansions. It was those protestors who were waving rifles in the air as a reminder to the wannabe tyrants that Americans have guns and aren’t afraid to use them when their vital freedoms are threatened.

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Just read that sleepy Joe is pissed because all Americans don’t wear the useless, filthy mask. Guess what, sleepy Joe….get used to being pissed, because there are quite a few of us who will NEVER wear a mask. So, the bottom line, Biden, is stick the mask right up your stinkin ass…

  5. Matt says

    …you can add Canada, particularly Quebec…

  6. Sam says

    I think parts of Balkans are fairly free. Croatia has a few rough measures. Bosnia has none at all. Serbia has some small restrictions on paper which no one follows. Very low vaccination rates in Bulgaria,Romania. You can also picture a significant corruption with the covid passports as well.

    1. Maiasta says

      I had assumed there were virtually no restrictions in Bulgaria. But apparently i was wrong:


  7. nnn says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

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