We Know the COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe Because It’s Called a Vaccine

Vaccines are safe. All of them.

Long-term trials are for pussies. And science-deniers.

2019: Vaccines are safe because they’re so thoroughly tested for short-term and long-term side effects alike. So if you’re declining an approved and tried-and-true jab you’re just being irrational and superstitious.

2020: Here is the first-ever vaccine of its kind (mRNA) that is essentially untested and was rolled out in all of 6 months with no chance to study long-term side effects whatsoever, but it’s safe because it’s called a vaccine and other vaccines that are approved after extensive long-term trials that this vaccine did nor receive are safe.

Call me crazy but it would seem the argument changed a little bit here?

What if a person wanted to remain a pro-vaxxer of the 2019 variety?

What if someone took the position of “shoot me up with as many vaccines as possible AFTER they have gone through rigorous and extensive trials including long-term ones and passed them”?

That would now be deemed selfish, dangerous, irresponsible, unjustifiable, silly, dumb buffoonish, stupid, and against your health interest.

What was an orthodoxy when this year started is now heretical.

We’re living in an Orwellian reality where what is almost universally held true one moment, can become a thought-crime of the highest order in the next one.

Forget about common sense. Forget about being allowed to keep an awareness of proportion, context, and second-order consequences. We are not even allowed to keep to the orthodoxies of 2019.

Everything must fall to the Covid Rouge and its Year Zero reset.

So remember citizen. The Covid-19 vaccine is safe because it’s called a vaccine and other vaccines that are approved after the kind of trials this vaccine did not receive are safe. Very simple to understand.

Besides, it’s a vaccine for an extremely deadly plague with a 99.98% survival rate for the under 60 that you definitely don’t want to take your chances with.

Much better to bet on the extremely low likelihood of human folly, and place yourself in the tender care of fanatics. That has a much better track record.

After all, humans unintentionally sacrificing other humans to their fanaticism, ideology, messianic complexes, panic, cowardice, and pride — that almost never happens.

Well, maybe it could happen. But surely the chance is much smaller than 0.02%. Surely. Because if the chance that the money-hungry Big Pharma, clueless politicians, and the Messianic COVID Rouge overlooked something is much greater than 0.02% then it would make sense for the majority to take their chances with nature’s coronavirus instead. But that’s not the case, surely. If the likes of Boris Johnson say it’s safe that’s good enough for me. I don’t even need a long-term trial. And it seems neither do they.

No vaxx bed-wetters allowed

Funny how that works though. Up until now you were supposed to — if at all possible — not even leave your room. Risk aversion was everything. Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Yes, but that’s the price we’re willing to pay in order to spare you from having to take an unknown risk. In fact, we believe so strongly in you not taking a risk that we’re willing to strip you of rights to prevent you from being able to do it yourself.

But now that there’s an experimental vaccine based on completely novel technology? Well now go right ahead and inject yourself with that! Take a ride on the wild side! To do less would be to deny science. And in fact, we may take away your rights if you don’t.

Sometimes we keep you from risk, sometimes we push you into risk. But what is a constant is that your rights are always the collateral damage. You know. By accident. Because we know what’s best for you, for us.

And what’s best for you for us, is that your rights be held by us in escrow. Really in the long view, you will come to see this whole Covid business as a blessing as it will have more firmly placed you in the hands of your betters. Things will be so much better from now on. Particularly for us. And for you. Once you develop a taste for weather-sustainable cockroach milk.

  1. Mad Hatter says

    Anyone who has followed the methods of vaccine pushers can already notice nary a harsh word for these new vaccines so far. Being they are a new technology, human kind’s greatest invention is being reinvented. We’ll follow along to see how any positive will be claimed and trumpeted, while any negative will result in feigned head scratching and claims its not the vaccine.

    1. sabateur says

      it’s the big BIG C!

      1. Mad Hatter says

        Big C? As in Corporate?

        1. sabateur says


  2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    That is kind of like we know that Saturday is the Jewish sabbath because that is the day that they celebrate it.

  3. cechas vodobenikov says

    article posted at
    http://www.sott.net where physician in oregon has license suspended for rejecting masks. he reports that he has treated 75 patients for covid, all mildly symptomatic
    none required hospitalization

  4. voza0db says
    1. sabateur says

      just watched that film again!

  5. ke4ram says

    Corona Sars 2 has not been isolated so there is no evidence it exists except in the teeny weency minds of the CDC and WHO.

    So, since they guessed and agreed that 37 pairs of junk found in a petri dish was the virus they had a computer make up the other 30,000 pairs. So what we have is a made up virus.

    So, if we have a made up virus it goes without saying the vaccine is as made up as the virus. Then without long term testing of a made up vaccine they are going to force everyone to take it. The very fact that they threaten to lock you in your home forever, possibly starving you, over a virus that THEIR data shows 99.87% survive should seriously concern everyone.

    1. tomonthebay says

      Bull excrement.

  6. neil sutherland says

    Crimes against humanity
    There is no scientific method behind masks
    There is no scientific method behind lockdowns, house arrest, small business destruction,
    There is no scientific method behind social distance, physical distance,
    There is no scientific method behind PCR tests, cases, infections.
    There is no scientific method behind asymptomatic spreaders
    There is no scientific method behind death rate from sars2/cv19/the common cold
    There is no scientific method behind contact tracing
    There is no scientific method behind blatant hypocrisy by self-appointed ‘vip’s
    There is no scientific method behind ‘model’ of zero-risk death rate
    There is no scientific method behind attack on zero-risk hydroxychloroquine
    There is no scientific method behind fatal-risk ‘vaccines’ which are not ‘vaccines’
    There is no scientific method behind ‘symptoms’ of sars2/cv19
    There is no scientific method behind total censorship of scientists/medical doctors exposing the corporate-fascist cv19 hoax
    None, nyet, nada, zero, mafeesh, aucune,

    1. tomonthebay says

      There is no brain activity in your head.

    2. sabateur says

      and the propaganda is completely transparent to me, and a few other people.
      why not most?
      good example of simple propaganda many unthinkingly accept.

      This is a pitch-perfect example of how you create a propaganda plague.
      Headline states: “Retired primary school teacher dies after testing positive for coronavirus at Royal Stoke.”
      Article clarifies: “North Staffordshire senior coroner Andrew Barkley concluded that Miss Johnson’s death was due to the complications of a fall. He said: “After having a nightmare, she jumped out of bed and sustained a fall that resulted in a fractured pelvis.
      “When she was admitted to hospital, she was diagnosed with community acquired pneumonia and initially showed a negative Covid test, but that changed to positive on November 12.
      “She was treated with antibiotics and discharged on November 19 with a care package. She became acutely unwell and informed her carers and she suddenly became unresponsive, despite CPR.”
      “A cause of death was provided as community acquired pneumonia and Covid-19, with a fractured pubic rami, atrial fibrillation, left ventricular dysfunction and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as contributory factors.”
      And there you have it; that’s how they do it. A very elderly woman with multiple health problems, who the coroner ruled died of a fall – as elderly women in fragile health are wont to do – is nevertheless used as part of the pantomime plague to petrify you, and it will work, because few people read past the headlines and even fewer are able to critically think about what they have read.
      Note also the inclusion of her former career, primary school teacher. Is this relevant? Is it more of a tragedy when a retired primary school teacher dies, than, say, a retired bus driver or retired IT technician? Obviously, it isn’t, but this is just more cynical media manipulation, knowing the public image of a primary school teacher is of someone lovely, cuddly, caring – subtext being, if this evil, ruthless disease can take such a shining beacon of compassion and care, it could take you, too! No reason to include a job she hasn’t done for 25 years otherwise.
      Now, most people suppress a smirk when I say this, but I did Media Studies A-level (it was hard, ok!), and it does teach you – or at least, it did back in 1874 when I did it – how to critically read the media, and the cacophonous array of propaganda and subliminal programming techniques the media uses to get you to absorb and accept messages, without you realising you’ve done so.
      Calling the media “the news” is probably the biggest propaganda weapon of all. It’s not news, it’s a deftly conceived collection of psychological manipulation and behaviour modification techniques, designed to elicit the thoughts and behaviours from you the overlords deem desirable.
      Make no mistake, if this 85-year-old woman had died shortly after receiving the coronavirus vaccine (as many will), her death would not even have made page 37 of this newspaper, never mind being the headline story for the entire local area. Because as I say, the media does not report “news”, it doesn’t objectively report events of local and national interest – rather, it is a highly strategic weapon of psychological warfare – and the enemy it is looking to defeat with all these expert, military-grade tactics and techniques – is you.

    3. voza0db says

      But there is a shit load of FAITH!

  7. Maxwell says

    The current vaccination campaign is irrefutably constitutive of a medical experiment, since its innovative character means that strictly no one can know the consequences for the populations that would be subjected to this experiment and that it is widely scientifically documented that many vaccines produce multiple effects secondary and disabling or fatal vaccine accidents.

    Medical experiments are framed in international criminal law by the Nuremberg Code, of the strictest interpretation: a number of doctors were sentenced to death in 1947 for violating the principles of this Code, internationally recognized since that time.

    In light of the information available to date, no citizen can be in a position of free and informed consent to the “Covid-19” vaccination which is being utilized by various institutions.

    Thus, the fact for any doctor, nurse or any person who would participate in any act or attempted act of vaccination with one of the “Covid-19” vaccines currently being promoted would be in a position of committing a medical experiment in violation of the Nuremberg Code and should be held accountable as such.

    1. sabateur says

      worse than with other vaccines. and that’s saying something.

  8. voza0db says

    Clearly 2030 will be the GREATEST YEAR since alleged Homo sapiens was a thing…

    Remember that these same scoundrels are chasing this one since yearly 80’s!


    And yet with billions and billions they can’t get it! Why is that?!

  9. XSFRGR says

    CV-19 is, like all viruses, burning out, and for all we know this so call “vaccine” is nothing more than very expensive water. The main thing is to be certain that everyone has been tested so that the government has their DNA. This is no more than a genetic profiling scheme. I wonder what they plan to do with the information ??

    1. sabateur says

      bad things 🙁

    2. tomonthebay says

      Burning out? Are you that stupid? Never mind. You clearly are.

  10. cechas vodobenikov says

    some vaccines effective, others not—after herd immunity they will claim that Covid vaccines matter

    1. sabateur says

      after it kills people they claim it’s covid.

  11. Richard Seeto says

    Seems like rational thinking has gone West and 1984 is coming home with a vengeance. All the faking talk about Freedom of Choice has flown out the window and coercive and dictatorial government reigns supreme World Wide. Our barking world is coming to an end. Sorry for the pessimism but what else can one do in face of all this oppression?

  12. sabateur says

    in mythology 😉

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      as is all theology…

      1. voza0db says

        the down voter is a member of this gang of morons!

        1. Mad Hatter says

          Do you mean tomonthepay?

          1. voza0db says

            yes… He probably has many 1st place medals from the Morons Club “Moron of the Year” award!

            1. Mad Hatter says

              It wouldn’t surprise me. He’s a retired p-harmacist and a dinosaur who sprays Roundup on his property and loves shooting animals with high powered rifles. Likely trying to make for areas he’s short in.

            2. tomonthebay says

              Why is it that those that make comments about others “shortcomings” are almost always projecting their own fears and inadequacies.

            3. tomonthebay says

              Shot two deer today, adudd.

          2. tomonthebay says

            Paul Thomas had his license to practice medicine suspended on Dec. 3rd. That is great news.

        2. sabateur says


      1. sabateur says

        i don’t know if it has a name other than mass hysteria of fascism. it’s the masses what let ”them” do it.

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