We Have Never Been More ‘Vaccinated’ and We Have Never Had More COVID-19

8.5 billion mRNA doses later we have finally "flattened the curve" — along the Y axis

mRNA therapies are not vaccines. Exhibit A:

Approaching 3 million daily “cases,” more than three times as many as ever before:

Hilarious stuff.

There are countries/states with 70, 80, even 90-percent vaccination rates. Globally 4 billion out of the 8 billion are “fully vaccinated.” You would think it would have done at least a little bit of a difference for infections — instead infections have never been higher and it’s not even close. Actually the more “vaccinated” locales tend to have more COVID — as you would expect for a “vaccine” with a negative efficiency for infection: the two-dose makes you more likely to test positive after some 6 to 8 months, while the booster goes into negative territory after as little as 2 months.

  1. Rebel Forever says

    Covid – the biggest lie since ‘Iraq has weapons of mass destruction’

    1. ken says

      I don’t know man,,, Going back a little farther,,, Jet fuel melting tempered steel, 2 planes taking down 3 buildings and OBL did it- is pretty high on the list of stupid shit people believed. lol

  2. ken says

    Omicron doesn’t exist. (sigh) It’s a cold. And besides,,, even ‘they’ are saying very few, if any, are dying from it,,, so what’s the big deal?

    I would recommend paying closer attention to the excess deaths staring to mount up. The increase in disease and deaths in the sports field is the canary in the coal mine.

    Multiply each by 41 per MIT. (Mass Institute of Tech)

  3. edwardi says

    Why does the average comment on Anti Empire make more sense than the entire WHO ? and is Putin selling out his Russia to this vaccine hysteria New World Order non sense ? Some say he is. Where does it stop. at the barricades ? Stop the bullshit now, people need to get healthy and protect and feed their natural immune is the only real defense. If anyone does not supplement Vitamin C and Magnesium then you are deficient cause it sure as hell is not in your diets. And if anyone, man or woman, has a big belly fat, you are not healthy, better shut the pie hole and eat lower on the glycemic index, i.e. cut the sugars. Learn how to Nebulize H202 and or Magnesium chloride, cheap and easy. Ivermectin take home kits should be available at every pharmacy or MD outlet, cheap and or free, to nip things in the bud at first signs of a sniffle or temperature. There is no ‘ Magic Shot’ derived from petroleum synthetic medicine that is going to save anybody. It is everyone’s burden of life and living, take care of your own health, live naturally, or Die. No escape from that equation.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      I nebulize colloidal silver, It works every time!

      1. circumscribed says

        must try that

  4. geo says

    The poisoning won’t stop until the target of genocide of the Christian civilization is done.
    Is no way to negotiate with this schizos, to make a deal…. the destruction is continuous – like Boa’s “work” – to constrict the society to death, using lies and military force.
    These pagans believe in the Hindu cosmology of murdering to “build back better” – like the bullshit deceptive, demonic indoctrination of re-incarnation.
    One “removes” an idiot “in power” – even is killed…. another one “removes” another… a.s.o. – who comes and is covidian – eliminate immediately and COMPLETELY, one after another… until anyone “coming into position of power” removes every single shit was used by the Cultural Marxists.
    And sure – their Masters must be eliminated together with any of their tribal member – they never can be humans – their perversity is sickening any human society to death.

  5. sausage factory says

    the more vaccines and pills you create the more mutations you’re going to get. its why big pharma love it

  6. Stephen Kastl says

    4,000,000,000 dead/dying/infertile and counting from Rothschilds/Rockefellers mRNA death shot. This is an Israeli billionaire originated and planned genocide.

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