We Are Over the Virus, and the Virus Is Over Us

"The virus didn’t care what we did, and everything we did only hurt us"

With a mere 157,000 claimed cases, and barely 1/4 of the state vaccinated, our Covid-19 stats have yet plummeted to virtually the same level as one year ago.

The lockdowns, masks, school closures, and even uber-fascist, draconian “freezes” and “pauses” and locking down whole counties over “risk levels” based on useless testing, had zero effect on the levels of virus in Oregon.

The “freeze” before the holidays did nothing to stop the winter rise in claimed cases. Keeping masks on the population didn’t stop those numbers. Even terrorizing the state with nonstop fear propaganda about hospitals overflowing or piles of dead grandmas meant zero to the virus.

But those things did hurt usBadly. Worse than we’ve ever been hurt in our lives. Not one of us alive today have ever seen America or Oregon like this. Never was the propaganda so pervasive, so sick and twisted, nor have we seen the entire state forcibly shut down, forcibly muzzled, forcibly detained in our homes and banned from travel entirely. Businesses destroyed, schools shuttered, lives shattered. Suicides and suicidal children. Overdose deaths increased. Excess deaths –those not from the virus– rose above our 3- and 5-year averages.

Everyone can see, even the most hardened virus-lover, mask worshipper, or lockdown fanatic: the virus didn’t care what we did, and everything we did only hurt us. The awakening is underway, and across the state one can see and hear that the tide of fear is ebbing. And we’re starting to get pissed.

From Burns to Salem to Medford, the Gorge, and even Portland, people everywhere have had it. I’ve heard a lot of people no longer whispering, but now saying out loud, regardless of who hears it, that masks, lockdowns, virus propaganda, and restrictions on our freedoms, are “bullshit!”

In just the last two weeks alone, I’ve heard that word uttered more times regarding the scamdemic than I’ve heard in the last 12 months. The floodgates are opening whether the government, media, or any other lover of the virus wants them to open.

Stories pour in now about customers entering a business and upon learning masks are optional there, almost instantly ripping the filthy thing off their face, sometimes literally throwing it to the floor while seething, “Thank God! I hate this fucking thing!” That’s not my assumption, it’s a direct quote related to me more than once by both customers and shopkeepers alike. At every opportunity people pull them down or yank them off, usually the very moment they leave the grocery store or workplace.

I for one cannot mask for medical reasons and so until now, finding stores or businesses who do not care about masks was like finding water in a desert. I’d nearly feel a need to break down and cry. It’s that realization that there are still sane, rational, decent people in the world. It’s a feeling of massive relief to discover there are safe spaces for those who did not fall under the propaganda spell, who also followed the facts, followed the science, searched for the truth and found that this whole “pandemic” is a massive pack of lies.

But now that sane, no-mask places populated by good people are becoming more and more common, and less and less people everywhere are attempting to hide their faces or their disgust for these harmful, pointless muzzles, restrictions, lockdowns or closures, being maskless indoors feels once again normal, expected, and comfortable.

And it’s our collective year-long discomfort from these horrible masks and other cruel restrictions, and its pervasiveness, that has built up for too long now. It’s now bearing fruit in the people’s rebellion against Dictator Brown.

It’s not a matter of insolence, it’s a matter of tolerance. There is only so much a person can take. And we cannot take this anymore. It isn’t just the masks, or the screens, or the lockdowns, or quarantines, either. It’s the lies.

The truth just can’t be hidden anymore, not when right in front of everyone, everywhere, is proof that none of the measures aimed at stopping the virus had any effect, and that there was never an elevated risk in the first place.

Crunching the numbers reveals the truth

We were told the risk was huge, terrifying, alarming, so bad even a cough would kill grandma. But the truth is that the virus barely sickened Oregon, as only 157,000 out of 4.3 million people got “sick.” As we all know “sick with C19” means people who had no symptoms, merely tested positive, or were declared “sick” by a doctor without even being tested. Those 157,000 are an obvious overcount. We all look around and see no one sick.

Even a year later, many of us still don’t know anyone who was actually symptomatic or needed hospitalization. We can easily look at the hospitalization data for Oregon and see that at no time were our hospitals at risk of being “overwhelmed” and that any action we took to “preserve hospital capacity” only resulted in turning away non-virus patients who desperately needed health care.

And of course our claimed death count is a total lie. Only half of our deaths occurred in 99% of the population, with the other half occurring in nursing homes, who account for only 1% of the population. So the official death rate for nearly all Oregonians is inflated twice as high as the real rate. And when so many deaths were mislabeled as C19 merely due to a (faulty) postmortem test, or were never tested at all, we cannot trust that the risk of death is as high as the Oregon Health Authority claims.

And of course a year later, still most of us have not known someone who actually died of, or even with, C19. They are only stories someone tells, trying to scare us about the barely-lethal rebranded flu.

We’ve been hammered on the masks for a year, and at times with such frequency, forcefulness, and emotion that one cannot but call it pure propaganda. Yet despite our mask mandate in July, August saw peak summer C19 deaths. Masks didn’t save those lives. And even amid a sea of real science, real evidence that not only are masks ineffective, but really do come with risks to your health— still the propaganda persisted.

It became harder and harder to listen to it, as we discovered more and more facts proving it to be a total lie. Let’s not forget that not long ago, even the CDC quietly stated that no masks stopped the virus, not when most people who masked up still got sick, and those who didn’t mask rarely caught the virus. The agency has most certainly admitted this, as well as the minimal efficacy of face coverings, more than once, including most recently when they conceded that masks are more than 98% ineffective.

Of course, we’re told that government action caused any drop in cases or deaths that Governor Kate Brown and her Oregon Health Authority have boasted about. It’s impossible to ignore that leaving our restrictions at a higher level than many other states or even countries, and remaining one of the last lockdown states, did nothing at all to stop the seasonal rise in this flu-like illness we saw over the winter.

No vaccine was primarily responsible to have dropped our levels down as low as they are today, not this soon, and certainly not when only a fourth of us have been jabbed, and not when the manufactures all openly state that some of their shots do not confer immunity, and that others carry less than 100% efficacy. So obviously not even one million of the vaccinated are “protected.”

No, it’s natural herd immunity. Both this writer and even the Wall Street Journal have had to point out that herd immunity exists, and that we have almost certainly achieved it or surpassed it, whether the MSM or Brown or the OHA want this to be the case.

It’s estimated we need 40% infection to reach it. Easily half of us are already immune, so only about two million are even capable of getting the virus. Lasting immunity is absolutely real, and protects you for at least years. So it makes sense that we had herd immunity before C19 ever showed up, and that the “cases” we’re seeing are indeed false positives, “presumptive” cases falsely diagnosed for money, and rebranded flu cases.

Even if we considered the remaining susceptible half of the population of 2.1 million Oregonians the “herd” who needed mass immunity, you end up with about a million people needing protection. Have a million been infected or injected yet? Absolutely! If the vaccines work then we’ve achieved “herd immunity” even by its new definition.

Despite the fact that I do not agree with the assumed prevalence of “asymptomatic” cases, the OHA and Governor Brown do worship at that altar. As a generous concession I at times choose to argue against their draconian virus mandates using their own numbers or their own faulty test numbers. So when the OHA says we have ten times more infections than current count due to “asymptomatic” cases, it results in 1.57 million infections, and therefore 1.57 million immune people.

That’s more than half of the two million folks who were susceptible due to lacking prior immunity. Herd immunity achieved. And it’s actually a big herd.

Add in those 2.1 million that are already immune. Thus in Oregon we’ve got 3.67 million out of 4.3 million in the herd of immune people. That’s 75% of the population immune. But that’s not all.

Now add in the alleged protection of the vaccines, counting 1 million as of this writing.

You now have a state that, mostly through Ma Nature’s unbeatable natural protection of acquired immunity, and somewhat through man’s dubious experimental injections, has 4.67 million people immune to C19.

We’ve got, at this point, 370,000 more people immune than we need to have the whole state fully protected and so at zero risk of C19.

Even for my narrative, in which asymptomatic spread is rare, and thus going back to the official “case” count of 157,000, plus the one million vaccinations, added to the 2.1 million already immune, gives us a state with 3.3 million immune –again, 75% of the population– well above the 40% needed to reach herd immunity.

Any way you slice it, herd immunity in Oregon has been achieved. The virus is over.

Just look around you, it’s plain to see Oregon is over the virus

And even though most of us aren’t crunching these numbers so intensely to reach this conclusion, they still have a sense of it. And if you go around the state of Oregon, you can feel it. Everywhere.

Regardless of mandates or restrictions, the masks are coming off. The businesses are opening up. People are going out more. The sense of drive, of pressure built up, of steam needing to be released, and in a big way, is pervasive. People stopped waiting for permission and just started doing it.

Only the mainstream media, the government, and the “experts” they pay to perpetuate this false pandemic, are yet delivering messages of fear, alarm, warning. The only ones believing them are the sheep who can’t think for themselves, and the Covid Cult members who know they’ve committed far too many ugly acts toward their friends, family, coworkers, and community in the name of the virus to ever admit they were wrong. They cannot drop the masks or refuse the jabs, or their embarrassment will be total, lifelong.

It may not look like it’s over if you watch the news or listen to the propaganda, yet not only do the numbers add up, but the scene on the ground is telling the truth as well. This truth no one can hide, barring the MSM or government efforts to both ignore truth and misdirect us away from it using lies. Or their tactic of reimposing lockdowns to prevent us from going out and seeing that in reality, the coast is clear.

But when various organizations or facilities routinely have events attended by dozens of retirees with no distancing, no masks, no screens, and no capacity limits, and yet have suffered zero C19 cases and zero deaths, the truth cannot be hidden from the “high risk” seniors or their families: there is no risk whatsoever.

When people exist who never masked in the last year even once, who never distanced, never refrained from shaking hands, hugging, mixing households, travel, and who never once obeyed any of the protocols including handwashing, and yet never got sick and never sickened anyone else– well, only an irrational person who hates such truth would refuse to concede there is little risk of infection.

What we are sick of is being patient with such deniers, with the Covid Cult. They bear personal responsibility for helping perpetuate this horrible year of pain and suffering, and it’s starting to look like people are ready to start speaking out. To point the finger. To not internalize their frustration, but air it publicly. Angrily.

Me too. So I’m sorry maskers, but your filthy face diaper did nothing but suffocate you and your kids, in a sickening act of child abuse. Sorry distancers, your insane leaping out of the way of the imaginary 6-foot-bubble around another person only made you look completely crazy. Sorry, lockdowners, but your home imprisonment only hurt people by shattering the social lives they need to stay sane and grounded and happy. Sorry, vaxxers, Ma Nature beat your experimental, dubious jabs to the punch before the “pandemic” even arrived, with immunity acquired by prior infection. And of course the “test” you took sometimes daily meant nothing to no one –other than rubes who think that copying a copy of a copy of a copy and so on 40 times, somehow offered meaningful information.

And dear Governor Brown, we are indeed very, very pissed off at you. Even your biggest fans and believers cannot help but see the truth. They can see that you lied. They can see that your classified, secret meetings for virus planning are banned from the public purely because your evil, your cruelty, and your corruption would be laid bare if we knew what went on behind those closed doors.

They can see that most of your words were propaganda, that you actually did not follow any science, there never was any elevated risk, and that this whole thing was not meant to stop a virus but rather create an opportunity to remake the world in a way that gives all power and money to a small ruling elite.

No, there never was a pandemic in Oregon. And we can see that now.

So what’s next, now what do we do?

I cannot but suspect that sometime this year, whether the government or its media wants it or not, we will, without permission, go back to normal. A small minority will persist who will still mask, distance, obsess over tests, screens, or capacity limits, or continue pushing for workplace mandates, vaccine passports. But that won’t be the majority of us.

Both looking at the stats with a critical eye, and merely poking your head above water to see what’s really going on, anyone can see that the “pandemic” in Oregon is long gone. Only the restrictions, rules, and harmful edicts issued by the dictator sitting in the Governor’s Office remain. Only the harms caused by closures, quarantines, masks, capacity limits, and plastic screens remain. And the vaccine-to-life policy will remain, wherein people who do not or cannot take the vaccines will be banned from all form of civilized life.

While the virus leaves, and stops caring about a population who is immune to it, we yet seem to be clinging to it, forcing it to remain via our horrifying policies that will ruin people’s lives merely because they do not need an injection due to already being immune. Or because they are too ill to tolerate the jab. Or they rightfully declare autonomy over their body.

So while the scam is over, and only fear, and not a virus, remains, the long-term effects of the actions our government took over the last year will not go away. They’ll remain until we disinfect society of those evil, cruel mandates. They will remain until we purge our governments, local, state, and national, of all those who supported, ordered, or enforced these harmful, useless rules or procedures. We must outlaw mask mandates, ban vaccine passports or vaccine-to-work rules, and any rules that preclude anyone from participating in every aspect of society.

People like me who cannot mask have been unable to shop for two-thirds of a year, have been banned from all medical care for almost a full year, and are not allowed into any business to do anything at all, for any reason. We’re not allowed to be inside any building, house, State office or facility, and now Federal property. That has shattered our lives.

My life as well. I’m now homeless, and the State did not care, because I cannot mask. I’m not allowed in campgrounds, RV parks, or emergency housing. My inability to mask has kept me from applying for housing assistance or even food assistance. That’s not an assumption, it’s what I was specifically told: until you wear a mask you will not be permitted to have access to any social services whatsoever.

When such dire consequences befall so many of us, this writer included, and not one of us has been sick, knows someone who was sick, and certainly has never known anyone who died of C19, there can be no other argument: the “pandemic” not only was a lie, but the government’s response to it was far, far worse than the virus itself.

So if you feel like opening your business, especially to those who’ve been banned from society for a year, do it!

If you feel like ripping off your mask and flinging it into a garbage can, go for it!

And if you want to hug someone, especially that loved one who’s been banned from even seeing you in person from a distance, please, hug them! And do not ask permission from the government.

The pandemic was never here, it was an overblown risk intentionally inflated to create fear and permit a reshaping of society, and at this point we’ve all had quite enough of the lies.

We can all see that no matter what we did, the virus didn’t care. And as most of us cannot catch the virus, it’s obvious what we must now do:

Simply return to normal.

Source: Dissenters and Skeptics of Oregon 

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  1. ken says

    Yep,,, only took over a year and still counting for some to figure out a scam so obvious a six year old would have had no problem a couple of generations ago.

    But the one thing that none can break, even though it is admitted by the CDC and WHO is that the virus was concocted as well. Why you may ask, will we not admit this obvious fact?

    Well the main reason is we would have to blame themselves for our mass stupidity. Secondly, with the virus assumed real then we can say our ‘leaders’ were simply misled and all the horrible and inhuman things they did,,, still doing,,, was for our protection!

    Yes they locked us down, shut our businesses, eliminated our jobs, punished our kids in schools, beat people and incarcerated them for not wearing the holy rag, all because they loved us!

    Admitting the virus is as fake as the rest of it outs the majority of us as the sniveling, stupid cowards we are. So instead,,, we wear the mask to show we ‘believe’ in the virus and advocate the holy shot as our baptism of faith but condemn the handling of the rest of it as the result of our benevolent leaders just trying to protect us.

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