WATCH: US Occupying Troops Peacefully Pass Through Syrian Army Checkpoint

Where is the threat that Pentagon claims warrants killing Syrian soldiers if they cross arbitrary lines in their own country?

The Pentagon has claimed the right to shoot and kill agents of the Syrian government who move into the oil fields of eastern Syria. Moreover the Pentagon has tried to say this would be necessary as self-defense of the occupying US troops:

“Everyone in the region knows where American forces are. We’re very clear with anyone in the region in working to deconflict where our forces are. If anyone—we work to ensure that… no one approaches or has—shows hostile intent to our forces, and if they do, our commanders maintain the right of self-defense.”

However footage from Syria shows that actually the Syrian and the American soldiers on the ground have no problem co-existing, even if the American soldiers are illegally occupying portions of the Syrians’ country. A new video shows a large US army convoy moving through a Syrian army checkpoint, with the Syrian soldiers shrugging their soldiers and standing aside:

In fact the truth is, were Syrians coming for their US-occupied oil fields that would not represent a threat to the US troops at all — providing they didn’t start firing first, which of course they would be under orders to do.

The truth is there is no conflict between Syria and America, except the one the Imperial capital needlessly creates.

In 2016, 2017, and 2018 the US on several occasions launched airstrikes on Syrian troops simply for coming “too near” occupying US forces, for example, to within 55 kilometers of the American al-Tanf in the southern desert.

In June 2017, it also shot down a Syrian Su-22 strike aircraft over central Syria when the jet on an anti-ISIS mission after a navigational error dropped its payload in the general vicinity of US-backed Kurdish YPG militias.

All told between dozens and up to 150 Syrian soldiers have been killed in these attacks up to date.

The violence between the two national militaries has been remarkably one-sided, albeit the US is a usurper and aggressor in their country the Syrian army has opted not to confront it, while the Pentagon on the contrary, has been very gung-ho.

Actually, had the Pentagon adopted the same gung-ho approach towards Turkey and the Turkey-backed rebels which during that time regularly *fired* at US troops there would have been a war between the two by now. Instead the Pentagon did its utmost to sweep the shooting incidents under the rug and to appease Turkey.


  1. ArcAngel says

    And the US Death Cult demonic blood lust continues unabated.

    The interactions (or lack thereof) between Satan’s Army and the SAA is actually NOT a surprised at all, having watched the entire recent interview with President Assad (SANA News).
    The President stated Syria would not “take on the US as it is a super power”, but instead would use other means to rid Syria of the demonic US. I believe the word used was “resistance”.
    So this “meeting” of forces, while it seems crazy, a truly SNAFU moment, this is part of the Syrian (and no doubt Russian) strategy to rid Syria of the vile, blood-thirsty US.

    The oil fields in the East will be liberated one day, but for the time being, it seems the North and Northeast are the priority.
    That said, I read, the Idlib Operation started as of 14 Nov. So right now I would say the Syrians have their hands full, so it is no surprise they are currently ignoring the US goons.

    One last thought, it is one thing to ‘control’ the oil fields, it is quite another to transport it out. Now that the Russians have blown the cover of US illegal transportation of Suria’s resources. It will be interesting, if the US tries to steal more oil, if anybody does anything about it.
    I’m looking at Russia.
    Then, there is another thought… is this just a continuation of the 2000 year slaughter of (TRUE) Christians… in the land of Baal.
    Interesting times in the “Age of Iron”

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    the pentagone is one disgusting group of mental hemorrhoids

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    If you search for logic in many of the close-up workings of the massive enterprise called America’s empire, you will look in vain.

    There was no logic in the insane holocaust conducted in Vietnam, killing about 3 million people.

    And the toppling of the neutral government of Cambodia, which resulted in the Khmer Rouge obtaining power to kill another million or so souls, hardly represented a masterstroke of far-sighted policy.

    The continuing war in Afghanistan defies all logic. Eighteen years of slaughtering peasants to achieve absolutely nothing.

    The bloody invasion of Iraq has been called by American experts the most destructive act in memory of American foreign policy. Its major results strengthened exactly those the United States would have chosen not to strength.

    The chaos of Libya and massive flows of refugees hardly speak logical goals.

    The American-encouraged Saudi killing in Yemen also has produced little beyond terrible press, close ties to a bloody tyrant, and has literally shaken the Saudi Throne a bit with the ability of Yemen to respond.

    All the stupidly unnecessary coups and attempts at coups, as in Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Iran, and still other places have contributed what new security or wealth for Americans?

    And while one mediocre, murderous, not-particularly-bright American President after another busies himself with such tasks, what do we see elsewhere?

    China at peace for decades and with some of the greatest plans for human progress ever made underway with its Belt and Road Initiative (The New Silk Road) plus great numbers of massively productive projects from long-distance high-speed rail lines and galaxies of gleaming new airports to nuclear power stations and big new achievements in space and in fundamental science.

    Likely with Huawei’s 5G Networks, being adopted by dozens of countries despite American warnings, we are seeing only the beginnings of things to come in applied technology. It certainly is making breakthroughs in new military technology, from missiles and fighter planes to submarines.

    And it forms friendships and ties with people all over the earth without ever hurling threats or enforcing its own laws illegally on others as sanctions.

    Russia has turned, in response to deliberate American policies, from Europe to a considerable degree to embrace Asia, and China in particular, further strengthening China’s hand. Imagine, it is even building one of its advanced over-the -horizon anti-ICBM radars for the Chinese.

    Russia has great numbers of huge projects from Arctic LNG to developing the Northern Sea Route. It has expanded to become the world’s preeminent exporter of grains, grains which tempt markets with the promise of no Genetically Modified content.

    Russia is a mighty builder of bridges and rail lines and gas pipelines and nuclear power plants, including a new floating-style one to serve its northern projects. At peace but having developed a few major defensive military systems that are the envy of the world, all while spending a fraction of what America burns through annually on its military.

    Where is the logic of empire? It’s only in the minds of the men in Washington who scrabble for wealth and high positions while it all goes on.

    1. Séamus Ó Néill says

      Chuckman, nice summary of the lunacy of empire, pleasant reading.

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