Watch Out NATO, Trump’s America Is Now in the Business of Assassinating Generals of Allied Governments

Trump's brave new Idiot Empire. Subjecting enemies and clients alike to tariffs, sanctions... and now acts of war

If you thought the Trump administration imposing petty tariffs on Europeans and sanctioning Germany was something, how about the Pentagon annihilating 25 Iraqi PMF (Popular Mobilisation Force) troops, and assassinating the Iraqi Deputy Chairman of the PMF?

Acts of war against a sovereign government without so much as a declaration of war are something we have come to expect from the Empire, but not against its own client-states.

The US continues to wield enormous influence in Baghdad (at least it has until now), has an agreement in place with the Iraqi government to station 5,000 troops there, and continues to help fund and train its army. By all metrics, these are two closely intertwined governments. The US has a far greater footprint in Iraq and broader ties with it than for example with Ukraine recently bandied as a “critical ally of the US”.

And yet, as it supports the Iraqi army, the US now also wages war on a different branch of the armed forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces, a kind of Iraqi National Guard.

Sure, Iraq is at least a half-way a failed state where monopoly on force is far from centralized, and it is genuinely fuzzy whether the various PMF brigades are functionally government forces or private party militias. Nonetheless, by the letter of the law they are a government para-military, which is how any government that respects Iraqi sovereignty (which kind of discounts the 2003 invaders right there) and wishes to stay on good terms with it, needs to concern itself with.

The US instead went and carried out an unauthorized assassination at the Baghdad International Airport of an Iranian general, a guest of the PMF, and in the attack also killed the deputy head of the PMF.

That is as if Mexico after being given basing rights in the US used those bases to assassinate the second-in-command of the US National Guard along with a visiting Canadian general.

Most likely the PMF deputy chief Muhandis wasn’t even a target of the attack, but a mere afterthought. But that only goes to show the ease with which the US under Trump now hits its own friends/allies/clients with tariffs, sanctions, and now also acts of war.

Trump and Pentagon apologists are already defending the hit, pointing out that Muhandis “violated US sovereignty” in the anti-American protest on US Embassy grounds. That counts for little, however, seeing the US had a day prior violated Iraqi sovereignty by annihilating 25 of Muhandis’ men in their own country.*

The Americans in turn claim this was justifiable since they had sustained one contractor dead in an artillery attack on their base, probably carried out by men of the PMF. Left unsaid is that for months the US had been allowing Israel the use of Syrian and Iraqi airspace under US control to hit PMF bases, killing upwards of 50 PMF servicemen in eight separate attacks.

In the short term the big news is the death of the Iranian general, Qassam Suleimani — the architect of Iran’s 2013 Syria intervention which arrested the advance of al-Qaeda and a booster of Iraq’s PMF which repelled ISIS in Iraq — and the danger this escalates into an all-out American-Iranian war.

But in the long run, the bigger news is the new level of US

No, I don’t exactly expect that Germany’s Luftwaffe head or the French Naval chief have to fear for their lives just yet. What I do expect is that, particularly if Trump wins another four years and continues to normalize assaults on allies and friends, that US global hegemony may find itself hobbled sooner than any of us expected. As Senator Rand Paul has pointed out, treating friends like enemies ensures you will have fewer friends.

*According to some information I’ve now seen only 9 of the 25 Iraqi servicemen slain by the US on December 29th were PMF men. The other 16 were Iraqi border police or regular army soldiers, which if anything makes things worse.

  1. michael houston says

    at the very least we will never again see Trump on stage spewing words about NOTHING…..we will never again see him gliding down an escalator with his wife declaring grandiose intentions…..the man has now made himself a rabid dog…..he just put a big target on himself…..his family and on the whole nation who he professed to love so much…..soon he will be dead…..his body placed on a C-130….and his remains dropped someplace off the coast of Israel… is the Talmudic dictates for goy puppets……

    1. Canosin says

      why only Trump? there are many more zionists in the Divided States of Zionist America that need to be “taken special care” of….just don’t stop at the trumpet Trump…..

  2. Garry Compton says

    This was a great Persian General that was killed by the cowards of the US Military and their Israel overlords. I hope his Name is remembered as another Saladin. He killed many American Isis terrorists and I hope his death is avenged . The US Main stream is calling him a terrorist – but no – he killed the American terrorists and I hope, this moves the M E into a real Jihadi War.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Israel has pretty well been given control of portions of the US military in addition to major parts of Palestine.

    This is classic Israeli extrajudicial killing, an Israeli practice for over seventy years, but now America takes responsibility on its behalf.

    Just like the Neocon Wars, all for Israel’s benefit and all done so that Israel does not have to take direct blame for the immense violence it generates in the region.

    I suspect Iran will take its time and carefully plan a response, and that response may not be clear and unambiguous.

    I do not believe Iran will be driven to war – that would be playing the Israeli-American game with Israeli-American rules – but new clandestine and hybrid efforts.

    That is what they are best at. They have serious abilities these days, and the United States, with all its bases abroad, has great vulnerabilities.

    Of course, there’s the option of just leaving the nuclear agreement and proceeding with weapons development.

    Maybe there is some possibility for covert assistance from North Korea?

    1. thomas malthaus says

      As you well know, the US needs no evidence for retribution.

      I hope the BDS global response accelerates.

  4. Mikhail Garchenko says

    Keep an eye on The Saker´s blog and Colonel Cassad (in Russian), to get the best info about all these matters, IMHO.
    And just “wait and watch”. (((they))) WILL PAY for it.

    1. James Willy says

      These chicken shut idiots won’t do anything. Like always. These stupid Iran idiots will not do anything. That really sucks. Were supposed to wait now??? LOL LOL

      1. Canosin says

        you’re a worthless ignorant pcs of *hit….. your apparent joy will be freezed in sheer horror on your face….. the waiting isn’t going to be long this time… .

      2. Reginald Martin says

        You have no idea how it works intelligently played people do it best Persia has been around for four thousand years now chew on that.

    2. thomas malthaus says
  5. Mary E says

    Iran’s best reaction to the assassination of its top general is to just shut down the
    waterways in which oil passes out of the region….just kill the world economy! It has the
    power to do that and should…the ignoramous trump is trying another scheme to get re-elected by acting like a tough guy when all he has done is stir up a hornets nest and make himself look like the world bully that he truly is.

  6. says

    Sadly this is further prove that the TERRORIST action of the US/israel war makers will only unite the globe against them in the future especially in the Middle East, the question we all need to ask is if this is all part of the plan for israel to have total control in the Middle East by using the US military to carry out it’s TERRORIST acts.

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