WATCH: London Police Arrest a Guy for Giving Out Free Hugs to Willing Participants

Not authorized by the Virus Maos

About 250 demonstrators gathered at Hyde Park in London on Saturday to protest the city’s tier 4 lockdown orders. You know, the kind of policies that are so crushing to the human spirit that they make people dump perfectly good tea in a harbor.

Well a bunch of freedom-hating, yellow-vested bobbies showed up to cramp everyone’s style, arresting 17 people “on suspicion of breaching public health regulations,” according to the BBC.

One of those arrested was this chap who committed the cardinal sin of giving out free hugs to people who wanted them. I know, scary stuff.

Watch this exchange with the police:

More than 75% of England is under tier four coronavirus measures, which are the strictest, the BBC explains. Under these orders, residents are to stay home at all times unless they have a “reasonable excuse” like work or school (being a human being with rights didn’t make the list).

Also, just about every kind of “non-essential” shop is closed including, hairdressers, indoor entertainment, and gyms. You aren’t allowed to meet with ANY other people indoors unless you live with them. AND, get this, you aren’t even allowed to leave tier four areas!

Is it any wonder people are starting to feel trapped by these regulations and buck against them?

Because they are, ya know, LITERALLY TRAPPED.

Here are a few more clips of demonstrators clashing with police.

Honestly, what do you expect? People love freedom.

Source: Not the Bee

  1. ken says

    But the sheep he hugged stood around while the gestapo arrested him. Enough said.

  2. GMC says

    Here is a personal view of Covid 19 , which I’m still getting over { the Cough }. At no time did I have a big amount of mucus coming from my nose or lungs. In fact even today I have to force any mucus out and it is very minimal = I would have to force myself to spray anyone with droplets or mucus.It was all a very dry infection with that dry cough and after the first week – even my sinuses are really dry. They keep saying that sneezing and droplets this and droplets that – I sure never saw it that way. But who knows how many strains of a virus – they { Big Pharma } are spraying around the world.


    there is no LIBERTY
    without death

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