Washington’s Sanctions Have Crushed Huawei’s Smartphone Business

Without access to (Taiwanese) chips down to 4% of phones and falling

Recent market figures have shown Huawei’s fall from grace in the smartphone market, falling off most market analysts’ Top 5 vendors. Just how much it fell isn’t always evident but a new infographic reveals the troubles that Huawei experienced in the first quarter of this year. According to Counterpoint Research, Huawei only made up 4% of the global smartphone shipments [and without access to chips will keep falling] of the year’s first three months, a massive loss considering it was once the world’s number one smartphone brand even for a brief moment.

The numbers come in the context of the mobile market’s Q1 2021 performance which is good or bad news, depending on what you compare it with. The smartphone market grew by as much as 20% in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2020 but declined 10%, compared to the last quarter of 2020. All in all, the industry shipped 354.94 million phones.

If Counterpoint Research’s data is correct, Huawei only sold 4% of that total last quarter, falling way behind Vivo in fifth place with 10% of the global phone market’s pie.

To be fair to Huawei, it was also the first quarter after it sold off its Honor business [to prevent it from also being choked off]  which would partially explain the steep decline in sales. That, however, still doesn’t bode well for the company.


That makes its recent HarmonyOS 2.0 launch all the more critical to the survival of its smartphone business. The homegrown operating system reportedly has more than 10 million users already, hinting at both the interest in the software and the great number of Huawei phones out there. Whether it is able to maintain and grow these numbers will depend on how well is OS performs on its own.

Source: Slash Gear

But that it is no longer a competitor to other smartphone makers also opens up the opportunity to become a software provider for them that they can trust:

  1. Ying Jun says

    Huawei is looking into making their own chips. In a few years, China will be able to make their own chips. Difficulty and hardship now, glory later. Smart phones is only a portion of Huawei’s business. I have faith in Huawei. I will support Huawei. My next laptop/home computer will be Huawei. Only losers and insecure people would ban competition. Competition is good for consumers.

    1. Ron says

      Agreed, having switched over to Huawei from Apple 2 years ago for both computer and smartphone use…no regrets. Great products at fair prices.

      1. Abraham Lincoln says

        Yes and no phone bugging by the Mossad and their USA slaves

  2. mijj says

    Huawei is reorienting to the forthcoming new market reality reality. The US is forcing the situation and will come to regret it. Harmony OS, IOT, 5G/6G .. Huawei will be the vanguard.

  3. kkk says

    Washington idiots will be sorry

  4. Mark says

    The USA cannot compete head-to-head with China because of its cheap labor, so it poretends to care about human rights in an attempt to force Chinese companie to pay workers higher salaries to prove it is not abusing them. This would have the net effect of making Chinese products cost more and be less competitive. Many US partners have seen the measures the USA will take to damage its rivals, although China remains the biggest growth market for American companies, and it will not be surprising if former American partners take steps to insulate their trade from vulnerability to American tantrums. At the same time, China will work with new supply chains and reorient its markets to minimize exposure to American products, and will be harder to attack in future, while American companies pay the price.

    1. Eddy says

      As long as America uses SLAVE LABOR in it’s prison camps, it does not have any authority to point the finger at anyone else. It’s not surprising then, that the Judiciary in the U.S. ensure there’s always sufficient numbers locked up to provide that labor.What confuses me, is despite the U.S. doing this, it appears the rest of the World pretends it’s not happening, yet here we are, you can access videos on the internet clearly displaying and describing this slave labor. The prisoners say it’s better than sitting in their cells all day doing nothing, they have been thus conditioned, to happily work 12 hrs for $6.00, and NO ONE questions this, or even point it out, but all jump on the =band wagon, pointing the finger at China ? Who incidentaly, invite such individuals to visit and see for themselves, yet the critics refuse to take up the offer ?

  5. XSFRGR says

    Washington wanted Huawei’s phone business to they stole it. Nothing to see here folks just business as usual for the Empire.

    1. Eddy says

      Incorrect. Washington wanted access to the back doors of the system, (just like every other mobile phone manufacturer allowed) so they could spy on owners and their activities. This access was refused. You know the rest of the story.

      1. ken says

        Those who produce the chips have unlimited control over any device that they are placed in. If the Chinese succeed in reverse-engineering this Fallen Angle technology then the world power balance will be turned upside-down. China and Russia are being raised up by the Lord Jesus to annihililate the Evil Empire.

  6. Malatok says

    The collapsing anglozionazi empire of filth may as well try to “ban” China from using air. This all guarantees nothing more than the speedy end of the United Snakes, its fake e con o my and its endless barabric wars against the entire human family. Now with the cadaver in chief and his Kamel floundering in their commie war against USSANS in Slumville proper the end of the dystopian transgender mutant nightmare is in sight.

    When USSA tries to renege on its astronomical debt to China it will find itself in the Third World in an instant…. the starving Walfart masses will do the rest. Most people on the planet will delight in kicking the thug sociopath when it is sprawled on the ground. Payback is a thing to be savored by the millions that have suffered at the hands of the Washing town scum and their Pentacon murder machine, Karma time!

    Cure Pox Amerikana and most of the ills in this world along with the CIA fabricated covaids intelligence test nonsense will disappear along with the USSA itself.

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