Washington Governor to Churches: Create ‘Vaccinated Sections’

Or be stuck at pitiful attendance limits

Washington Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Road to Recovery” plan includes mandating houses of worship and sports events require vaccine passport sections to raise capacity limits.

The plan, unveiled Monday, allows religious groups and sports stadiums to increase their attendance capacity if they feature “vaccinated sections” where attendees show proof of vaccination.

Below are the guidelines groups must follow to comply with state regulations:

Under the updated guidance the following are acceptable as proof of full vaccination: Vaccination card (which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided and date last dose administered) OR a photo of a vaccination card as a separate document OR a photo of the attendee’s vaccine card stored on a phone or electronic device OR documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider electronic health record or state Immunization Information System record.Self-reported vaccination records that are not verified by a health care provider cannot be accepted.

While other states run by Republican governors ban vaccine passports including next-door Idaho and nearby Montana, where such mandates are prohibited even among private businesses just as in Florida and Indiana, statist Democrat politicians are embracing them elsewhere. New York became the first to launch a vaccine passport program, with plans underway to develop others in Hawaii, and California.

In Washington, phase two of Inslee’s plan only lifts capacity on religious gatherings to 50 percent even with the adoption of “vaccinated sections.”

Similar rules apply to outdoor sports events capped at either 50 percent capacity or 22,000 spectators, whichever is lower, despite low risk of viral transmission in outside spaces let alone among individuals with immunity. Events may not include more than 9,000 unvaccinated persons.

Each county’s phases depend on the spread of infection, with a freeze on phase movements ordered by Inslee through May 18.

Source: The Federalist

  1. ken says

    Probably a good idea to keep the morons from infecting those that don’t take the experimental shots,,, to keep them from shedding on normals making them sick or worse.

    I personally wouldn’t want to get close to idiots that are good with them and their children being experimental lab rats for the pharma and political Nazis.

    What kind of a intelligent conversation could you have with such idiots?

    The Nazis even had to eliminate the flu for an entire year trying to fake up the numbers….. And the lab rats actually believed this.

    1. Mark says

      I would think this kind of separation would compel shame among the vaccinated, to be enjoying privilege merely for giving in. There will be a small core who are proud that they ‘did the right thing’, but many people will be sickened to see this blatant double standard. Staging it in a house of worship when all are supposed to be as brothers and sisters makes the divide all the more grotesque. Inslee could not have thought up a more divisive or indefensible spectacle if he had tried. The sermon about Jesus healing the lepers will spring unbidden to the minds of many.

      Whoo!! Is it getting warm in here, or is it just my imagination? Enjoy hell, Governor.

      There has been a lot of discussion about the ‘vaccine passport’ that some countries are determined to introduce for international travel. Those same countries are running into a hard wall with their vaccinations, at about 62%. Let’s say the government, through cajoling and threatening and offering free beer and vegetables and $100.00 gift cards, manages to get that figure up to 70%.

      That still leaves a drop of about 30% in the traveling public, at a moment in time when the tourist industry needs a hard rebound followed by about 5 years of growth to prevent it from going under. The airlines need a bum in every seat. Cruise lines, ditto. If something like 30% of travelers elect to restrict themselves to destinations they can reach by car in their own countries, the airlines and transport tourism will either need a big bailout, or go belly-up.

      Same with churches and public events – some people simply won’t go if there are special arrangements for the vaccinated. The cold-blooded immorality of trying to pretend the unvaccinated are unclean and constitute a sickness threat to the vaccinated goody-goodies is breathtaking, and if there is any initiative more undeserving of reward with success, I’ve never heard of it.

      1. InnerCynic says

        The irony of the so-called “vaccinated” being found later to be the very carriers and producers of their own and others demise. What they are really doing, without realizing it, by segregating themselves, they’re really pointing out who the “walking dead” are.

    2. RIP says

      According to the CDC there were only 17 cases of the flu in the ENTIRE US last year.
      Yeah right!!!!

      1. InnerCynic says

        Don’t laugh. Not so long ago flu and pneumonia deaths were counted by the CDC separately. I believe that actual deaths by flu never even reached above 250 while pneumonia deaths were in the multiple tens of thousands. Once big pharma whined that they weren’t selling enough flu shot “product” the CDC comingled the data and “voila” we have this huge flu problem and then the resultant push for people to get their flu shots. Its all as evil as can be.

  2. Richard says

    This is good since we know that we can get this gene therapy merely by being in contact with someone that did get the injection. Therefore, this segregation is really protecting us, the unvaccinated. Keep the social distance, too, as who wants to be close to government boot-lickers!

  3. GMC says

    Well, I don’t know – but – I’ll take Putin’s Kalashnikov V or the new Sputnik lite. , if I have to. Does the NWO even have a basic flu type virus vax , or are they all the r Rna/Dna gene movers ?

    1. InnerCynic says

      Its more than likely that Sputnik is nothing more than a common flu vaccine thats been rebranded for Covid because that’s all that Covid really is… a nasty flu.

  4. Joe_Below says

    These sections should be walled off with air tight plastic, so their shedding is contained.

  5. Val says

    Inslee is either remarkably stupid or he’s a psychopath.

  6. InnerCynic says

    So the chief coward in Washington wants to impose segregation again?

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