Washington Asked Russia to Keep US Response on Security Guarantees Secret

US officials have asked their Russian colleagues not to publish Washington’s written response to Moscow’s proposal on security guarantees, The Washignton Post has reported.

However, according to the paper, “a senior State Department official acknowledged that the Kremlin may decide to publish it after the United States sends it next week.”

Following Friday’s meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Geneva, Washington agreed to provide written responses to Moscow’s proposals on security guarantees. After that, the US Secretary of State and the Russian top diplomat plan to hold the next meeting. At a news conference after the meeting, Lavrov told reporters that, in his opinion, publishing the US response would be a right thing to do. However, Russia will request Blinken’s consent to do so, he added.

On December 17, 2021, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a draft agreement on security guarantees between Russia and the United States, [a non-aggression pact] and a draft agreement on ensuring the security of Russia and NATO member states. The proposed measures include guarantees that NATO will not advance eastward, including the accession of Ukraine and other countries into the alliance. They also impose restrictions on deployment of serious offensive weapons, including nuclear ones.

Source: TASS

The Washington Post:

Lavrov urged the United States to make its written response to the Russian proposals public.

U.S. officials asked their Russian counterparts to keep the document secret, but a senior State Department official acknowledged that the Kremlin may decide to publish it after the United States sends it next week.

The Biden administration’s written response will include American security proposals and demonstrate Washington’s interest in continuing dialogue, said the State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive talks.

Although the written response will continue to fall short of Russia’s demands to close NATO’s open door policy, the official said, the Biden administration believes there is still value in providing a letter that can be read directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“There‘s one decision-maker in Russia and it’s President Putin,” said a second Biden administration official. “If this then allows the ultimate decision-maker in Russia to looks at these ideas and decide whether to move forward, it’s in our interest.”

“We don’t want to be the ones who foreclose a potential diplomatic solution,” added the official, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive issue.

  1. Cap960 says

    Russia should not keep it secret…Yanks will lie and say it never did any promises…the last Promise about not moving NATO is now contested.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      What they want is that Russia keep the secret of their answer ??
      Which was F**k Off S**T Head ….

      1. Cap960 says

        Butt hurt…!
        The world knows Americans lie like the breathe. Go back to your basement DF!

    2. Jerry Hood says

      Blinken is zionazi jew,all administrtionin zionazi USrael are nosehooked liars!

  2. GMC says

    While Lavrov was talking , many arms carrying cargo planes were landing in eastern Nato bases and Ukraine, so forget about and guarantees already. London flights lasted for days.

    Bidens new book , co authored by Vlad Zelinsky will be out Soon – ” How to start a War with Russia , and then Blame the Russians for starting the War” . Should be a best sellar.lol or not.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Goyim, it is Blue Jew vs.Red jew: House of Zion vs.Halacha( Putin’s jews)…It is a deliberate plot, delay of Depopulation WW3/ Armageddon to 2025! The reason why the bi- polar world took over the blue jewand red jew…Their Anno Magnus( jewcalendar) ENDS, and with it, our civilisation ends by baptism of FIRE and global quakes( repolarisation), and new Anno Magnus starts by baptism by Flood, as foetal water before birth of new civilisation and cycle of life! 4 horses of apocalypse+ 5 books of Moses= ancient Ennead with two apocalypses, one after another! Your bible tells you that! Each civilisation goes by the lenght of Anno Magnus! Our goes from 23,760 BC to
    (2)5, 785 A.M.= 2025AD! AS 25,920-135=(2)5,785= 2025AD!!! To know the jew year, you add that 3,760 from 23 760 to our date: 2022+3,760= 5,782 A.M…. 3 years to go with extreme weather, climate change and WW3/ Armageddon to Depopulate the world, before Re-polarisation from above hits Earth with global quakesup to 15 on Richter scale,rising new mountains and reshaping continents! Earth magnetic field is almost Zero…Once it collapse, you get scorched by the cosmic and solar rays! The reason,why the jews built for themselves the well equipped nuclear bunkers in solid granite mountains of Colorado and Ural Mountains= Yamatau yama= goddes of dead and black hole, and Tau is human being, rising from the dead….

  4. nnn says

    Pigs will turn around tomorrow and say, we did not promise anything,
    Zionist mafia runs the show

  5. XSFRGR says

    The U$ is stalling in the hope of delaying Russia’s move until spring; don’t fall for it. Russia has a chance to drive a stake in the Evil Empire’s heart, and save what’s left of Western culture. Also, as the victor, Russia will be able to write the history of their greatest battle.

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