Was the Truck Bomb Driver an Unwitting Victim of SBU Murder Plot?

Ugly and uncool

Ugly and uncool

“A front company in Krasnodar could’ve contracted the now deceased driver for a shipment to Crimea, loaded the goods on the truck, and connected a remote detonation mechanism”

If the truck bomb driver was an unwitting victim then I don’t understand how the Ukrainians could have timed the explosion to coincide with the fuel train. They would have had no control over when the truck would be passing the bridge. (Possible answer: the train wasn’t in the plan, but just an opportunity they seized in the moment.)

On the other hand, the driver not being part of the plot would answer why he stayed on the outside lane of the bridge. Why he didn’t swerve left before detonating which would place the explosion closer to the railway bridge. (Would also explain why Kiev isn’t claiming the attack.)

Guess it may have been too much to hope that this good-for-nothing war may have at least given us a cool Slavic suicide bombing. (Like maybe the guy had a terminal disease and was paid a lot of money.) That’s what you get for trying to think positively, looking for the good parts of a bad situation. Turns out (maybe) we can’t have any good things. Everything in this war has to be 100% depressing.

SBU coolness factor = 0%.

From gunning down their own protestors, to perhaps planting bombs in the trucks of middle-aged Azerbaijanis…

Fake and unearned?:

Perhaps this funny moment can take the load off a little:

  1. Agarwal says

    I’ve known lots of Ukrainians overseas and the ones not from W Ukraine always struck me as more Sovok Russians. No meaningful difference other than a time capsule effect. But the way Ukraine is operating this war is so unhinged and so unlike the personalities of Ukrainians I’ve known, it’s just weird. Like a reprise or 1945 Imperial Japan or Berlin. You can come back and say well the Ukrainians are winning (they were 2 weeks ago but I’m not sure they are any longer), but the Japanese and Germans would also not have lost if America or the Soviet Union sent 100,000 troops against them like Russia had been doing in 2022

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      The war is being run by a coalition of three elements: (1) a heavily Jewish/westernized politician/oligarch caste (e.g., Zelensky, Kolomoisky), (2) the right wing, hyper-nationalist Azov faction and (3) the US and associated NATO operators desperate to use Ukraine to eliminate Putin and Russia as a strategic competitor.

      The people you have met over the years are basically nowhere to be found among them.

  2. Agarwal says

    Just to go on a tangent, the Western Ukrainians I’ve been have not been unpleasant, they in fact came across as more civilized and “European” than Russians or other Ukrainians. But W Ukrainians were way more political, and had a small nation mindset that seems to allow people in say the Baltics to go batshit crazy when under perceived threat from Russia. It’s like the whole of Ukraine is now under some sort of mental occupation by W Ukraine.

    The other difference I noticed between Ukrainians & Russians was the very refreshing lack of unearned arrogance on the part of Ukrainians. I actually like Ukrainians, but find myself supporting Russia

  3. Blackledge says

    The entire Crimean Bridge incident looks contrived. The physical evidence and the official story are altogether congruent. Simply put, it doesn’t pass “the smell test.”

    1. Blackledge says

      *edit: altogether INcongruent, I meant to say.

    2. Oscar Peterson says

      Of course it was contrived, if by “contrived” you mean the produce of a conspiracy.

      I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

  4. peterinanz says

    Marko, a question/suggestion if I may.

    Would you be able, and willing, to write about the (ongoing) mobilization in Russia? Not about numbers, missing equipment etc. but combat training.

    Say, you, through your contacts, get a sample of 100 guys, all in (mechanized) infantry. How, exactly, on average, their preparation for combat has been going on? Mundane details would be appreciated as:
    Camouflage. Observing and communication. Marksmanship. Movement under fire. First aid.
    Teamwork. Especially how big are the groups. Who is in command?
    Day/night training time ratio?
    Looking forward to such a post here.

  5. YakovKedmi says

    The lone truck driver.
    His name was Oleg Koshevoy. The Ministry of Truth Pravda Investigation discovered and revealed that, contrary to popular myth, Mr. Koshevoy attached himself to the retreating German Army and eventually made it to Argentina, where lived out his life in peace-quiet until recently, when O’Sammy bin Lauden recruited him for a job to go out with a bang. Harvey Oswald gave Mr. Koshevoy a crash course in driving a fire-ball truck. On October 8 Officer Tippit, with an umbrella in his hand, worked in the Guard Booth and waved the 18-wheeler through.

    By sheer galactic co-incidence Mr. Bruce Mohrenschildt happened to be in charge of rail traffic on that day, and by losing his balance he accidentally pressed a button which ordered the train to stop & wait at the right place. Dzhokar Tsarnayev was lying in wait under the railroad tracks, with a pocket flame-thrower; while Tamerlan Tsarnayev placed pressure-cookers in the right places to dislodge the bridge segments.

    Groupies on the internet may believe the lone Ukrainian truck driver conspiracy theory (sponsored by the government) —others are repeating the story because they are professional liars, intending to mislead.

    And what is Grand-Protector Supreme Commando Putin using the excuse for ? In open admission of failure to perform on the battle field, V.V. is resorting to a-symmetric warfare by sending $10,000,000 lazer-guided missiles to empty intersections, unused walkways, parks without visitors, &c. What a way to expend $150,000,000 in one morning if the purpose were to demolish an army. The purpose obviously is not to eliminate several divisions in front, but to cause much chaos in the hinterland. Perhaps, pushing two more million refugees from Ukraine into Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, will do more good then attacking 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers intent on marching into Luhansk city, then Donetsk city.

    1. Blackledge says

      I always read your posts with great interest, Yakov, and I appreciate your attention to detail. It is welcome reprieve from the foul stench of the 5D/”based Putin” imbeciles I see everywhere from RT to The Unz Review.

  6. Oscar Peterson says

    It’s an unusually macabre death, isn’t it?

    Just one among tens of thousands in this war. And yet, the idea of sending a man on a delivery while all the while preparing to detonate his load and blow him to smithereens, sacrificing him for your “great goal” is somehow repellent beyond that one mere death.

  7. Jay says

    Another fishy smelling thing about this (along with MI5 planning sub-narrative)


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