Podcast: Moving to War With Iran Under the Cover of Coronavirus

Trump admin preparing terrain for a new cycle of violence

On FPF #474, I discuss the US moving towards war with Iran under the cover of Coronavirus. Trump took to Twitter to threaten Iran if an attack is carried out against American forces in Iraq.

Trump’s Tweet creates a situation that means any attack in Iraq – with Iran’s support or not – is likely to result in the US attacking the Shia militias in Iran, if not attacking within Iran.

The attack could enter the US into a tit-for-tat cycle with Iran that escalates into a larger war.



Two of the nations hardest hit by coronavirus, the United States and Iran, seem to be constantly on the verge of military escalation against one another, and after multiple previous flareups already this year, both sides seem to be prepared for a new, imminent crisis.

Over the past two weeks, the US has been reported to be planning a military offensive in Iraq to wipe out militias that the US believes to be aligned with Iran. President Trump also claimed this week that Iran was plotting a “sneak attack.”

Iran has denied this, and after previous reports that the US sees Iran as too busy with the coronavirus to start any fights, Centcom Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie argues it is actually making Iran “more dangerous,” while analysts are saying that both nations may be more inclined to escalate with the virus serving as political cover.

Iraq has been opposed to any such fighting, and has been very vocal about not wanting the US and Iran to fight a proxy war, and if they must, they definitely don’t want Iraq to serve as the battleground. So far, Iraq’s objections seem to be ignored.

  1. BitinDawg says

    America has been Zionized. The Jews are a guileful albeit artificial people. America is a virtual Jew state. By that virtue we are heir to all of the hatred and anti-Semitism that would normally accrue to Jew Israel only.

    The Zionist Scofield bible psyop was more successful than the Jews could have ever reasonably hoped for.


    On occasion Trump appears to give evidence of not having been totally deracinated.

  2. Jozo Magoc says

    In 2033 is Novus Ordo Seclorum! In no later than 2025,WW3! Goyim,study the US 1$ bill, the US great seal,the US galaktic flag,the US skyscrapers calendar,and the 911 oficial,zionist Database! Goyim,11 x the same dste,2033,is not an accident!!!

  3. James Willy says

    Anyone that believes China started this situation is really really dumb. yAnkystan started this virus thing and and the problem the world has now is the same one we had prior to this nightmare from yAnky. That problem being that nobody will do anything to them. These yAnkys need to be hit from all sides at once. Their country needs to be destroyed Libya style. These yankys need to be hit EVERYWHERE at the same time and wipe them out. If we all go oh well it is better to die fighting then under the boots of these yankys. Why are these yankys not under attack RIGHT NOW? yankystan deserves to be nuked from side to side for releasing this bio-weapon on humanity. At least in jewyork it looks like lots are dying. That is GREAT. Hope they all get it and die now. DEATH TO yANKYS.

    1. itchyvet says

      My sentiments exactly.

    2. XRGRSF says

      Hopefully the problem of U$ hegemony can be settled short of nuclear annihilation. I once thought Putin was too cautious, but now I understand that the Empire is dying, and all we have to do is wait. Soon the major cities will begin to collapse, the rioting, and looting will start, and the break up of the U$ will follow. I’m too old to say that I’m looking forward to the coming unpleasantness, but I also understand that it’s past time for the show to begin.

      1. itchyvet says

        Again, agree with your post. I too am “OLD” but I’m glad to live in these turbulent times, just to see the come uppance of the biggest bully on the planet, who seriously needs a very bloody nose. After that. I will happily surrender my spot on this mortal earth.

    3. Jozo Magoc says

      Two zirkons into the jew owned,Yellow-stone!!!

  4. Séamus Ó Néill says

    The world has got a problem, the bully is bankrupt (Feb 16th) and this time America is in deep s–t. Wars are usually the psychopaths way to sort out their financial problems but this time I’m not so sure.Trump may be an egotistical moron, but he’s not completely stupid. We know of two aircraft carriers that are limping along, badly infected with Covid-19….that’s quite a few planes out of service. He learnt a lesson from his, completely mindless, murder of General Solemani, when Iran showed a minute fraction of its capabilities….I think he knows the futility of striking Iran. He’s back to trying Venezuela but Putin made a strategic chess move and I think it’s checkmate there also. If America is contemplating war it needs allies… even before a worldwide pandemic they were getting scarce, now I think they’re non-existent. It’s now ramping up a “blame the Chinese” to a crescendo, and God knows there’s enough half-witted racists in America to fall for that, but the world is not so easily fooled…..as I say the world’s got a problem….with America !

    1. XRGRSF says

      Well said !

  5. Jozo Magoc says

    Satanic,zionist jews on USAtan are bloothirsty lizzards,snakes and vampires( most their faces confirm this) who needs to be eliminated!!! And sooner or later, they’ll be fried by nukes and 2nd time,in Is- real-hell!!!

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