War Map Recommended by Anti-Empire Was So Accurate That Russian Authorities Asked Creator to Please Stop Posting It

Russian advances and forward positions were mapped too accurately for comfort MoD felt

Anti-Empire recommended maps by the Russian blogger Dragon First on two separate occasions here and here.

Dragon First has now announced he will stop making the maps. They were so good and so detailed that Russian authorities got in contact with him and asked him to stop. (Even though he was censoring Russian unit names and strength.

There will be no more maps of hostilities in Ukraine and on the territory of the DPR and LPR on my blog.

Very respected people (who sit so high that Magadan is visible from the windows of their offices) strongly recommended that I stop this case. Well, perhaps their advice should be heeded.

Magadan is an allusion to the Magadan penal colony.

Well, here are the last two maps he posted dated March 12. For the entire theater (get the full resolution at original source):

And Donbass (original source):

You know which map won’t ever get a call from the MoD telling it it’s being too accurate? The Readovka garbage.

Going forward you can turn to maps by Jomini (pro-Ukrainian), Lennox (pro-Russian) and local updates by Geroman (pro-Russian):

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