Von der Leyen, Married to Director of Gene Therapy Company, Says Time to Talk About Making mRNA Shots Non-Voluntary

What a supportive wife!

Heiko von der Leyen is the Medical Director of Orgenesis, a US biotech company that specializes in “cell-based vaccines” and gene therapies and deems itself “the Uber of the cell and gene therapy space”.

He has held this position since September 2020 and served on its Scientific Advisory Board since 2019.

He is married to the Atlantic Council-decorated Ursula von der Leyen, a third-rate politician and failed German minister of defense raised up in backroom deals to serve as EU’s most influential official. Ursula says it’s time to talk about making Covid shots government-compulsory across the 445-million European Union: 

The overwhelming majority of vaccines administered in the EU are Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots.

Until 2020 mRNA shots had never been approved for use in humans.

The widespread injection of mRNA cocktails into so many arms since late 2020 has been praised as priming the humanity to accept gene therapies down the line.

This is what true love looks like folks. What a supportive wife! For marital bliss and a happy life look for a bride as supportive as Ursula.

Here presenting a ‘leadership’ award to Pfizer’s CEO at Atlantic Council

She is definitely the winner of the Anti-Empire’s Supportive Wife of 2021 Award. The Anti-Empire’s Supportive Mother of 2021 Award however goes east, to Tatyana Golikova, Russia’s Covid commissar who has worked tirelessly for vaccine passports while her stepson Vladimir Khristenko manufactures the KoviVak vaccine (approved for use since February 2021).

  1. Leisure Larry says

    There are millions of aged/terminal citizens who have nothing to lose.
    They surround the criminals on a daily basis and can help save humanity by summoning the ghost of Michael Collins.

    1. ken says

      They killed many of those last year,,, they need fresh blood…

      1. LarryYoung says

        Larry and Ken: its not about killing off a few hundreds of millions “useless eaters” in the 60+ age brackets, their goal is to reduce TOTAL GLIBAL POPJLATION TO LESS THAN 1 BILLION SOULS. NO WORKERS TO SUPPORT THE AGED-OUT ONES.

        1. Leisure Larry says

          The communist assault is and always has been a Jewish race war against Whites. Subjugation and annihilation of Whites.

          Once Whites are sundered then POC can be dispatched by many cruder yet proven means.

    2. Martillo says

      The filth that betrayed and slaughtered the big man are running the shithole called Dublin to this day, African “capital” of that flouridated island of brain-dead sheeple somewhere between the Washing town sewer and the Natostan cesspit, Brussels…or am I missing something from your cryptic epistle?

  2. ken says

    What is it about the word ‘experimental’ these morons do not understand?

    These ‘women’ want it both ways,,, Choice to kill the babies,,, no choice to kill you!

    1. Leisure Larry says

      They’re not here to debate in a marketplace of ideas. These are communists.
      Their intent is to firehose into the propasphere however many lies, misinformation and illusions as it takes to put a bullet in your head.

      1. Smedley B. says

        Totalitarians, not really true communists. The goal is total control of people by the government, to facilitate the genocide. Communism is just one flavor of Totalitarian Tyranny ™ IMO.

  3. Kris says

    Disgusting c*nt

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Von der Leyen, take a quick trip to hell…and a bunch of us down here in Mississippi are just waiting for one of the Fedgov’s vax/tax parasites to show up at our homes with needles to jab. Blood will be spilled and it won’t be ours. Go ahead and try some of that Australian tyranny and see what happens:

  5. Amy says

    Why don’t they just leave the 150 million unvaxed to die, after all they do want to depopulate, don’t they?

  6. Martillo says

    Because YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure.
    Every day closer to Ouch Witz…where the joke is on all of us.

    Uschi Van Der Lyin…hair stylist in chief and Politburo “leader” of the evil EUSSR, in Natostan capital and sinkhole BrUSsel$ is doing a tremendous job. That she pulled a Hillbilly Klingon with her “wiped emails” and Pfizer kickback texts is normal and to be expected of the great leadere$$. Just look into her background and the USSAN roots of her slave owning Southern bigot scum from which she was spawned and everything becomes plain as the nose….behind her mask. (Even Jimbo Wales’ Wikipedo has the slave tale).

    Because of third rate, in-bred midget morons like Uschi, the EUSSR is dooooooooomed. So keep up the good work deary and give me a blue dye rinse, hot blow frizzle and while you trim me corns and get the ingrown toe nails keep your face rag tight and don’t be spreading that covaid$ contagion in me face.
    Oh and don’t forget, Albert Bourla (PfiZer drug cartel honcho says “PfiZer macht frei, and macht Uschi rich.”

    Chosenite Bourla “explains” how Pfizer is only “correcting mistakes in your DNA.” This is the face of mini Satan along with Ugur Sahin the “German” behind the poison BioNTech death squirt funded by German tax paying sheeple still lining up for their covaid$ death squirt.
    Pfizer macht frei….forever
    Sames as it ever waZ

    Your future unless you are ready to fight to the death

    This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1
    1. Martillo says


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