VIDEO: Russian Airborne Army Column Passes Through US Checkpoint in Northern Syria

Russian paras en route to back up the MPs on the Syrian-Turkish border

A column of Russian paratroopers at the entrance of Tell Tamer in northeastern Syria. The city is notable for continuing clashes between the pro-Turkish SNA on one side, and the Kurdish SDF and the Syrian army on the other.

On the way in we met “partners”.

On some of the Russian vehicles the airborne emblem is clearly visible.

Apparently, the forces of the military police alone are not enough to control a territory as large as that which that came under the control of Assad and Russia after the onset of Erdogan’s invasion against the Kurds.

Photos of the column as it arrived in Qamishli:

Source: Colonel Cassad

  1. Julio Cesar Perez says

    US-ISIS Terrorists

  2. Jozo Magoc says

    No visible US LGBT troops around= changing dipers and undies, seeing the Russians!!!

  3. Garry Compton says

    I didn’t see any Amerikansiis standing next to their truck. Maybe they are like those POlice guys – that just drop off a POlice car – on some road – in order to make you think they are – working lol. Sleeping US Soldiers.

    1. Frank Williams says

      Ja, und when jUS bombs start falling on Iran, kosher puppet God Emperor Puntang ain’t going to do shiite….

      1. Garry Compton says

        He won’t have to do much – if Iran takes out the Saudi oil fields – the Petro buck is done. If Iran plugs the Straits, the world might take Iran’s side, because they need the oil. And Russia will get – richer.

  4. Savely says

    In other news they spread fake that Russians supposedly were blocked by Americans.

    1. Frank Williams says

      So if the jUS gets involved you lose your mind AND if the jUS doesn’t get involved you lose your mind. Kinda sounds like you’ve lost your mind.

  5. Frank Williams says

    Gee, a bunch of green trucks driving slowly down the road. Riveting stuff, had me on the edge of my seat…zzzzzzz…zzzzzzzz…nearly as exciting as video of kosher puppet God Emperor Puntang being late for a stuffed shirt photo shoot…zzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzzz…

    1. Putin Apologist says

      It’s symbolic, or representative, of our new global reality; Our post-Cold War Washington lead unipolar world is behind us, superseded by our present multipolar one. To put it more distinctly, the Russians can send their military into the Middle East to protect their interests and there is nothing the Americans, the “hyperpower”, can do to stop them.

  6. Mary E says

    Russia is now in the proverbial ‘Drivers Seat’!!

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