VIDEO: Told ‘Expert Fauci’ Must Be Listened to Massachusetts Town Hall Bursts Out in Laughter

Great stuff

A school board town hall meeting in Holden, Massachusetts last week:

They actually banged the gavel!

Massachusetts — along with the rest of New England— is a stronghold of the Virus Taliban, but it seems even there there are some normal people left, at least there are in Holden.

  1. ken says

    Cowards in every way. Fraudci is nothing but a modern day snake oil salesman and hopefully will be first in line at Nuremberg II.

    Ya know,,, even in the days gone by, the old school snake oil salesman sold only to adults. The new ones like the CDC sell to children, babies, mentally challenged, even those in Hospice Centers. They are THE sickest of the sick.

    1. gary stuart says

      yes!!!!!! Mengele of this generation

      1. ken says

        Amazingly,,, Fraudci is of the Greatest Generation born Dec 24, 1940. A Christmas gift to the nazis of today’s world.

        The Greatest Generation of hero’s that fought the battles against fascism. I say battles because fascism is never eliminated. It just lies dormant until someone like Fraudci resuscitates it.

        He is an embarrassment to his generation, especially those that died fighting fascism in that day.

        Yes,,, He is the reincarnated Mengele, and at a healthy 82, he is proof Satan will extend the life of those that serve him well.

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Leave Karen the Covidian alone.

  3. Maiasta says

    These people did listen to Fauci:

     Victims of a Pseudo-Medical Dictatorship

    Better to follow the folks of Massachusetts Town Hall .

  4. James says

    Ha, they laughed their heads off at Fauci! (The gavel bang was icing on the cake, LOL!) Maybe there’s hope for humanity after all.

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