Video: Actual Footage From Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy

"The result of the autopsy was that Epstein committed suicide by hanging from toilet paper"

Due to public outcry of skepticism about the Jeffrey Esptein autopsy, authorities in New York opened up the procedure to live video.

The video showed what appeared to be several medical professionals standing around a very flat-looking Epstein on a table and pulling odd things out of his body with salad tongs.

“We thought that given all the conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide that it would be best to make this available to the public,” New York Coroner Jack Sketchball said.

Epstein reportedly committed suicide while on suicide watch in prison while on trial for sex trafficking. Many powerful people were implicated in the crimes including the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos and former President Clinton.

The result of the autopsy was that Epstein committed suicide by hanging from toilet paper.

Source: Genesius Times

  1. Paul Barbara says

    The FBI raided Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’; does anyone really believe that was to get and present evidence?
    The objective was to collect and ‘disappear’ incriminating evidence against US (and other) politicians and VIP’s. Also gives them the ‘dirt’ to blackmail and control the pervs.

  2. Mistaron says

    If he’s dead, where’s the dead-man’s-switch data dump? Reveals a lot don’t you think?

    No folks, Epstein is still very much alive, and probably out of the country under the protection of his very powerful ‘friends’.

  3. Natural_Texan says

    Laughter is the best medicine.. but this is serious stuff. Next they will kill Assange..

  4. Mary E says

    Didn’t we all guess that this would happen to Epstein? Too many rich and powerful rockers in the US do not want their pristine reps ruined….and one or some of them hired some dummy not afraid to get caught, or promised absolution if he or she was caught, to do the job for them…but the documents should tell the tale….get going on those docs, investigators…don’t drop the ball now that the criminal is dead…

    1. pooi-hoong chan says

      In Epstein’s mansion, there is a painting of Clinton in a green/blue female dress.

      Whitney Webb will come out with more juicy revelations provided she can stay alive.

      1. Paul Barbara says

        Bill Clinto is bisexual, but predominantly homosexual, whilst Hilary is bisexual but predominantly lesbian (see Cathy O’Brien’s books and videos).

    2. Paul Barbara says

      I, nor I expect most folk, have yet to see any evidence Epstein is dead.

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