Victory Banner Babushka Salvages Kremlin’s Adventure, Anchors the War as a Religious Crusade

What a thousand Kremlin propagandists couldn't do, one granny accomplishes

The Kremlins have done an extremely poor job explaining to the public why Russia is fighting in Ukraine, and what it is hoping to achieve (possibly because many of them are horrible WEF globalists and don’t know themselves). So they should thank their lucky stars that Victory Banner Babushka has almost single-handedly salvaged their crusade and gave meaning to the war in a way that makes sense to ordinary Russians.

(She comes out thinking the troops are Russian, thinking she can finally display the victory banner. When she realizes her mistake she returns the foodstuffs the Ukrainians gave her when they thought she had rejoiced at the sight of the Ukrainian military.)

The Z war is a war for the liberation of their co-religionists. Making sure they can practice their religion safely and out in the open. And making it once again the official religion in much of southern and eastern Ukraine where many of their co-religionists live. The religion in question being the cult of the Great Patriotic War.

Until 2014 the cult was practiced in Ukraine but then fell victim to the nationalist diktat to do everything opposite from the Russians. This made Ukraine a heretic, apostate land. Apostate land, but lying on former heartland cult land, and still home to considerable numbers of the faithful — the faithful not always able to practice out in the open, or at least not with the dignity and safety that is due.

Way back in January (when others were still continuously bleathing about the coming war being a CIA lie) I explained that Russia’s true religion is WWII, and that it would be a religious war for the honor of its cult:

A Russian offensive wouldn’t even be about missiles and NATO. Not exclusively. It wouldn’t just be about forming an East Slav bloc of 170-190 million that would be a harder nut to crack than Russia alone. It would be just as much about cleaning up historic Russian lands and cities of UPA pollution. Of refusing to allow a revision of how WW2 is told in Ukraine. It may sound crazy to be moved to war over such symbolic issues, but then there are others who would say that after food and shelter the symbolic stuff is the *only* thing worth fighting for. It is just that until July 2021 we didn’t know that Vladimir Putin may be one of themRemember this is a religious issue for Russians. Russia’s real cult is not Orthodoxy, it’s WW2.

Don’t mess with things that are sacred to people is a good advice.


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