Venezuela’s Guaido “Considering” Asking US to Invade His Country to Make Him Unelected President

Couldn't win an election, couldn't win a coup, wants to play his last card — the US Marine Corps

Considering bringing war to his own people just so he can be the imperial puppet nominally at the helm

Editor’s note: Whoah, what a “patriot”. Considering asking a larger power to attack his country just so he can be its unelected President. I doubt even Venzuelans who are not behind Maduro want war on their soil. But didn’t there used to be a word for people who work with the occupier?

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has confirmed that he is considering asking the United States to invade Venezuela to install him in power. He says this is one of several options under consideration now.

Guaido is keen to see Maduro forcibly removed from power so he can replace him, and after last week’s failed US-backed coup, he is looking for a new avenue to pursue, despite arguing that he’s not “defeated” entirely. 

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov issued his own statement on Sunday, calling on the US to abandon its campaign to overthrow Maduro at any rate, saying it was an “irresponsible” plan. Lavrov will be in Finland on Monday, and is expected to meet with Mike Pompeo while there.

The US has for months committed to supporting Guaido, and officials have long threatened an invasion to make it happen. Though not everyone in the US is on board with a war, some in the administration maintain that the US is determined to oust Maduro by any method, and seem to be running out of ideas for a US-imposed regime change that doesn’t involve conquering the country.


  1. chris chuba says

    A truly inspirational leader, why aren’t the rank and file Venezuelan soldiers breaking ranks and joining him, could it be that he is willing to slaughter them?

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    “Couldn’t win an election, couldn’t win a coup, wants to play his last card — the US Marine Corps”

    Just love that lead-in.

  3. John C Carleton says

    Guaido is a treasonous collaborator with the enemies of Venezuela.

    He may want to be president, but he deserves hanging.
    After a fair Common Law Trial of course.

  4. skinner15 says

    Why can’t I be the interim president, I promise to be cheaper than Guaido.

    The US State Dept should run a competition, to find interim presidents who will sell off a nations wealth so the US gets cheap oil to run their economy, while making it more expensive for competitor nations to buy.

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