VDV Is Trying to Take Kiev Airport by Helicopter Assault to Enable Cargo Planes to Land More VDV

VDV is certifiable

VDV trying to win the war all by themselves.


It’s the first day of a war so the Russian airborne (VDV) is of course flying at 90 feet in rotary aircraft straight for the enemy capital.

The idea is to capture the cargo airfield in Gostomel in Kiev’s suburbs. Taking that airfield would then enable transport aircraft to land there and bring in yet more VDV reinforcements, including its mechanized units.

Let me remind you again, this is the very first day of the war.

I will never again make fun of the VDV song.

The Gostomel’ (Hostomel’) airfield is operated by the famous Antonov company.

Gostomel location in relation to Kiev:


The paras seem to have taken the airfield (CNN reports), but perhaps the location is still too hot (too many MANPAD and SAM) for planes to follow up and get them reinforcements.

This is funny and surreal, this CNN guy showed up at the airport and de facto got himself ad hoc embedded with the Russians. He’s already explaining their strategy on the air and he’s on their side of the line of control now even as he explains a firefight just finished.

The unit involved is probably the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade from Ulyanovsk on the Volga.

  1. Steve Ginn says

    Go get those Ukronazi sons of bitches!

    1. Hungary Guy says

      Those Bigmouths are probably the first to flee into IsraHELL.

  2. Marco says

    HA! ‘Bout time! Russia is opening a big can of whoop-ass on the Jew-Bolshevik regime installed by the NeoCons of the USA after overthrowing the legitimate elected Ukraine Govt. This is a great day of justice for Humanity!

  3. Hungary Guy says

    Kiev Airfield taken. This has to be the SWIFTEST Military Operation to achieve its military Objectives, with precision Strikes (Kalibr, Iskander & Co.), Air Force and Airbourne. Slava Rossiya! To be fair: it is almost on homeground (former USSR Territory). And probably was in the Planning for Years.

  4. guest says

    Isn’t that Simbirsk, re-named after Great Leader Vladimir Ilyich ? (why didn’t we keep the name Lenin-grad ?) we can’t have Stalin-grad, but we can have Sverdlov-sk (wasn’t he the one who exterminated Nicholas and his family ?) and Kalinin-grad ?

    After this pan-slav liberation by another Vladimir, is some city in Galicia going to be renamed Kaganovich-grad ?

  5. XSFRGR says

    What a tragedy; White men led by a Russian fighting White men led by a Jew. Perhaps we’ll learn from this, but I doubt it.

    1. Hungary Guy says

      And CONvid Hoax economic downspiral+ restrictions, social credit score to continue; bc of suicidal Sanctions.
      So, if Russia doesn’t drop & expose this CONvid Hoax at the end of this Operation;
      I’ll have to go full Joker.

      1. XSFRGR says

        One consideration about this subject is the number of U$ bio-weapon labs that they U$ has in Ukraine. Perhaps the Russia vax has something to do with what ever the U$ is cooking in those Ukrainian labs.

  6. nnn says

    Do not let this bloody Judo-Bandera scum to escape

  7. DannyWhite says

    Russia is just awesome

  8. DannyWhite says

    Can you image how the woke west would cope with actual combat against the russians
    Seriously, they would be running away screaming like little girls
    OMG where’s my safe place
    All that toxic masculinity is so white privilege
    Go the Ruskie
    Smash em

  9. Cap960 says

    Don’t matter how critical Yanks and its vassals. Russia is in the right on this one. Russia is taking care of the last Nazi stronghold in EU.

  10. Geraldo says

    swift attitude adjustment lesson for NATO/US/Whatever.

    US militrary will be studying this cosely and with envy.

  11. Tom says


  12. GMC says

    So, what are all those Nato troops waiting for — Sanctions ? lol

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