Vaccine Uptake in Russia’s Capital Has Stalled at Just Over 10%

Russians say нет, спасибо to jabs rolled out in record time, will take their chances with the germ

Russia’s mayor Sobyanin (who at one point was Russia’s leading lockdowner and played a significant role in getting Putin to lockdown nationally) is complaining that just 1.3 million (out of 12 million) Muscovites decided to inject themselves with the COVID vaccine so far.

The vaccine is free and widely available in malls and supermarkets but the Russians just don’t see a need for it. So much so that Russia has been able to export 16 million doses compared to 10.5 percent of Russians (15 million) who are fully vaccinated.

The authorities which spoke, and still speak, of a target to vaccinate at least 60 percent of the population by autumn have done the liberal thing and have largely given up. Rather than extort the population by hijacking liberties they are on record as having rejected both vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination (including because it would be impossible to carry out in face of popular pushback). (The “liberal” Medvedev has somewhat predictably expressed support for compulsory vaccination but he’s a nobody now.)

According to one poll, 42% of Russians are not ready to get COVID vaccinated under any circumstances, and 20% will only do it if becomes the only way to travel abroad. Just 18% want to get vaccinated. (20% claim to be undecided.)

According to another poll, which does not give the ‘will vaccinate if needed to travel’ option, 62% of Russians do not want to get vaccinated, while 26% do.

Best of all, 56% do not fear contracting the virus, while just 42% are afraid.

  1. Dale says

    Sobyanin is a major hand-wringer. Disappointed that Putin caved initially.

  2. ken says

    I know nothing about the Russian inoculation but no person should be forced to take an experimental drug.

    They keep calling these things vaccines but they are not. The West concoctions do not prevent you from getting or transmitting the alleged disease. This is straight from the manufactures and Pope Fauci. So how can they justify calling it a vaccine?

    The Western versions have killed thousands. Far more in the last5 months than all the vaccines combined for the last 20 years!

    New York City is mandating the damn thing for 12 year olds. We’re talking a low life mayor. Where does he derive this authority! He is clinically insane. According to every stat young folks just don’t get the alleged disease.

    Once again,,, What the hell is in those shots they so desperately want us to take for a disease that has a 99.9% recovery?

    1. Raptar Driver says

      It is the nano gel.
      It identifies you as having the mark.

    2. Ron says

      The thing I’ve noticed most are the people I talk to having taken 2 shots are mentally slow and unable to critically think if given multiple scenario’s and solutions to a problem. Now, I am talking about University educated people between the ages of 33 and 60 yrs old. Unbelievable as I’ve never had difficulty presenting and coming to an agreeable consensus when confronted with obvious problems with this demographic.

      1. Val says

        I heard that too, so sad.

    3. Juan says

      Probability of getting the virus x probability of getting “sick” if exposed x probability of getting serious symptoms if sick are way way way lower than the probability of serious adverse reactions given you get jabbed. It’s as simple as that. It’s called Bayesian. Don’t get conned into believing “0.03% chance of dying from COVID” compares to the proportion of vaccinated (real or reported) that died.

  3. Juan says

    Because Testosterone, guts, common sense, and wits haven’t been outlawed in Russia?

    1. Val says

      So true, true men live in Russia

  4. yuri says

    better than nyet, spacibo—nyet k chortu
    to the devil!

    1. yuri says

      friend sent me email—amerikans fully vaccinated, wear masks in public—maybe during sex

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