Vaccine Salesman Donald Trump Says Up to ‘100 Million’ People May Have Died Without Moderna, Pfizer, etc

Ex-reality TV star passing time in retirement as publicist for Big Pharma

Former President Donald Trump estimated up to 100 million people would have died from COVID-19 without his administration’s efforts to spur the development of vaccines.

If not for Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s initiative to develop vaccines quickly to protect the public from the coronavirus, Trump said the health crisis death toll would be similar to that of the Spanish flu pandemic more than a century ago.

“I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with a vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917. You take the Spanish flu, 100 million people — up to 100 million people died. I think we’d be in that territory,” the former president said in an interview with Fox News host Dan Bongino that aired Saturday night.

Estimates vary for the death toll of the Spanish flu, which spread across the world from 1918 to 1919, but some experts put the range somewhere between 50 million and 100 million globally. The worldwide death toll for COVID-19 is roughly 4.3 million, and more than 616,000 have died in the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker.

Trump said he is a “big fan” of the vaccines but also expressed support for those people who choose not to get one.

“I think this — I have to be a big vaccine fan, because I’m the one that got it done so quickly. Got it done in less than nine months; it was supposed to take five years. They would have never even gotten it done. So, I’m a big fan,” Trump said on Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.

“At the same time, I’m a big fan of our freedoms, and people have to make that choice for themselves, and I would recommend that they get it, and they get it done, and they’re being protected. And the vaccines turned out to be a tremendous thing, and I also though feel strongly, there are some people that do not want to do it, and I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom, and that’s the way it is,” he added.

Source: The Washington Examiner

  1. yuri says

    emperor gates could have reinstalled trumpenidiot but he preferred a senile vegetable

  2. Art says

    Don’t think DeSantis or Abbot are “Trump” ideologues”. Trump is the flip side of the Mr. Magoo POTUS.  

    1. ken says

      Abbot is a weasel. While talking tough on illegal immigration he has Texas law enforcement welcoming illegals and taking them to federal centers where they get shipped out all over America. You are paying for it all and you will eventually lose it all!

      Notice how media keeps pushing there’s more jobs then unemployed (untrue),,, there’s a reason for that. America is being diluted out of existence. Tens of thousands a month and more are now entering the country’s southern border from all parts of the world.

      See all those homeless in the West? Many/Most of those used to be tax paying citizens. It is a picture of the future for the rest of us…

  3. ken says

    I haven’t voted for years but I almost voted for Candidate Trump as he was on target for many of the ills plaguing America. My wife cautioned me so I passed and am I glad I did.

    Rarely has a previous candidate flipped as fast as Trump did. The wars continued,,, the deficits increased,,, more military spending,,, Renaming NAFTA claiming it’s different,,, deeply involved with Israel,,, Nepotism without the salary but everyone knows you’re ‘in the money’ when you are that close to the president.

    His warp speed kill shot,,, appointment of Fraudci,,, was his golden hour according to him. So far over 15,000 Americans dead,,, several hundreds of thousands maimed from the safe and effective poison and yet he still pushes it.

    If it was so safe why the legal immunity for the corporate drug pushers? In my opinion the states could override that as the federales have no authority over what or who the citizens of the several states can or cannot sue. It would be one of those 10th amendment exceptions.

    The CDC,,, an agency of the federal government receiving monies from the corporate drug runners?,,, from the population control/global warming freaks like Kill Gates? handing out legal immunities for killer drugs like candy to babies. This is who we trust?

    The FDA limiting life saving drugs in order to advance a mysterious and experimental concoction that has already killed tens of thousands. This is who we trust?

    A bunch of fast talking flat liners at City Hall demanding the wearing of masks. This is who we trust?

    Governors telling us we cannot go to work while they still receive their checks,,, cannot go to a restaurant while they do,,, cannot go to school,,, cannot celebrate holiday’s with our families while they do,,, cannot attend church,,, cannot protest these illegal edicts but it’s okay to protest nonexistent racism in large numbers,,, demand we take known lethal injections and treat our constitution as if it was a sheet of soiled toilet paper. This is who we trust?

    At least the ‘bad’ drug pushers selling cocaine, heroin, etc are not demanding everyone use them. If you want them you can buy them,,, if not,,, no problem. I trust those people far, far more than a corrupt agency like the CDC or WHO. They don’t tell you its safe and effective. It’s a risk you take voluntarily unlike “No jab, No Job”.

    But for many,,, they love him (Trump). Can’t figure out why, but its a fact. Trusting politicians is what got us where we’re at and it will cost much bloodshed to correct the error.

    1. Helga Weber says

      I totally agree, especially what Trump is concerned. We had hope but we also had hope with Obama. I do not begrudge you the immigrants, I think the US deserves the same problems like we in Germany, thanks to America’s doing in the Middle East.
      What happens now in the US is a disgrace, and the EU follows. All gangsters wherever one looks.
      I still hope a senile person might be better for all of us then a narcistic fraudster.

      1. ken says

        “I think the US deserves the same problems like we in Germany, thanks to America’s doing in the Middle East.”

        Understood Helga! I see your point,,, and the US is being punished by the blood and treasure it is throwing away. We are broke, and printing currency now so it won’t be long before a crash.

        But I don’t think the immigrants brought into either Germany or the US has to do with the ridiculous wars the US was/is waging in NA/ME. I think it is to dilute the native populations to make them more pliable and reduce the average wage base.

        The people they’re bringing in are for the most part unskilled and uneducated. Definitely not the sort you would hope to increase your tax revenue any time soon.

    2. EvilBugger says

      Epstein died on his watch.

  4. XSFRGR says

    Trump’s job was to be such a rotten POTUS that people would vote for anyone, even a Biden, to get rid of him, and they did. Trump’s new job is to split the republican party, by running as a 3rd party candidate, and keep a Biden in office for another term. After that it will be too late to change the system, Trump will receive his reward, and the only recourse, violence, will begin.

  5. Greg dennis says

    Trump is like Fox news. Build a following of Patriots, wait till the perfect moment then stab them in the back. Done with this clown. Jewish shill period.

  6. Mossie says

    Try again. His problem was trusting the advisors in much the same way he trusted his administration. His hands were tied in many ways because many of these people have to be supported by the Senate. Trying to pin this on him is bs. I recall he promoted hydroxychloroquine but every man and his dog attacked him. No mention of that.

  7. Steven Rowlandson says

    If the accusation against Trump is correct then he has something in common with Biden and the rest of those characters in government. They got to go!

  8. jeff a jones says

    Boy has he changed his tune from the beginning where he poopooed the virus as fake news which was truth and now he is pressured into salesman for vaccines. Fuck you too Trump. No vote from me again.

  9. Mossie says

    Covid is bs. But it was useful in allowing mail-in ballots to steal the election from Trump. So I doubt the ‘salesman’ smear. Ironically, mandatory vaccinations with Rockefella’s vaccine push along with the introduction of new wireless technology of the era (that allowed morse code) ushered in the Spanish Flu.

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