Injection Resistance Is a Class Thing

A “F-you” from the people who sell their labor, not their soul

Mr. gutless corporate ladder climber, you wouldn’t understand

It’s not often that I’d feel compelled to share a full reader email. I get a lot of emails… and let’s just say the quality can vary.

But here’s an extremely high-quality email that’s worth reproducing. It comes in response to an article of mine from last week about the media’s unshakable obsession with partisanship in relation to the phenomenon of “vaccine hesitancy.” Glance at most popular coverage of the issue and you’d come away thinking that Republican voting inclination is the only relevant variable in why millions of Americans are “hesitant” to take COVID vaccines.

I don’t know about you, but my hunch when examining vaccine uptake data from around the country has long been that socioeconomic status — or, to put it more simply, class — is a highly salient factor, perhaps even dwarfing partisanship. And while race also does get mentioned a fair amount — among racial groups, blacks have the lowest predilection to get vaccinated — whatever racial disparities exist could easily be more a function of socioeconomic status than any intrinsically “racial” factor.

Issues of class tend to be less exciting than race and partisanship for the media to bicker amongst themselves about though, so it’s unsurprising that this would be mostly glossed over. And it should go without saying that the vast majority of people who work in the media/nonprofit/activism complex come from a very distinct socioeconomic stratum, hence why they often miss trends that derive from lower-class sensibilities with which they are unfamiliar, and seldom ever encounter.

The letter-writer below asked to remain anonymous for reasons that will become obvious once you begin reading. But most relevantly, he/she has direct firsthand experience with disparate vaccine uptake rates among differing socioeconomic groups, and proffers a theory explaining these disparities. The context here is a corporate one, but the dynamics referenced strike me as universalizable enough to potentially account for a large degree of overall “vaccine hesitancy.” And yet what he/she’s getting at is essentially never considered in US media squabbles.

I wouldn’t necessarily endorse every aspect of the conclusions proposed, but I endorse the worthiness of airing the opinion. Emails like this make the more “unkind” feedback I receive worth it!

Hey Michael,

Wanted to write to you to share an observation. It could well make for a worthwhile story, should you choose to pursue it, or maybe it’s something you could file in your mental knowledge rolodex for future use. Or maybe it’s useless and I’m wasting my time — if nothing else, I get to put my thoughts on paper. Please do not ever share my personal information, who I work for, locations where I work, or any other information that could possibly be used to identify me.

I am what is called a [REDACTED] for [FORTUNE 500 COMPANY] working in the supply chain domain; this includes manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.  If you share any of this information, please do not share my job title, name, or company. My job is to work with high-level company executives to understand their overall corporate strategy ($300k+ annual types), then with low-level distribution center and factory workers ($12-$15 an hour types) to understand their day-to-day jobs — and then deliver complex, multi-dimensional technology solutions that execute on those strategic goals while making life easier for floor workers. I really cut across income levels every day.

I also make a point of presenting an unassuming persona that has much to learn and is highly curious — this generally signals to the majority of people I work with that they can both a) impart their knowledge willingly to me and b) more importantly, speak candidly. In order to know what I need to deliver in a technology solution, I must understand the needs of the affected parties up and down the corporate ladder. This method of communication has proven effective in getting people to open up about what’s important to them, what’s challenging in their day-to-day jobs, and what they think would make the operation better in some way.

Oftentimes, this unassuming persona is also disarming in a way that seems to make people feel comfortable sharing personal thoughts and stories with me, well beyond anything work-related. I’ve had C-suite executives open up to me about booze and weed fueled nights of scandalous behavior on work trips, and hourly laborers open up to me about dying relatives and 9/11 conspiracy theories. I take pride in listening and in not betraying their trust. As a result, I believe (perhaps arrogantly) that I am uniquely positioned to make observations about both groups of people. I think this is unique because it is a largely non-political arena; most of these people’s primary concern is not what a Democrat or Republican said that day, but things like how to make sure the operation is maximally efficient or how to make sure (as an hourly associate) he or she doesn’t have to stay late that evening.

I have noticed, with absolute clarity, a stark divide in vaccination behavior. I hop around between my home in [REDACTED] to our facilities in the South, Midwest, and on the West Coast. I can tell you that at each site, the picture is the exact same. [FORTUNE 500 COMPANY] has a program where you can shed the standard COVID protocols if you provide the company with your proof of vaccination.

Without fail, corporate management and executives are vaccinated at near 100% rates. Likewise without fail, hourly laborers (who are almost all white in the Midwest, almost all black in the South, and all mixed up on the West Coast) are vaccinated between 5% and 15% — and vaccinations are concentrated almost entirely in the old folks.

I have heard over and over that this is a political phenomenon. “Vaccine hesitancy is a problem of white Republicans, of course!”

But in reality, I don’t believe it has anything to do with race or political alignment — and everything to do with social class.

I read somewhere recently a tweet from someone who seemed insightful, who said that the centers of power in this country have so heavily relied on propaganda and psyops that the hierarchies that run those centers of power have themselves begun to select for people that are most likely to buy into the propaganda.

As a result, you don’t have an evil ruling class — just a delusional one that is entirely bought into its own narrative. The people who do not move up the ladder though they may be competent and capable — are restricted by the fact that they do not buy the narrative.

If this is true, I think it makes absolute sense.

The people who are most likely to be “company men” — the people whose entire lives are defined by their status in a Fortune 500 organization, who are the most married to the corporate narrative, and who are the most likely to be absent critical thought (as all executives are — once you get to VP, you stop thinking your own thoughts and instead think only your shareholders’ or board’s thoughts) are the ones who are, almost universally, vaccinated.

The people who do not live in that world are, almost universally, not.  

I have not seen one person break it down this way. I bet if you spent a week or two digging into the research on this, you’d see just how true it was in all of the numbers available to you.

Anyways — if that’s not worth your time, then no sweat. You seem like the kind of guy who would have an interest in this, though.

What I really like about this email is that it cuts through all the typical narrative gamesmanship and lands on something — spurred by this person’s direct personal experience — that has been largely unremarked upon in the whole “vaccine hesitancy” debate. If getting the vaccine burnishes your place within a corporate hierarchy, or some other institutional hierarchy of which you are apart, then of course you’re going to be more likely to get the vaccine.

But if you have essentially no hope of ascending a corporate/institutional hierarchy, and little investment in your “corporate culture” at all — because you ultimately experience it as a menial job to make ends meet — then of course you’re going to be less likely to get the vaccine. Makes total sense. Thus, “vaccine hesitancy” would seem to correlate with the strength of one’s institutional attachments.

Put another way, if you’re highly attached to an institution that prioritizes vaccination, then the effect on your uptake behavior is obvious. If you have no strong attachment to whatever institution you exist within — or even disdain said institution — then the behavioral effects are similarly obvious. You might even decline vaccination as a subtle “F you” to that institution.

Of course, it depends on the institution. Some less “mainstream” institutions may actually disincentivize vaccination. But that’s generally not going to be the case at a Fortune 500 company.

Importantly, the writer notes that according to his/her observations, this dynamic appears to transcend racial lines.

The person who sent me this email certainly isn’t infallible, and maybe others have contradictory observations. Either way, it calls for further inquiry and I’ll try to do that journalistically in the weeks ahead.

Source: Substack

  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, the Director of the CDC recently made some very startling comments about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines:

    We are part of an unprecedented human experiment.

    1. Eddy says

      This is no secret, and has been widely diseminated all over the World. It appears people are so dumbed down these days, they no longer know the meaning of certain words. For example, the word “TRIAL”, it seems very few people understand the meaning of this word today. They should all take down their grand parent’s dictionary and look up the meaning of the word. Nowhere does it say it means a TESTED and found useful device or product. And that’s where folks are coming unstuck. They all believe that this concoction will save their lives, and that it’s good for them without any harmfull side effects. They also seem to ignore the FACT that before being injected, they are not given their rights and explained precisely what the outcome of their participating in this TRIAL could be with the debilitating side effects possability. I haven’t heard yet, of anyone signing a waiver to waver their rights under existing laws. More to the point, I’ve become aware people are unawares of their rights in this regard and make no attempt to wisen themselves up either. Maybe the culling of the herd is not such a bad idea ???????

      1. Justin says

        Well said. Not to mention the lack of “Informed Consent”, which too many people also do not understand.
        These EUA vaxes are the TRIALS, that are going on until 2023.
        The vaxed are the guinea pigs for those TRIALS, whether they know it or not, and most likely not, since there was no Informed Consent.
        Nuremburg trials should follow soon.

    2. Ray says

      The development of this type of injection started in Japan in 1994. Since then, the effects have been thoroughly tested. This is not an experiment; this is the end game.

  2. ken says

    Do I have vaccine hesitancy? Am I the coward who doesn’t mind killing grandma?

    Who the hell are these people that psychoanalyses one group of people that don’t go with the bs and not the other group that agrees with any garbage spewing from political rifraf?

    Let me help with the latter group. This group has the Arnold Schwarzanazi philosophy of “Screw you freedoms” This is a group that gives mobocracy a good name. This is a group that wants to hang the villain without a trial. This is a group that makes a mockery out of all those that in one way or another contributed to our liberty and freedom which I still claim.

    Hesitant is the wrong word. Choice is the correct word. And the ability to make this decision is called freedom. I,,, your so called hesitant,,, have had enough of the mob and their political zealots trashing the constitution and the freedoms it was supposed to guarantee.

    I have had enough of the CEO’s (and others) whom think they have a God given right to decide for others, who don’t mind causing pain and misery for thousands of families they terminated and are now without income. God will have the last word on that.

    I don’t need some moron in a white lab coat telling me I have some fictitious disease or need a kill shot to get them a few extra fedbux.

    I don’t need some spineless, clueless, politician telling me I cannot make a living,,, that I have to adorn a stupid face device that will do harm to my health, that I have to take a shot that is killing tens of thousands around the planet, that I have to lock myself up, that I cannot hug my loved ones, that I am some sort of danger to society because I am a freedom loving person that believes in a free nation, with all equal under constitutional LAW (not some damn mandate) and where I have the right to say what does and what does not go into my body.

    I sure as hell do NOT want to live in some hell hole like Australia, NZ, New York and Commiefornica etc where some asshole starts writing law called mandates and the scum police and military enforces these illegal dictates. I don’t need a piece of paper to travel, to cross state lines, to go to a damn restaurant!

    Nowhere in the US constitution does it allow any of this. No where does it say we give up all our freedoms and guarantees because some freaking clown declares an emergency. I say these despots can stick their dictates and mandates where the sun never shines. I say we the people have the right to throw off this type of bs and our Declaration of Independence agrees.

    Hesitancy has nothing to do with it. My rights as defined by God and by the Constitution of the United States and fought for by the brave souls in the revolution has everything to do with it!

    I will not be complicit in making their deaths and misery a mockery.

    1. ken says

      The FDA has just given full approval of these killer shots. No testing required, Tens of thousands dead. They have now mandated the damn shots for the military which will likely decimate it.

      They will also mandate them everywhere now. They say the Supremo decision back in the early 1900s gives them authority. Remember the Dred Scott case where the Supremo’s of the day said Blacks were not eligible to be citizens?

      This is insane and for some reason they are getting shrill the closer it gets to October / November.

      The Federal Death Agency are the new Mengeles and need tried at Nuremberg II as soon as possible.

      1. Ray says

        This is a rare occasion, when the verdict is clear before the trial.

        By the way, US has never signed the Nuremberg Code.

        1. Eddy says

          Gee, let me guess why they didn’t sign something THEY concocted up anyway.

          1. Ray says

            Indeed. War turns normal people into monsters, no matter which side you examine.

      2. Dan says

        Um, no. I read the document. So should you. They approved the “application” for approval and made a name change to the vax. And reissued the EUA. It’s truly a word salad but that’s what it really says.

        1. Mike says

          Provide a link please to this very important information.

          1. MarkinPNW says
        2. The True Nolan says

          Hey Dan! I am flabbergasted. I just read the document myself at

          and it seems to me to say exactly what you said. The shot was not approved, but rather the “application to be approved” was approved. It even specifically says that all printed matter associated with the shot has to say “This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA”.

          Stunning. I recommend that everyone read it.

          1. Dod says

            Unfortunately, you may be misreading the letter. Here’s the relevant part:

            “On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.
            On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA.”

            The letter refers to two separate actions. First, it approved the application to license COMIRNATY for immunization of individuals 16 years of age and older. Second, it continues the previous EUA for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and extends it to authorize emergency use of the COMIRNATY vaccine for uses not approved through the BLA. Perhaps, for example, jabbing it into children under the age of 16.

            1. BkBoy says

              Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has published a very helpful article explaining the FDA’s “word salad” approval:


              In a nutshell, the FDA fully approved “Comirnaty” but Comirnaty is not yet available for purchase. Instead, if you get the “Pfizer” jab, they will be giving you the vaccine that has a different number (but which they claim is the same thing). But it is not legally the same thing. Rather, the original Pfizer jab has only received an EUA, and an EUA protects the manufacturer from any liability for damages arising from the jab. Comirnaty, on the other hand, is a fully approved vaccine, which means that it comes with full legal exposure for the manufacturer under our strict liability laws.

              Pfizer has too many doses left of the EUA jab and, therefore, is trying to give them to patients who may think it is the “fully approved” vaccine and, therefore, they have some recourse against Pfizer if something goes wrong. They don’t. They only have recourse for the “fully approved” jab, Comirnaty, which is not yet available and likely will not be available until all of the Pfizer’s original vaccine doses are used. Also, I note that the applicant for the legally liable vaccine, BionTech, is not Pfizer. I suspect but do not know that Pfizer has not intention of becoming the applicant for the legally approved vaccine because they don’t want to accept the full liability that comes with full approval. Instead, anybody damaged will need to sue BionTech, which I suspect will not be as solvent as Pfizer in case there are a lot of bad outcomes.

      3. Eddy says

        How is that even possible when the TRIAL is scheduled for completion in 2024 ????????

  3. Ron says

    The entire educational and work hierarchy is designed to reward those who work hard, are obedient, comply and do not cause trouble. This is why the people who have more education and are higher up in the corporate ladder are generally the ones who believe the “mainstream narrative” and do as they are told. Our entire societal system is Darwinian and from birth we are groomed for specific traits with the reward being money (better life). This should be obvious to ALL.

    1. tunamelt says

      Group think tendencies are rewarded and not discouraged in the institutional- corporate world. The nail that sticks out the farthest gets hit the hardest.

      1. Eddy says

        Not if it’s RIGHT.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      You forget a lot of are society is pure Marxism.

    3. Ray says

      Not Darwinian; Spencerian. It was Spencer, who applied Darwin’s natural selection to humans and coined the phrase, “survival of the fittest.” My boy, how wrong he was! It’s the crap that always floats to the surface!

    4. Eddy says

      Hmmm, beg to differ there with you Ron. During my work career, I was trained to abide by the rules and Regs as laid down. We were constantly told, such was our duty. Yet the minute I refused to follow an instruction that contradicted those very same rules and Regs, they called me a trouble maker. Told them they could call me whatever they wanted, I have developed a thick skin over the years and it’s water off a duck’s back, but no amount of name calling will change my views, rule and regs are there for a reason. Eventually they shut up and didn’t bother even approaching me as they knew what the result would be. Sadly, my fellow workers did not follow suit. Then one day there was an accident, where one man and a youth died as a direct result of failing to adhere to those rules and regs. WOW, the folks were ducking for cover left and right, only one man was held accountable for the fatality and he ended up divorced on the streets and eventually in a mental hospital, all because he agreed to the demands made upon him from his managers which contradicted the rules and regs. B.T.W. my education standards are not what YOU would call high, and after my experiences in Vietnam, I never believe anything I’m told unless I can verify it’s authenticity.

      1. BkBoy says

        Good for you, Eddy. You may find interesting this study which shows that those holding Masters degrees are more likely to follow “authority” without thinking for themselves. Vaccine hesitancy is therefore higher among both those with less “education” AND more “education” (Phds) than among those holding graduate or Masters degrees:

    5. BkBoy says

      You are mostly correct, but vaccine “hesitancy” is actually higher among both the less educated and the most educated (Phd/professionals):

      This article notes that the greatest “compliance” is among those holding Masters degrees.

  4. Gi Joe says

    Michael Tracey To add to this I would include small business owners in the non vaccine group and recent immigrants in the vaccine group.

  5. Mikey B says

    “Vaccine hesitancy” is just like all the other bullsht*ck labels thrown around by the apparat; homo phobia or transphobia, climate change deniers. etc.
    The new m/RNA “vaccines” are not your traditional vaccines. They are gene therapies and highly experimental at that. They may pan out in the long run after the bugs are worked out, but we don’t know that despite the outright lies, incompetence and conflict of interest with the FDA, CDC and Dr. Fword.

    1. Eddy says

      My views exactly.

  6. yuri says

    now reported: the most vaccine resistant in USA are Ph.D’s

    1. MarkinPNW says

      What I read is that it is the people at the “top” of “eddykashion”, the PHD’s, and the ones at the bottom, high school or less, that are most resistant; the ones in the middle are those that go along and accept the brainwashing. This author is relating experience with the bottom – resistant – and the middle – accepting of the jab.

  7. yuri says

    since amerikans cannot comprehend Marx they prefer fascism—especially their lower class proles….this is expected from automatons with no individuality

  8. Ray says

    Lies prevail in the terminology and the “science” applied:
    (1.) These are not vaccines.
    (2.) These are not “genetic therapy”; these are genetic manipulation used in a bioweapon. Graphene oxide is the OS and mRNA is the program.
    (3.) Herd immunity is a myth; one of the usual medical myths that go obsolete every few years.
    (4.) These are not experimental injections; they have been obviously developed 20-25 years ago and the outcome (genocide) is predictable.
    (5.) The lockdowns and the insane payouts, from the very beginning, obviously targeted small and medium-sized businesses and murdering people in hospitals. Jobs and goods will be available only through multinational corporations that can, and will, mandate whatever they want to.
    (6.) It is also misleading to focus on miracle medications for what is, in fact, graphene oxide, 5G, and military radar poisoning.
    (7.) The Miracle cures, in the long run, are just as effective as peeing on a house fire. Even after the inflammation is stopped, heart and lung tissues do not regenerate and the bioweapon acts in a recursive manner: it keeps coming back cyclically with a vengeance until the host is killed.
    (8.) #6 and #7 also give false hope and fake empowerment against this combination of weapons, thus soothing a population that otherwise might revolt.
    (9) There is no virus; no virus has EVER been isolated! Viral theory is a hoax in order to make money and maintain control, not unlike the fake “pandemic.” This time, it’s genocide, too.
    (10) Why would it be mandatory to take a jab, when the manufacturers are exempt from liability?
    (11) The myth of infectious diseases has never been proven. In 1918, they desperately tried to “infect” volunteers with the “virus” to no avail. If “infectious diseases” are dangerous, how come doctors and nurses at corresponding hospital wards are not dropping like flies?

  9. Ray says

    People who make $300+k are informed enough not to take the jab and rich enough to get a certificate from a butcher called doctor.

  10. Jose Douglas says

    there is a difference between hope and want. For example, I have an advanced degree but never had the want or need to advance in the corporate brown nose game. I never needed the job that badly!
    If they gave me crap, I’d give them 2 weeks…
    Do not comply!

  11. Tom says

    I recall reading an article stating that many of the so-called “intellectuals” or more intelligent among us are the ones not willing to get the mRNA injections. This person’s observations now confirm my suspicions for many decades…that there are few intelligent people in the upper ranks of management.

    I would never base my decision to get any drug, vaccine or injection according to what anyone else is doing. It’s a matter of trust and any trust I had for the FDA, CDC or big pharma vanished decades ago.

  12. Ray says

    I’m wondering if this is real of just another attempt to raise hope in people so that they would not revolt.

  13. river view says

    Valid perspective by the emailer. A similar angle on that is: how much does one sacrifice for their dedication to income? At some point it seems that many of the exec. class have to choose between money or integrity. By integrity I mean actions based on individual conviction, as opposed to rank subservience to those one MUST OBEY.

  14. Deuce says

    This assessment is verifiably spot on. You need only think about the development of the vaccines themselves. If you’ve taken the time to read the clinical trials and have any understanding of how to read them, they are total bunk. Even the Editor of the bought and paid for British Medical Journal wrote a scathing opinion piece on the blatant contradictions, lack of scientific methodology and outright fraud of all of the trials. Selective testing of certain classes, failure to test large numbers of participants in both groups who clearly had COVID symptoms, and the unconscionable act of vaccinating the control group after a far too short trial interval. But the point here is that THOUSANDS OF EMPLOYEES WENT ALONG WITH IT. These companies hire qualified scientists, biostaticians, technicians etc. They hire them specifically because they have experience and expertise in doing this scientific work and running clinical trials. Yet in this case they all did shoddy, fraudulent work completely contradictory to standard trial procedures and reporting and wholly unprecedented. Up to and including changing the accepted definitions of immunity, vaccine, case and pandemic.
    So why did they do it? To keep their cush jobs of course. To go along to get along. Why are doctors going along with these new definitions? Insisting on vaccines rather than challenging the lies being told about HCQ, Ivermectin, etc? To keep their cush jobs of course. Putting people on ventilators that offer only a 10% rate of survival as a remedy to a disease with a 99+% rate of survival? To keep their cush jobs of course. Injecting experimental vaccines into classes of people it was never even tested on? To keep their cush jobs of course. And what’s truly sad about it is how clearly it exposes that those in the highest strata of society are the ones most willing to sacrifice others, suppress their own humanity, and commit fraud and worse human atrocities for nothing more than money and comfort. Such a society cannot survive. And I can’t help but wonder how these people will fare when the society they corrupted this way inevitably fails? Last I checked even a thousand dollar bill is a pretty lousy defense against a pitchfork. I hope they all saw the viral video of 50000 angry Australian protestors stampeding and trampling their police who, despite their badges and authority and the weight of their government behind them, were backs turned and running. Blind following might be the comfortable course of action for the moment, but it will only lead to what is coming catching them totally unprepared for it. These lemmings will follow their pied Piper, money and comfort, right over a steep cliff. And nobody will miss them.

  15. Mr. Magniloquent says

    I can second this. I work in a capacity where I’ll get treated to an $80 lunch for a simple work meeting. Inevitably the conversation turns to covid, vaccination, and group think goes on full display. Blithe general statements that they can barely complete because they are so uninformed, but signal they are a card-carrying koolaid drinker. It makes me think of what it must be like to be a spy behind enemy lines.

  16. Doug says

    Sounds completely plausible and explains my own attitude (NOT injecting myself with this unproven biological agent) and the attitudes of those I know (95% of who are gagging to inject themselves).

    Most pro-vacciners I see I tend to classify as the ‘drunk the kool-aid’ types. They just have ZERO doubts about, and FULL FAITH in, the official line. They are practically gagging for the ‘anti-vaxxers’ to be jailed, or preferably DIE because they are “too stupid to take the vaccine”. The others have been beaten down into final acceptance e.g. they want to get on a plane somewhere, or they need to do it in order to reopen their business.

  17. NeeNee says

    Have not read all the comments but the email was highly thoughtful. My provoking thought is: He who sustains the hardest fall willing complies.

  18. malatok says

    The covaids death prick is an intelligence test…gee who woulda guessed?

    “Anyone who still is under the delusion that the carefully selected sociopathic vertical pigs (all that stands between us and the pedovore politcal hos and Satanic elitist filth) will not gulag and kill you is already lost. There will be no return to freedom without a lot of crispy bacon.”
    Orville George “Animal Farming”
    YOU are the disease, their covaids death prick the cure.
    The covaids caper in under 2 minutes

  19. Pat says

    I don’t know about that. We were at the top of the corporate ladder. Company currently part of Fortune 500. But don’t call us “hesitant”. We’re “HELL NO!”

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