Vaccine Passport Slovenia Says Family of Woman Who Died After Jab Can’t Sue Because Vaccination Is “Voluntary”

Use of J&J suspended. What are the ethics of coercing people to take an injection you can't vouch for?

Without a vaccine/test passport you can’t get pump gas in Slovenia except in select gas stations where they have payment via a mobile application set up. You also can’t work or attend school.

It was precisely to get around these limitations that a 20-year old Slovenian woman “Katja” went for a vaccination last month and died of complications two weeks later. She wanted to “get her freedom” as her father explained. (Testing every 48 hours isn’t tenable which is just as the government wants it.)

It was also for this reason that she chose the one-dose J&J vaccine, so she could have her vax passport right away, rather than having to wait for another two weeks.

This is a person who never would have gotten the vaccine if not for government coercion and who would thus still be alive.

The government’s response has been to suspend the use of the J&J vaccine as its pressure campaign against the unvaccinated continues unabated. Get that. After its pressure campaign pushed a young woman into death, a rational person might conclude it is this campaign of coercing vaccinations that needs to stop. Instead, that will continue but now the unvaccinated will have even less choice as one of the injections is taken off the menu.

Another thing. If the government suspends the use of a vaccine like J&J that betrays the fact that the government doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in it. Yet how can the state justifiably coerce people into taking vaccines that it can not vouch for and is this skittish about?

If you have so little faith in your concoctions that you are never too far from suspending their use, then maybe you shouldn’t be running a mass campaign of coercion to get everyone injected in the first place?

Finally when asked by reporters if those who suffer adverse effects (and families of those who die) are entitled to damages from the state, the Slovenian “Minister of Health” replied that they are not because in Slovenia vaccination is “voluntary”.

That might strike someone as absurd for a state where new limitations on the unvaxxed are thought up every month. On the other hand, if vaccination in Slovenia was not “voluntary” then justice for Katja would demand its government be lined up in front of a firing squad. This may have some role in explaining the Minister’s ‘creative’ position.


  1. ken says

    Old normal definition, voluntary:
    Acting or done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward.

    New normal definition, voluntary:
    Acting or done willingly under coercion, intimidation and duress.

    Forcing a known poisonous concoction on people is also known as murder in the first degree.

    ALL governments and their employees of this world are guilty. No trials necessary. “Doing my job doesn’t cut it”

    The ongoing world vaxicide will continue until the ‘smarter than the average bear people’ put the murderous perps down…. permanently.

    1. osa says

      When the politicians who are pushing this vaxicide start mysteriously dying one by one, from, you know, Covid.

  2. john223 says

    This is a SICK world we are in. Bill Gates of Hell have won but actually it’s the British Royals who wanted this pandemic. That is why the Queen Knighted Bill Gates.

  3. john223 says

    It is vaccination for all…
    And you are MASKED to say anything at all
    If you don’t resists.. soon you won’t exists ..
    As a human being.
    It’s a Fascist Nation,,, On your face…
    You don’t realize you are just a tiny mice..
    To a Facist Nation, with full spectrum domination.
    If you don’t resists.. soon you won’t exists ..
    As a human being.
    It’s transhumanism for all. And you are VAXED to say anythng at all …
    If you don’t resists…. soon you won’t exists … as a human being.
    It is digital i.D. and digital currency for all !!
    If you don’t resists…. soon you won’t exists … as a human being.
    We are human being capable of LOVE and JOY
    We are endowed by our creator with unalienable Right to life,
    Liberty. and Prosperity.
    If you don’t resists…. soon you won’t exists … as a human being.

  4. Ultrafart the Brave says

    One more tragic casualty of the Satanic Globalists’ push for total power. Another victim of a war so many don’t even realise is happening.

    At least some good things seem to be starting – Dr. Richard Fleming has a petition to the ICC to investigate and prosecute all those behind the Corona Chan “pandemic” for crimes against humanity…

    This could be the beginnings of the long-sought Nuremburg 2 trials.

    If you want that to happen, then you probably should consider adding your name to Dr. Fleming’s petition.

  5. nnn says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

    1. Jerry Hood says

      I’d vaxx every jew every 3 months, and zionist jews every month, to prevent them from dhing on Covid!

      1. Maiasta says

        How do you explain Israel having the most vaccinated public in the world, if this is a Zionist thing?

        1. Justin Thought says

          Because Israel isn’t synonymous with Zionist.Yeah, there’s a lot of crossover, but the Zionists are just as contemptuous of the true Jews as they are of us. Apparently, they’ve decided they don’t need to hide behind the cloak of the real Jewish people any more, and they’ll kill them too.

          1. Maiasta says

            Well, i agree with you on at least one point: the Israelis won’t be spared. But it seems the super-elites don’t care about any nation or ideology (Jewish or otherwise) and so identifying them as quintessentially “Zionist” seems to miss the point. If they were actual, believing Zionists, they would at least care about their own ethnic group, if no-one else.

  6. Maiasta says

    Good article, Marko.

    More innocence lost just days ago: “A 13-year-old Italian girl has died hours after receiving her second dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. Arianna was vaccinated on 30 September. Shortly afterwards she fell ill. She was taken to hospital and died a few hours later. The Lecce prosecutor’s office is expected to open an investigation into her sudden death.
    Arianna, 13, a first-year student at Banzi’s science high school, received her second injection in the morning. She went home, but that night she fell ill at around 4am. She was taken to the emergency room of the Vito Fazzi hospital, where, despite the doctors’ efforts to save her, she died.”

  7. Neil Sutherland says

    THEY mock the ‘people’ every minute. but branch covidians still believe these demonic entities ‘care’ about them. even when THEY say drink the Koolade or starve to death in a concentration camp

  8. Raptar Driver says

    Slovenia is a testing ground for larger countries.
    It has always been a bit like it’s Austrian neighbor.
    Actually they were part of the same country for centuries, and their fascist tendencies would agree.

  9. Bob says

    The legal issues are clear. If you are killed by “government”, government is responsible. I call for an international tribunal of families whose loved ones have died from the COVID shot. The ones responsible for the genocide must be held accountable.

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