Vaccine Passport Regime Is Far Worse Than Segregation. Segregation Still Allowed Blacks Cater to Blacks

Vax pass claims even unvaccinated-owned spaces for the vaccinated alone

Vaccine passport is “segregation” in the sense that it creates a legal underclass. But actually the tyranny against the unvaccinated in a vaccine passport regime is even greater.

A black person under segregation could not enroll in a white-only school or eat at a white-only restaurant, but at least he could enroll in a black school or eat in a black-run restaurant. A black entrepreneur couldn’t run a whites-only inn but at least he was free to set up one for blacks.

Contrast this with the vaccine passport regime. An unvaccinated barkeep (especially if he’s not serving customers himself) can accept vaccinated patrons, but not unvaccinated ones. Even unvaccinated-owned businesses can only cater to the vaccinated. 

Vaccine passport then is as if the whites had decreed that blacks can not attend school or shop or eat out at all. That even black-run eateries and inns can cater only to whites.

Even for old-timey racists, that was a level of temerity they would not have considered.

But in 2021 it passes for liberal virtue.

  1. Cap960 says


  2. ken says

    Simply coercion. The difference being a Black could not turn White whereas a unvaxxed can get vaxxed.

    As an aside,,, today it is the POC demanding segregation, not the Whites.

    It is the POC saying Whites are not human, that Whites are born genetic racists, that Whites should off themselves.

    All brought to you by that benevolent government that loves to divide us.

    The politicians think the unvaxxed will surrender being locked out of ‘normal’ life. Sadly for most, they are right. Especially the ones that hand up their children. Others will take longer but will some will surrender.

    Like in 1775 only 5% of the population will end up having to take on the tyrants.

    But the politicians are not that sure of themselves as the fence is going back up around the capitol due to a rally supporting the 600 folks locked up many months now with little hope of escape. Gulags now come to the land of the free.

    Traitors guarding traitors. You have to wonder what the police and military are thinking they are getting out of protecting sorry excuses calling themselves representatives of the People.

    Read the bs written by Reuters….

    “Rioters fought with police, beating some officers, as they smashed their way into the Capitol, sending lawmakers and then-Vice President Mike Pence fleeing for safety.”

    Talk about bullshit! But the damned American lemming will believe every word.

    All of them including media trash can go meet their master in hell.

  3. Mark says

    I can’t vouch for the USA; I don’t live there. But in Canada, the government never met a special-interest group it wouldn’t pander to – Black Lives Matter, Transgenders, Native-rights groups – until it met those opposed to vaccination. Then, it was all about saying. you have no right to refuse our orders. Just today, I read an article from some nimrod employment-lawyer type in the ‘National Post’ saying employers have a perfect right to order their employees to get vaxxed, for a couple of reasons. One, doing so will protect the company from lawsuits if someone gets sick. Two, because ‘safety trumps liberty’. Every time.

    That true? Think so? Well, there’s nothing that says ‘science’ like testing out a theory to see if it holds true. So try this simple test. Get on a major highway in your car. Slow down to 40 kph (we use kilometers-per-hour in Canada, but 40 mph would also serve the purposes of our scientific experiment), and be sure to stay in the right-hand or travel lane. When the cops show up to demand an explanation and warn you that you are impeding the flow of traffic, insist that this is the road that takes you where you want to go, but that you do not feel safe at typical highway speeds. Point out that other drivers can pass you if they don’t like it, but stand on your right to feel safe, and that it trumps liberty every time.

    See where it gets you. I can promise it will be explained to you, possibly in graphic terms, that you are breaking the law. Governments and their smart-ass lawyer types are big on laws as long as obedience to it serves their interests.

    1. richseeto says

      Governments can make any faking laws and they are deemed “legal” but…

      Legality can be immoral, unethical, unfair and unjust.

      Society and its people has a duty to oppose all such laws.

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