Vaccinated Brits in Their 40s Now TWICE AS LIKELY to Test Positive — Public Health England Data

Other age groups above 30 also likelier to test positive if vaccinated

In the latest Vaccine Surveillance report from Public Health England (PHE) the infection rate in double-vaccinated people in their 40s went above 100% higher than in the unvaccinated for the first time, reaching 109%. This translates to an unadjusted vaccine effectiveness of minus-109%.

Vaccine effectiveness continues to drop fast in all over-18s (see chart at top), hitting minus-85% for those in their 50s, minus-88% for those in their 60s and minus-79% for those in their 70s. (For definitions and discussion of limitations see here.)

Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation and death continues to hold up in all age groups, though with some signs of decline, particularly among older people.


There is still nothing from Government sources acknowledging this failure of the vaccines against infection, its implications for policy and analysing what might be behind it.

Source: The Daily Sceptic

  1. Dale says

    Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation and death continues to hold up in all age groups, though with some signs of decline, particularly among older people.” Question: vaccines reducing deaths from … what ?

    1. Mark says

      I think they mean those fully vaccinated are still less likely to be hospitalized or die if they are not infected. I wish I was trying to be funny, but I’m not.

  2. ken says

    Since the CDC itself has stated the PCR is unreliable, what do all these charts mean and why do the morons still use it? (lol)

    Not one bit of data from governments are reliable. They have lied about everything concerning this plandemic.

    The only thing the clotshots are effective at is……. clots, heart issues, exotic diseases, and a plethora of other enjoyable ailments.

    1. guest says

      Yes; the only good indicator would be someone like John O’Looney. Since January his undertaker business is booming. Comparing his 2020 and 2021 tax-returns could make an interesting reading.

    2. Mark says

      Two British Columbia women have filed a constitutional challenge against the vaccine passes in that province. Both claim they were advised by their doctors to not get the shot, one of them after experiencing an adverse reaction to the first shot.

      However, the best that could result from that would be a very narrow exemption on the strictest medical grounds, not any sort of broad relaxation. Meanwhile, according to surveys, about 70% of British Columbians say they just love the vaccine pass, can’t think why we didn’t have something like it before. They feel like they’re in a special club or something. Canadians apparently do not care that much about freedom, as long as the government assures them they are heroic for having given it up.

      1. guest says

        The government of Canada states on their website that they don’t believe for a minute that the Covid-2019 shots are effective in preventing Covid. And they implemented policy accordingly:

        “Fully vaccinated [two shots] foreign nationals may be allowed to enter Canada for discretionary (tourism) travel.”

        “All travellers 5 years of age or older, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, must provide proof of a COVID-19 negative molecular test result to enter Canada”

        “If you’re flying to Canada, you must take a molecular test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada.”

        No test or vaccine required for TB, you may enter freely. (ebola, yellow-fever, malaria, also welcome)

  3. guest says

    The miracle of Warp-Speed magic shot never ends.

  4. Mr Reynard says
  5. Voz 0db says

    For fuck sake… Still with this nonsense?!

    Even a ROCK can gives us a PCR amplification…

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