Vaccinated Brits Aged 40 to 79 MORE LIKELY to Be Covid-Positive Than Unvaccinated Peers

Public Health England surveillance report

If you go to British government website and navigate to the page hosting its weekly surveillance report and open the latest one (9 September 2021 (week 36)), then scroll down to page 14 of the document you will see this:

Twitter user Don Wolt has helpfully transformed the data presented here into a graph:

That’s right. In age cohorts 40 through 79 the vaccinated have a higher infection rate than the unvaccinated.

Remember that the powers that be promised that if most people vaccinated the virus would be controlled?

Well if the vaccines aren’t working as promised that can only mean one thing: we need MORE vaccines and more crackdowns on the unvaccinated!

Have an ounce of vaccine every morning with your daily ration of Klaus Schwab’s roaches!

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    I saw that movie when I was 5!

    (It was a lot less scary then, than the current tyranny!)

  2. ken says

    Once again… How do they determine a positive ‘case’?

    Oh yeah,,, the PCR which is completely invalid but that doesn’t seem to faze the masked marauders that demand ‘the science’.

    Every positive case over the last 19 months is USDA Grade AAA bullshit but we like our bullshit fried over easy.

    Oh,,, there is no test for Sars 2 Cov nor is their any test for the supposed variants of the supposed virus. Man,,, I’m beginning to think most people just want to die!

    This means everything they did,,, everything they’re doing,,, everything they’re proposing is pure bullshit.

    What part of “invalid or bogus test” do people not understand!

    Okay,,, Please take the time to listen to Prof chossudovsky in a 45 minute video. He explains the PCR and how its the vaxx killing off people.

    1. Art says

      Exactly Ken. But if they can sell the “magic bullet” to the masses through repetition that can sell anything…including an invisible particle that’s never been proven to exist. “Fool me once…you can fool me again and again and again.” Where are those WMDs?

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