US Weapons Package for Ukraine Includes Claymore Anti-Personnel Mines

What would happen if the US was invading a country and Russia was gifting that country anti-personnel mines?

  1. Oscar Peterson says

    “What would happen if the US was invading a country and Russia was gifting that country anti-personnel mines?”

    Yes, of course everything the US says is suffused with hypocrisy.

    But that’s not the main issue now. How is Russia going to interdict the shipments of this material? That’s the issue.

    1. SteveK9 says

      I asked Marko on his telegram channel, and his answer to me was a ‘stongly worded press release?’.

      1. Oscar Peterson says

        Marko’s view–and perhaps he’s right–seems to be that there simply is no way to interdict the flow before it gets into the eastern operational area.

  2. guest says

    >>> “the US was invading a country and Russia was gifting”

    “Invading” ?!? what happened to liberation, self-protection, gathering the cut-off children of Muscovy into the Mother’s fold, &c. ? Now it is an invasion, a foreign country and its army attacking and occupying another country.

    2) Everyone knew on January 21st 2021, when the planning for this unprovoked, unjustified, unlawful “invasion” started in earnest, that attacking Ukraine is attacking NATO —so why pretend to be surprised or indignant ? (could it be that the planners in Sergei Shoigu’s department didn’t expect this to happen ? is that why they sent palace-guard units to parade into Kiev ?)
    In Syria, Russia provides the demolition crew, Iran provides the fighting foot-soldiers; NATO provides ISIS terrorists.
    In Ukraine, Slav people defending their own country against an invader are the foot-soldiers, NATO provides the ammunition —the invaders have to provide for themselves

    Are there mines that are pro personnel ? Are the Russian cruize missiles tactical health-enhancement devices ? Were the truck-loads of Russian land-mines family-benefit packages ?

    >>> “What would happen if”
    You know full-well what did happen on many occasions in the past 50 years

    1. SteveK9 says

      Sure, no surprise, but this is not an all–out war with NATO … the point is, it could become one. So, no one can be ‘pleased’ with these developments, unless they have a yearning to be turned into gently floating clouds … of radioactive ash.

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