US Wants NATO to Help Pay for US Troops in Saudi Arabia

Esper belives Europeans should be paying the US for 'protecting' Saudi Arabia 'from Iran'

Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that in talks with NATO nations later this week, he will urge those nations to contribute more to the US deployment in Saudi Arabia, including paying more for the thousands of US troops there.

Though this appears to be chiefly about money, Esper also suggested NATO members should send ships and warplanes to the region to support Saudi Arabia. The US deployment is chiefly about threatening Iran.

It’s not clear on what basis the US could demand NATO involvement, as nether defending Saudi Arabia nor threatening Iran are anything to do with the NATO treaty’s intentions, and the whole situation is far afield of the North Atlantic.

An even bigger question that’s sure to be asked is whether the US actually intends to turn a profit on this venture. President Trump is already claiming that Saudi Arabia is paying the cost in full of the deployment of US troops, so it’s absurd to also suggest NATO nations pay the US as well.


  1. ArcAngel says

    There is no doubt about it… Esper’s has set a new low for idiotic, vile, stupidity. Fortunately he has the look to go with his vile demonic nature.

  2. Otto310 says

    Since when did Saudi Arabia become a NATO member?
    If the yanks want to “protect” Saudi Arabia….(Not sure from what exactly)…. let them do so.

  3. DarkEyes says

    It seems yer man is serious about the funds from Europe although he doesn’t know what he is waffling about.
    He is convinced Europe can easily be forced to pay US like they do with Germany since 1945, to able them to make more profits during “their holidays” in their Oil-Country.

    This is not the way to let others pay the withdraw of US military from the ME.
    This is an AIPAC trick.

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    great idea.
    seeing as nothing works eg missile defence, the bill shouldn’t be too big.
    a couple of polish sausages (not the 2-legged ones) and the isis rejects instead of repatrioting them should do it.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    I am sure the Saudis are paying the freight here.

    Because this stationing of troops and weapons has little to do with external threats.

    The US is now providing its creepy Crown Prince with a Praetorian Guard.

    Because there are fears that the Throne is wobbling under his multifaceted incompetence.

  6. Canosin says

    in Germany the term “Vollpfosten” stands for a complete idiotic person…..
    this vollpfosten Esper is adding a huge nail in the NATO coffin….. that’s a perfect contribution to expedite the disintegration of this malignant and useless organization… .

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