US Wants Intermediate Missiles in Asia Pronto so It Can Hit China From Closer Ranges

China tells neighbors to think twice before hosting them

The U.S. is hoping to deploy new ground-based intermediate-range missiles to Asia “sooner rather than later,” U.S. defense chief Mark Esper said of a move that could have huge ramifications for regional security.

Esper’s remarks were likely to raise already-soaring tensions with Beijing and add to fears of a new arms race involving the U.S., China and Russia.

“Yes I would like to,” Esper said late Saturday when asked if the United States was considering deploying new medium-range conventional weapons in Asia now that Washington is no longer bound by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which the U.S. formally withdrew from a day earlier.

“We would like to deploy a capability sooner rather than later,” Esper said, according to a transcript released ahead of his arrival in Sydney for the start of a weeklong tour of Asia. “But with, you know, programs like this, it takes time. You have to design and develop, and test and do all those types of things.

“I would prefer months,” he said in regards to a deployment. “But these things tend to take longer than you expect.”

Esper did not say where the missiles would be based, but experts have said Asian allies such as Japan and Australia, as well as the U.S. territory of Guam, were among possible deployment sites.

“I wouldn’t speculate because all those things depend on our plans,” Esper said. “Those are things you always discuss with your allies.”

U.S. President Donald Trump has pinned much of the blame for Washington’s exit from the INF agreement on Russian violations of the landmark pact. But a closer look shows that China’s buildup of its missile forces — which pose a grave threat to U.S. military bases in Japan and elsewhere in the region — also played a large part in the decision to abrogate the 1987 arms-control deal.

Trump said in October that the U.S. would scrap the 1987 treaty between Washington and Moscow, which banned all land-based missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 km (310 to 3,420 miles). The pact covered missiles, known as short- and intermediate-range, that can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads, but did not ban air- or sea-launched weapons.

Source: The Japan Times 

China has warned the United States that it would take unspecified countermeasures if Washington goes ahead with plans to deploy ground-based missiles in the Asia Pacific region.

The statement from the Chinese foreign ministry on Tuesday comes days after US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the US was now free to deploy the weapons following its withdrawal last week from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia.

“China will not stand by idly and will be forced to take countermeasures should the US deploy intermediate-range ground-based missiles in this part of the world,” said Fu Cong, the director of arms control at the foreign ministry.

“And we also call on our neighbours, our neighbouring countries, to exercise prudence and not to allow a US deployment of its intermediate-range missiles on [their] territory,” he added, naming Australia, Japan and South Korea.

“That would not serve the national security interest of these countries,” he said.

Fu issued the statement as tensions between the two countries heated up because of an escalating trade war.

On Monday, Australia ruled out the possibility of the missiles being deployed on its soil, saying Canberra had not even been asked to host them.

Source Al Jazeera

  1. DarkEyes says

    It is getting doll the blame game of Trump Administration: again Russia.

    It is still in their advantage a small majority is still “sleeping”.
    But (the wake-up) changes are coming, faster than US expect.

  2. Binaj says

    If Japan and South korea station US missiles then China should rearm north kore,station nukes in kurills….If they want to die,let’s go to hell…..Even a single microorganism must not allowed to live on those vassal islands

  3. thomas malthaus says

    Hosting US forces or doing business with the Empire usually means a compulsion to do dollar-denominated transactions.

  4. jm74 says

    Article attempts to lay some blame on China for the US pulling out of the INF but the author fails to acknowledge the fact that the US deployed THAD in Japan/SK and ignored Chinese/Russian protest. Deliberate misinformation or an oversight?

  5. John C Carleton says

    The education level is terrible in America.

    The USA set about many generations back, to dumb down Americans, so they would be more passive slaves to WASHINGTON DC.

    That attempt has been a roaring success.
    Americans who serve in the Occupation of America crime cabal in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, do not even understand simple world geography.

    The USA, which is Occupying America, is located in occupied Washington DC.
    Washington DC, is in America.

    China is in Asia.

    In America today, BECAUSE of the USA, bridges are falling down, the graduates of universities are so dumbed down, USA must buy their rocket engines from Russia, can not make them domestically, the third world animals the USA keeps forcing on Americans, are raping, robbing, murdering in the streets, and the currency is next to worthless, and worth less every day.

    The FBI runs around putting mind controlled zionist zombies up to shooting Americans, claiming “Lone Gunmen”, did it, so as to justify their unjustifiable existence, and to scare Americans into giving up yet more and more God Given Rights to the baby rapers in DC.

    But the USA, is worried about bullying China in Asia.

    Fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hangings, WASHINGTON DC!

    1. Mary E says

      Those are valid reasons why the US is withering on the vine (so to speak) and becoming totally irrelevant in the world…irrelevant with the exception that they run around bullying everyone and threatening to either blow them up or kill their economies! Washington certainly has not taken care of its own and never will….
      they are too busy raining havoc on the world’s populations and governments..
      which will eventually just say ‘Enough’ and hit back hard and knock the delusional fools in Washington off their evil game…and that will be that!

      1. DarkEyes says

        To break down America starting with the “head” of body US. This is the purpose of the America-games by AIPAC Government.
        Israel First.


  6. JustPassingThrough says

    “which pose a grave threat to U.S. military bases in Japan and elsewhere in the region”
    tell me again why the khazarian states of america have bases in JP etc. this is one f**ked up country.

    no worries CN will position missiles in CU and VE

    1. Vish says

      America has a God-given right to invade and implant its war machine anywhere on the planet.

      America has a Manifest Destiny to colonize the world–under the pretext of defending “freedom, democracy, and human rights”!

  7. Vish says

    The only language Americans understand is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    China should deploy some intermediate missiles in…say… Cuba or Venezuela…that can strike deep inside the American Empire itself.

    Remember how the Americans got their panties in a bunch when the Russians recently deployed their nuclear capable T-160 bomber in Venezuela?

    That needs to happen much more and to a greater intensity.

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