US Troops Permanently Stationed Only 6-9 Miles From Belarus Border

The foreign minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, recently told the Russian newspaper Kommersant that the threat of a new cold – and behind that a hot – war appeared to be confronting his nation, its region and the world. The following is a representative excerpt from his interview:

“Observing the development of the situation in our region and in the world in general, given the growing confrontation in all directions, we can say that we are heading towards the ‘Cold War 2.0′. If we continue exchanging accusations against each other, the accusations that are really destructive, like the ones made by President Biden, we can assume that this way we will be one step away from a hot war.”

The reference to Biden is presumably regarding his harsh condemnation of Belarus on May 24, in which he threatened sanctions against the country and clearly signaled American support for so-called regime change, whether of the past twenty years’ color revolution variety or its predecessor, a military coup d’état.

He further reiterated a concern expressed by Belarusian authorities, most notably President Alexander Lukashenko, since last year’s presidential election over the build-up of NATO forces in Poland and Lithuania on the Belarusian border:

“Earlier they said that NATO forces or American contingents would be deployed there [Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland; all but Estonia border Belarus] on a temporary basis. Now everything goes to [show] that these forces in the Baltic states, in Poland will be deployed on a permanent basis. They will be deployed 10-15km away from the border, the closest distance ever.”

Since the U.S.-engineered, NATO-supported coup in Ukraine in 2014 and the war in the Donbass it generated, the Pentagon and NATO have deployed troops near Belarus and increased air patrols by multirole combat aircraft operating from bases in Lithuania (Šiauliai Air Base) and Estonia (Ämari Air Base). The NATO warplanes are in immediate striking distance of Minsk. And St. Petersburg.

In speaking of the NATO and American forces near his nation’s border, the foreign minister was referring to NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroups and troops assigned to the U.S.’s Operation Atlantic Resolve, also established after the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and ensuing war in the Donbass seven years ago. Both operations maintain troops in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In the latter case under Pentagon command; in the former under British, Canadian, German and U.S. command respectively.

NATO acknowledges that the so-called Baltic Air Policing operations are now coordinated with its battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and no doubt they also work in conjunction with the American military in those nations.

Belarus is besieged by NATO and the U.S. It is being undermined and attacked on several fronts, including the incitement of ethnic Polish separatism/irredentism after the Kosovo model of the late 1990s in the west of the country, by so-called color revolution activities, by impending sanctions and travel bans and, as the nation’s foreign minister points out, the coup de grâce of a direct NATO military attack. It is also a trap that is being laid for Russia which, whether it should intervene or not in that eventuality, will be made to pay a severe penalty.

Source: Anti-Bellum

  1. loongtip says

    FVcking Yanks can’t keep their zionist run noses out of other peoples business! They are the cause of all the problems in the world today and have been since 1947.

    1. IbnAsokin says

      1947??? – how about maybe 1914…

      1. Jerry Hood says

        It is since 1776!

  2. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Time for Lukashenko to man up, and for the people of Belarus and Russia to vote.

  3. GMC says

    Interesting – The Pollack army will expect those courageous well paid Yanks to go first into Belarus, but I’m betting that the Yanks are expecting the Pollacks to go While they wait around for the decision of Who, gets to go first , the Russian rockets will destroy both of them. Either way, they are sitting ducks, and the old Sargents – know it .

    1. Mr Reynard says
  4. Mr Reynard says

    & Cap don’t forget that they will march, singing Israel National Anthem ?
    Onward, christian soldiers,
    Marching as to war,
    With the cross of jesus,
    Going on before!

  5. Raptar Driver says

    Russia and it’s few ally’s like Belarus continue to allowed themselves to be surrounded thinking this will somehow go away if they’re patient and don’t engage the invaders.
    Is this how reality works?

    1. yuri says

      your stupidity amuses—Mongols invaded—lost, Turks invaded—lost 13 times, Persians, lost, Napoleon lost, Nazis lost…amerikans now losing

  6. Philippe CLAUDE says

    Jackals and hyenas howling together.
    Have no guts, no reason, no intelligence, only hate.
    Their future is to be swiped so nothing is left. End of problems.

  7. yuri says

    sexually repressed LGBT military searching for boyfriends in Poland…these incompetents lose all wars w the exception of Grenada
    “only in USA has nationalism carried with it the christian meaning of the sacred. the revelation of amerika serves to blight and ultimately preclude the possibility of fundamental social change”. Sacvan Bercovitch (2012)

  8. Pablo says

    Remember when the Americans, such as James Baker III promised Russia that NATO would not expand eastward from its current position? Another example of how you can not rely on the Exceptional Nation’s word for anything.

  9. Jerry Hood says

    The USrael Fag Army= Cannon Fodder for the Russian Varyags!

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