US Special Forces Veteran Discovers What War Is Like When YOU Are the Taliban

"A core group of about 30 foreign fighters remains out of around 200 people who were here just minutes ago"

Join the ‘International Legion’, see how it’s like to fight as the Taliban.

From an American volunteer on the front lines outside of Kyiv:

“Sitting close to the frontline, the last safe mode of transportation leaves for greener pastures. A core group of about 30 foreign fighters remains out of around 200 people who were here just minutes ago.

The base we came from was struck by rockets in the early morning hours. People we lived with for a couple days are confirmed dead. It is only a matter of time before our location is targeted. We are about to be cut off by a Russian tank column any day now.”

“Food, water, and ammunition dwindle slowly. The mood is somber, people are sending their last messages to friends and family.”

“Where is NATO? Where is the supposed good of western civilization?”

An important note: this American is a special ops veteran who completed combat deployments to Afghanistan. [The perfect person to tell Russians it’s wrong to occupy countries.] He came to Ukraine before Russia’s full-scale war on Feb. 24. He is an experienced, well-trained soldier who gave up his lucrative career in the US in order to help Ukraine

Source: Nolan Peterson

Editor’s note: Makes you truly respect the Taliban. They fought a war like this for 20 years. Won. Did it all without ever crying “Where is NATO?”

  1. sardonicus says

    aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun

  2. Steiner says

    American hypocrisy is breath taking. How many countries have the Ami’s trashed since Russia’s crappy Marxist economic system caused its collapse in ’90 – all without a peep from the Ruskies , but when the Ruskies do a little beat down of a corrupt Western stooge it’s “War Crimes Revue”.

    1. Rebel Forever says

      Amen and amen…destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, invading, killing, destroying and pillaging…now Putin is the bad guy. He’s a Sunday school teacher compared to Bush and Cheney, the hypocritical bastards.

    2. Bobbi Irish says

      They aren’t even engaging Ukrainian military. They are bombing civilians and targeting women, children and the elderly, from Russia. Send mercenaries in to die. So Russians aren’t killed when chemical/bio weapons or nukes are used. The Mercs have no idea they are being sacrificed

  3. Juan says

    LOL cry me a fuckn Potomac.

  4. Idefix says

    The big difference is that the Taliban fought for their own country and they knew their own territory as well as how to hide and take advantage of terrain and local features. Mercenaries fight for money and the brainwash of the day.

  5. ken says

    “He came to Ukraine before Russia’s full-scale war on Feb. 24.”

    That is not a full scale war… trust me. Go see America’s destruction of Falluja, Iraq. Note no buildings left standing. Russia considers Ukraine and the People brethren and does not want complete destruction.

    This is completely unknown in the US and West in general. Checkout the US War between the States. The Northern states raped, pillaged and destroyed everything in the Southern states when there was no one left to fight. Sherman and his merry men, for example, burnt most of Georgia and half of South Carolina and was unhappy they missed the remaining parts.

    So you can see why many in the West wonder why Russia/Putin isn’t doing the same…

    1. Moraco says

      Yep… many of the Russian officers went to the same military schools together. They were drinking buddies and even know each others family.

      1. Peter says

        not anymore!

    2. Rebel Forever says

      Correct you are, sir. That son of a bitch Lincoln makes Putin look like Captain Kangaroo..and they have an oversized monument to that asshole in the Imperial capital, which is one reason I’ve never been there and will never set foot in that filthy town.

      1. Jim Garrison says

        Lincoln, the great war criminal, got a nice big bloody hole in his head as karmic payback for his atrocities. Sic semper tyrannis.

  6. Martillo says

    Live by the bomb…die by the bomb

    Karma time

    1. XSFRGR says

      What went around is coming around; Karma is a bitch.

  7. nnn says

    Shit hit the fan

  8. Peter says

    This American is a special ops veteran who completed combat deployments to Afghanistan. [The perfect person to tell Russians it’s wrong to occupy countries.]  An experienced, well-trained soldier who gave up lucrative career in the US in order to help Ukraine.

    Evidently one can be totally stupid being a special ops veteran. And he did not suffer from PTSD? Is it true, that people who are intelligent and sensitive are the only ones to suffer PTSD? Are PTSD sufferers the ones that have or had a conscience?

    1. James says

      I’ve always heard that PTSD sufferers are the ones who tend to be Pollyanna, with an optimistic view of human nature. When they see the ugly underside of humanity during war, their bubble worldview collapses and they simply can’t cope with it.

      1. Peter says

        That is not correct. I would actually say very misleading. I know quite a bit about it, take my word for it.

  9. Eric the Red says

    He came to Ukraine before Russia’s full-scale war on Feb. 24.”

    Along with all the other mercs who came to Ukraine before any Russian incursion, which proves that Ukraine was planning a Donbass incursion of their own, and Putin preempted it.

  10. Cooky says

    If you can’t laugh you’ll cry cause these war lovers are pathetic.

  11. XSFRGR says

    “Where is NATO? Where is the supposed good of western civilization?”

    NATO is an illusion while Western Civilization is alive, and well in Russia. Western Civilization died in the U$/EU when atheism, decadence, perversion, and miscegenation became the norm. If there’s ever again a breath of freedom in the world it will come from Russia, and if my fellow Americans don’t soon recognize this fact they are doomed.

  12. Jerôme says

    US veteran? A damn ‘ soy boy’ in gay uniform!!!

  13. GMC says

    I don’t like Nolan Peterson- never did – never will. He has made many BS articles for the Jews and the Americans about Donbas.I hope he gets capped by the Russians. But I’ll bet he’s sitting in Poland.

  14. DannyWhite says

    That’s really good news
    170 terrorists gonski.
    Got to love the Russian Keepers.
    Go the Ruskie
    Go smash

  15. Jim Garrison says

    “Where is NATO?” They’re busy conducting woke tranny diversity classes.

  16. Bobbi Irish says

    USA could have easily won in Afghanistan if so many areas and buildings “off limits”

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