US Soldiers Left Behind “Lovely” Messages for Russian Troops in Hastily Evacuated Syria Base

US troops had to leave the Manbij base in a hurry, with Coca-Cola still in the fridge and air conditioning in tents still switched on, but they did find the time to leave behind a few “welcome” messages for the Russians:


  1. Padre says

    The Russians must be devastated, can you imagine, US soldiers hate them!

  2. ArcAngel says

    While it is always good to see a US SF/Spook/merc-goon Base in a foreign country get dislodged, this is of little matter, and is “much-to-do-about-nothing” (since the launching of the SAA Spring Offensive). The US Forces in the North were ALWAYS a limited factor/ or time limited. The Syrians and Russians were not going to allow it. Once the Turks announced their “Security Plan” the US was done.
    NOW having said that, the southeast of Syria and the US bases in AT Tenf are going to be very different and should prove to be very interesting.

  3. Natural_Texan says

    The Few, the Proud… The world is watching and is finding out the truth of US mercenary armies and their leadership.

  4. plamenpetkov says

    Stay classy, America! No wonder USA is failing, the best they can do is 4chan level trolling.

    1. P. Birds says

      This isn’t anywhere near 4chan level 😀

  5. Max Glazer says

    LOL! Sour grapes!

  6. JustPassingThrough says

    healthy diet.
    mental and physical.

  7. Vish says

    I am surprised that the Russians haven’t yet found the vestiges of some American torture paraphernalia like water-boarding implements, CIA “rectal-feeding” tubes, or Abu-Ghraib style “naked pyramid” photos.

  8. Mychal Arnold says

    Never were supposed to be there in the first place!

  9. Undecider says

    The last laugh is against the Americans with the forced integration into the U.S. military of the LGBT crowd.

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